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== Chapter 1: Old Memories ==

The sun rose upon the Son family's small home near Mount Pazou, generally Gohan would have been still asleep but today he was already up and readying himself for his first day of classes. He had packed away everything that was essential to him; including his blue fighting gi that he always kept as his usual attire around his home as well as to honor his late father, Goku and his mentor Piccolo. Upon the gi itself bore the symbol of Piccolo's camp as another way to honor his friend. He hadn't fought in any intense battles since the Cell Games and the fight against the evil Bojack and his minions nearly four years ago. But that wasn't to say that he hadn't been training on occasion. Though not nearly at the intensity that Vegeta or Piccolo was training; Gohan did spar with his little brother Goten and on occasion Piccolo when the fancy struck him. After all, it was prudent for Gohan to keep up his fighting power after all of the threats to the world that he had to help deal with. However for the most part he focused on his studies in accordance with his mother's wishes for him to become a scholar. He went over to his dresser and pulled an old photo of him and his father, both in super saiyan form and both smiling a day before the battle with Cell took place. The photo in question was when he was still only eleven years old and now that young, shy hero had grown into a grown 15 year old, handsome young man.

Flashback, four years ago during the Cell Games…

The battle's momentum had shifted towards the Z Fighters upon Gohan's transformation to his ascended super saiyan state. Where his father and Vegeta had failed; Gohan triumphed. Immediately he was taking the battle right to Perfect Cell's face; landing blow after heavy blow upon the evil creature. The battle seemingly reached an apex when he managed to force Cell to vomit Android 18 back out. Perfect Cell was no longer perfect and devolved back into his previous form. The battle should have been over then and there but Gohan had not yet mastered the mental side-affects of the super saiyan two state. A sadistic, dark side of him was also unleashed as he was content to see Cell suffer further for all of the death, destruction, and horror that he caused the people of earth; all despite the pleas from his friends and his father to end it right then and there. As a result, Cell attempted to self-destruct and seeing this, Goku immediately used his Instant Transmission technique to transport himself and Cell off world and onto King Kai's planet, thereby killing Goku in the process. Because of his reckless decision making, in Gohan's own view, his father ended up getting needlessly sacrificed in the process. However he had no time mourn as Cell managed to return in his perfect form back to earth and this time Cell was determined to kill Gohan and destroy the earth in the process. Quickly Cell launched a powerful kamehameha attack at Gohan to which he launched his own right back at Cell. However he had use of only his right arm as his left was out of commission due to taking a blow in order to save Vegeta's life moments earlier. To make matters worse, Gohan's energy was draining along with his life force. There was no way he could sustain this effort for much longer as he felt himself weaken and Cell's energy attack overtake his own.

"Dad…I…I can't do this…Cell is way too strong…I…I let you and everyone else down again!" Gohan telepathically communicated to his father as he struggled to keep Cell at bay with his own kamehameha wave.

"No Gohan! You have to keep going! You can't give up son! Don't hold back anything; give it everything you got Gohan!" Goku yelled as he encouraged his son to persevere in spite of the odds stacked against his injured son.

Gohan continued his attack on Cell while Piccolo, Krillen, Tien, and Yamcha launched ki blasts at Cell to assist Gohan but their attacks were ineffective in that regard and Cell continued to get the upperhand in the struggle. It appeared as though all hope was lost and that Cell was going to win the battle…at least until Vegeta launch his Big Bang Attack upon Cell. It wasn't enough to kill him but it was certainly enough to weaken and distract him.

"THIS IS FOR MY SON! DIE CELL! DIE!" Vegeta angrily yelled out.

"Alright Gohan! This is it! Let it all out and finish him now!" Goku yelled as Gohan began to get the upper hand on Cell as Gohan stepped forward towards him; his own kamehameha attack overtaking Cell's as he yelled out his last dying words.

