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Titians Tower:

Raven pov

Everything is normal this morning Cyborg and Beastboy are playing playstation, Robins trying to teach Starfire to cook keyword trying, and Mark's looks like he's trying not to gag. We're just missing someone...Silver, spoke to soon. She walks over to me.

" Trying to teach Starfire to cook" she asked pointing o Starfire and Robin. " Trying" I answer "explains it" she replies walking over Mark slapping him. Silvers always secretive if you first met her than you would think she's an open book but she's not, nobody knows of her past. Whenever we bring it up she says "we're in the present not the past and I like it that way." She also always has a charm bracelet with a star, music note, and a fancy flower. Something breaks me out of my thoughts and its her bracelet the music note charm is glowing and apparently she notices it to she quickly hides it. I'll have to ask her about that later. She seems to be waiting for something, the doorbell rings I guess thats what she was waiting for ,because she rushes to the door. Moments later she comes in with a box. " We have a package" she announces. "What are you waiting for open it" says Cyborg. She opens it to reveal a book that has a star with some sort of lock. " Wait wheres the key" asks Robin, She smirks "right here" she says holding up her charm bracelet. She quickly takes the music note charm off and it turns into a key and unlocks it." Can i read it" I ask Silver " go crazy I only have the key because a lady told me i would need it one day" she says shrugging. " how'd you know that it was coming today" I ask " she told me that when it glows that something would be delivered" Silver tells me. Time to find out what's inside I hope it's good.

Well thats it for now the Winx chapter is next