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Annabeth sat in her cabin hugging her really missed Percy. He's been missing for a long time and the Argo II was long from being finished. Leo and the Hephaestus cabin were working hard to finish before the summer solstice but for Annabeth it was going to slow.

She missed his troublemaker smile and his sarcasm. Who wouldn't? Everyone missed Percy. He was a boyfriend, brother, a rule model.

Just then Piper walked in," Annabeth?" Then she saw Annabeth sitting in the same position as she had hours ago when she checked on her last.

"Annabeth Percy wouldn't want you to worry. I haven't met him but I think he wouldn't want you to feel this way." Piper tried to get Annabeth out of her funk for a mouth.

It wasn't working.

"You don't get it Piper. What if he has another girlfriend and doesn't remember me? I couldn't take that." Annabeth said not moving from her position.

Piper was about to open her mouth when Leo came in yelling," Annabeth!"

He looked like he ran all the way there. He was panting, trying to catch his breath. There was sweat prickling his forehead.

"What Leo?" Annabeth asked calmily.

"It's about Percy."

Annabeth sprang up from the floor and asked," Percy?"

"I was working on my baby -"

"Baby?" Piper asked smiling.

" - and all of a sudden there was this flash of bright light and when we went to check it out we found a book but it was blank. We also found a note that had Percy's name on it." Leo said rapidly.

"Call a meeting. Now."


Twenty minutes later the cabin leaders were sitting around the rec room ping-pong was trying to get order so they could start the meeting.

"Travis give back Leo's wallet."

"Butch stop shoving pencils up Clovis's nose."

"Lou Ellen stop taking of your nose."

"Okay now that I have everyone's attention Leo wants up to know something."

Everyone turned toward Leo who was tapping his long figures against the told everyone the story of the mysterious light and the objects he found.

"What does the note say?" Connor asked.

"It says:

Dear campers,

We understand that you all miss Perseus Jackson and some of you need to know what Perseus has done. So we the Gods have made a collection of Perseus' most important moments. your will find a book that's blank It will show the first story when all the camper's are together at the campfire. After you finish that story another will appear.

Happy reading,

Apollo ;)

"Perseus? "Jason asked.

He was sitting next to piper.

"That's Percy's full name." Will solace informed him

Jason nodded.

"Well let's wait for the campfire. Then we'll read these moments." Chiron said.

Everyone nodded.

Annabeth wanted to hear about her missing boyfriend.


Chiron stamped his hoof on the ground three time sto get everyone's attention.

Everyone sat around the campfire. They didn't get to the sing along yet.

Everyone turned their attention to their teacher.

"We, the cabin leaders have found something astordnary." He then preceded in telling the story of the note and the empty book.

Everyone had different emotions at the were excited. Some had smiles on hearing about their leader and old friend.

"So who wants to read the first story?" Chiron asked the crowd.

"I will Chiron." Annabeth said standing up. Everyone stared at her. She hasn't been this moveable since they found out were Percy was.

Chiron handed her the book.

She looked at it," It's still blank."

Everyone looked confused before they heard," Because were not there."

Everyone turned to see Thalia and Nico di'angelo standing there.

"Thalia!" Annabeth yelled and engulfed her in a hug.

"Thalia." Jason said walking up to her.

Thalia ruffled his hair," Hey little brother."

"Hey what about me?" Nico asked.

"Your too creepy." Thalia said.


Thalia laughed.

"How did you know to come?" Annabeth asked.

"Well Artemis told me to go to camp. Said I had to be here for something." Thalia said.

"Same happened to me but it was Hades instead of Artemis." Nico said," and why are we here?"

"Your here to read Percy's best moments." Annabeth said.

Thalia's and Nico's eyes widened.

Annabeth looked at the book, "It has words now."

"WEll lets read!" Travis and Connor yelled,

"Wow. The Stolls want to read." Katie said.

"Shut up, Katie kat."

"Don't call me that."

The Aphrodite cabin giggled.

"Okay I'll start." Annabeth waited for everyone to get comfortable then she started reading.

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