"WHAT?! THIS CAN'T BE! I'M STRONGER THAN HIM! I SHOULD BE WINNING! I AM PERFECT!" Cell yelled as he was finally overtaken by the energy wave and slowly disintegrated into nothing; vaporizing even his Cell's, making sure that he was gone for good…

The now older Gohan slowly came out of his painful stroll down memory lane and spoke out again…

"…I know you said it was okay, that I did well…but…I…the guilt I still feel…I'm so sorry dad…If only…" Gohan's smile soon faded to anguished tears. It had been years but he still could not get over the loss of his father. "…If I hadn't been so reckless…you would be here today to see me off on my first day of high school…I miss you daddy…"

Right then he heard a knock at the door. Immediately he wiped his tears and quickly placed on his new school uniform that his new school had mailed to him. The school in question was a place called Youkai Academy. Of all of the acceptance letters he received from the many prestigious schools he applied to, Gohan decided on this academy since it would afford him the opportunity to go to a 'top-notch school' as they supposedly advertised, but most of all an opportunity to move on with his life away from home. Make no mistake, he loved his mother Chi-Chi and his little brother but he desperately yearned to be free and see the world. The uniform was a white dress shirt, red tie, and to Gohan, a rather uncomfortable green suit.

"Gohan! It's me, I'm going to come in if that's alright with you!" Chi-Chi called out as she knocked.

"Come on in mom!" Gohan called out as sighed quietly. He thanked Kami and his lucky stars that she hadn't spotted him crying over his father. Chi-Chi herself had yet to deal with Goku's death and his wish to stay in the otherworld. He looked at himself in his mirror and just couldn't get over how uncomfortable it felt which of course drew a giggle from his mother.

"Your father was the same way with suits…You really are your father's son aren't you?" Chi-Chi sighed but smiled nonetheless as Gohan gave that trademark Son family grin as he scratched the back of his head. Immediately however her eyes began to form tears as she held onto Gohan tightly. "Oh Kami! I can't believe my little baby is about to finally go off on his own! Away from home and his mother! I don't know if I can take this Gohan…"

"But…mother you know I'm going to come back for summer break…It's not like I'm never going to visit you and Goten again or anything, you know I love all of you!" Gohan said as he gently patted his mother on her back as he laughed nervously while a sweatdrop formed upon the back of his head.

"YOU'D BETTER VISIT!" Chi-Chi glared at him as Gohan backed away just a tiny bit. No matter how strong he and his father ever got; despite all the scary enemies they had to face including Freiza and Cell; none were more frightening than Chi-Chi. She was a force to be reckoned with and a conclusion that even Piccolo was forced to accept. Her reaction softened as she held Gohan gently and sighed. "…But, I know all children have to leave the nest sometime and spread their wings to fly…Just promise me that you'll study hard, do well, and come visit your poor old mother, okay Gohan?"

"I promise mom, don't worry." Gohan replied as he smiled. Gohan then grabbed his suitcase and fixed his school uniform before heading out the door. "I'd better get a move on…the bus will leave without me if I don't get to the stop in half an hour."

Chi-Chi tearfully nodded as she watched her eldest son walk out of her home as she sighed quietly to herself. Before Gohan could leave however little 4-year-old Goten stopped his little brother with his tearful eyes as he clung to his big brother's leg.

"Big brother! Please don't leave! I'll…I'll miss you too much! Who will I play with and who will spar with me?! Big brother…" Goten uttered out as he began to sob loudly as Gohan smiled and gently patted his little brother's head. He looked at him and saw the spitting image of his father; even down to the characteristic spiky black hair.

"Hey kiddo, don't worry. I'll be back to visit you in the summer, okay? So train hard and show me how much you've grown when I come back!" Gohan smiled as Goten tearfully nodded as they all stepped outside to see Gohan off.

"NIMBUS!" Gohan called out as the golden cloud that was passed on from his father to him came to Gohan as he stepped onto it with his suitcase. "Hey Goten! I'm going to use Nimbus to get to the bus stop, but after that it's all yours little man!"

"Big brother! Do you really mean it?!" Goten's eyes lit up happily as Gohan nodded as Nimbus slowly made its way up back into the air as Gohan waved to his mother and brother.

