Summary: Naruto was just walking around, minding her own business while on a field trip at the Konoha museum. But after activating a centuries-old spell, she is sent back to an ancient kingdom with no idea how to get home. And to really make the situation worse, she has caught the eye of a king who disposes of his wives execution-style. How will Naruto preserve her life? Let's just say good stories go a long way…

Author's Note: I have had the idea of a NarutoxArabian Nights crossover ever since I came across a SasuxNaru fanfic named Arabian Nights by bellabambina248. My story isn't really based off of hers, but I felt the need to credit her; she did inspire me, after all. This isn't necessary my first fanfic; I have another called Snow Photographs. However, just because Snow Photographs is my first fanfic does not mean it will be posted first.

Also, for this fic, I will have to do a lot of research on ancient Persia. So don't be surprised if I don't update every month. Don't even be surprised if I don't update for a year or more; I'm in college on workstudy, damnit!

Warning: FemNaru, AU, possible OOC-ness, violence/swearing

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'Italics' – Thoughts


A Japanese Scheherazade


The blade of the sword was long and narrow, with a slight curve. If one was in a poetic mood, they could aptly describe it as a silver cobra fang. And while the blade didn't strike its victim to die a slow and painful death, her dispatch to the afterlife was quick and fluid.

The girl, having been blinded by the cloth around her eyes, did not see the gray flash and metallic glint of light which signaled the blade approaching her slim neck. But she did feel its razor edge cutting into her skin, starting the unstoppable flow of blood to spill onto her body, clothes, and the floor she kneeled on. The pain only stopped once her head was cleanly separated from her body, which sagged onto the floor and into a growing pool of blood.

'And so another one departs this life for the next', the executioner mused. 'May your soul find peace wherever it goes…'

He then called to the two servants standing by in the room.

" Juugo! Suigetsu! "

The two servants walked toward the man with quick strides; then they bowed before him as they asked, "Yes, vizier Kakashi?"

"Take her body outside for burial. Then find palace maidens to clean this room while I take the head to his Majesty", Kakashi announced.

"Yes, vizier Kakashi!"

The two then walked towards the body and, after carefully wrapping her body with linen cloth, carried it out of the room.

Kakashi sighed, picked the head up, and then exited in search of the king. If this keeps up, then there won't be any eligible girls left, he thought. The poor girl he had just dispatched earlier was not the first, and likely, nor was she the last. For months now, the king has been marrying young virgins, only to execute them the next day. The reason for this was simple, or at least easily labeled: infidelity. A part of Kakashi didn't blame the king for acting this way. To come home and find your wife with another man in bed would upset and enrage any man. But it was especially upsetting for the type of person the king was; a man who loathe others to touch anything they felt was theirs, including people.

His queen's betrayal led to serious consequences; she and her lover were immediately executed, while the king began the cycle of wedding and beheading young virgins. Nowadays there were whole families fleeing the kingdom to save their unmarried daughters. And once the surrounding countries caught wind of what was happening, they refused to send anymore girls over.

Kakashi knew that he could not blame the deceased queen for everything that was now happening; she wasn't personally killing hapless virgins and straining their diplomatic relations with other countries. But there was a small part of him that couldn't help cursing her for this mess; why did she let her meaningless bout of passion destroy the peace of the kingdom? Did she not even think about how her actions could affect her husband?

Obviously not; if she did, she wouldn't have had the affair in the first place. And if she had stop to think about how his majesty received his position, then thoughts of adultery would have never crossed her mind at all.

Sasuke Uchiha, the present king, did not inherit his position through peaceful events. After the former vizier's betrayal lead to the deaths of almost all of the royal family members, Sasuke alone was left to shoulder the burden of being a king. The contrast of his personality before and after the betrayal was startling. Gone was the happy boy who was filled with love for his family; in his place was a cold monarch who grew colder with each passing day. Kakashi wished he could have done something to make Sasuke less grim or more compassionate; there were many sleepless nights where he cursed himself for not making the extra effort of becoming a role model for Sasuke.

But progress can only be made if both sides cooperate. And ever since his family's massacre, Sasuke withdrew into himself; he never displayed emotions aside from indifference, and only interacted with others on matters concerning the kingdom's welfare.

Truthfully, Kakashi had no idea if there was anyone who could change Sasuke for the better. It had been over eight years since the massacre, and nobody that Sasuke came in contact with seemed to have sparked a jolt of life into him. He began to wonder if there was anything in this world who could help Sasuke.

Kakashi then broke out of his thoughts once he noticed the doors to the throne room in front of his face. 'I must have been walking nonstop the entire time…'

As he continued to stare at the doors, the vizier couldn't help but hope for something to happen. He hoped for something – or someone – to come along and change Sasuke for the better. 'Please let them have the strength to deal with whatever Sasuke put them through. Please let them have the heart to accept Sasuke for who he is.'

Kakashi then swiftly knocked on the doors to get them to open. Once they did, he swept into the room to speak with his king.


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