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Alfea: Musa Pov

" Man, its so boring" Dawn says, 'well we can go when Stella gets out" I answer. Dawn smiles " okay" she says as she skips out of our room. Yeah me, Dawn, and Techna share a room here she comes. "I got her can we go now please?" she asks, everyone looks at her and i give her a high five. " I have to finish my makeup" Stella whines, "thats what you were you doing all this time" Dawn says as she walks over to her. " What are you doing Dawn?" Stella asks backing away.

She (Dawn) just gives her a box while rolling her eyes. "Put it on" she told Stella, and as soon as she put it on she had her outfit and makeup all done. " Please can we go now?" she asks while everyone looks at her "what."she asks. "How did you do that?" Bloom asks Dawn just shruggs " apperently library's can be useful " she answers, "is that why you get changed fast?" I ask pointing to her bracelet. "No, I've had a spell put on me since birth I just spin." Then her charm bracelet began to glow you could hear her growl in annoyance. "Now we have to wait," she told us now she seems to be talking to herself, " old lady you better hurry."

A FEW MINUTES LATER (still Musa's Pov)

Everybody was still staring at as Dawn as she explained what was happening well what she knew. After she explains it (its pretty much the same as Silver's) the doorbell rings Dawn jumps to the door "oh its you guys" she says failing to hide her dissapointment "nice to see you to Dawn" says Riven sarcasticly "here a lady told us to give this to you something about you've got the key" he (Riven) says while giving her a box.

Dawn opens it to find a book that has a music note on it and a star lock "perfect" she says as she gets the star key out." Lets find out if that lady is crazy like I thought" Dawn says "but Dawn your crazy" I tell her "true but I'm the good kind."

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