"Take care of yourself Gohan! Come back soon!" Chi-Chi yelled as she waved her son goodbye while Goten tearfully waved back.

"Big brother! Take me with you!" Goten yelled as they watched Gohan disappear into the clouds. He rode the magical golden cloud until he finally made it to the bus stop with 15 minutes to spare. He jumped off and patted the playful cloud.

"Hey buddy, we had some good times. Take care of my little bro, 'kay?" Gohan smiled as he watched it fly off. Not long after another familiar face had decided to show before the bus was to arrive. "Piccolo? What are you doing here?"

"Can't a good friend see his former pupil off to his first day of high school?" A small grin formed across the Namekian's face; dressed in his usual weighted turban and cape with his blue fighting gi underneath. He pulled out a small brown bag but then quizzically looked at his green suit. "You look utterly ridiculous Gohan…"

"…Tell me about it…The new school I'm about to go to is forcing all of us to wear this. It's so uncomfortable!" Gohan sighed as he leaned back but then noticed the bag. "Hey Piccolo, what's in the bag?"

"Here, take it. It's a bag of senzu beans; compliments of Korin and Dende." Piccolo replied as he handed it to Gohan as the young half-saiyan nervously laughed.

"But Piccolo, where I'm going, I don't think I'll need these. I don't intend on getting into any major battles while I'm attending Youkai Academy…" Gohan replied as Piccolo closed his eyes.

"Just take them Gohan. You never know what kind of tough spots you may find yourself in. Better to be prepared now than to be sorry later on. If you die we can revive you with the dragonballs but I'd rather not have to do that…not to mention the fact that your mother will go ballistic on everyone…" Piccolo quietly stated but inwardly shuddering from the inside in fear of Chi-Chi as Gohan nodded, shaking just slightly as well. "Gohan…this Youkai Academy…where did you say it was? How did you even hear about that place?"

"You know…that's the strangest thing Piccolo…My mother tried to locate it on a hundred different maps but she just couldn't find it, and as for the application to the school as far as I know my mother's story is that she had to fight another man for the application since she found it dropped on the ground in West City…I believe the man's name was a Mr. Aono…Only reason why I know this is because as an apology to the man for snatching the application; my mother has agreed to cook a nice 5-course dinner for him and his family…" Gohan said as he was deep in thought. Piccolo felt somewhat perturbed that no one had been able to locate this supposed academy. This was something he was going to have to speak to Dende about later on. Soon however, the bus to Youkai Academy pulled up and opened its doors to reveal an eerie man who's face was obscured by shadows and only reflected back his glasses. This gave Gohan chills and once again Piccolo became suspicious as he could feel a slight suppressed ki from this bus driver; or whatever he turned out to be. "I better go Piccolo. Give Dende and the others my regards; don't be a stranger Piccolo. I do want visitors."

Piccolo smiled just slightly as he raised two fingers to Gohan as he nodded as the young half-saiyan made his way onto the bus and found the bus to be completely empty. He sat down, sighing quietly to himself.

"You ready boy?" The eerie bus driver called out to Gohan.

"Hm?" Gohan called out to him.

"Are you ready? Youkai Academy…you had best be prepared, boy. I hope you know what you're getting yourself into…What is…your name boy?" The driver asked as the bus began to pull away from the stop. Piccolo still smiled but his face betrayed his true feelings on the matter. He began to feel a bit nervous as fear was not something Piccolo felt; watching the bus pull his first true friend away to his future school…

"My name is Son Gohan…" Gohan replied, now somewhat concerned at where this conversation was headed.

"Intriguing…Son Gohan…somehow you seem…familiar…Well nonetheless…you're in for the biggest adventure of your life…" The driver grinned as he let out a menacing laugh as the bus passed through the dark tunnel towards Youkai Academy…

Meanwhile back at the stop; Piccolo slowly stepped back in shock. Something was terribly wrong…Gohan…the creepy bus driver…He could no longer sense their ki on the earth…

"Gohan…" Piccolo muttered out as he clenched his fists. "…I hope you know what you're getting into kid…"

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