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Fate is the intertwining destinies of men and gods. Fate is she who directs, she who controls and she who watches. Fate is a tapestry, showing the order of everything that ever was and ever will be, and Uzumaki Naruto is the one man who shattered it. This is the story of the man who shattered fate... and didn't even know about it.

And Thus began the legend...

Uzumaki Naruto sat glibly at one of the swings on the playground, alone and sad. He had, for the second time, failed the Exams to become genin. He sat there thinking of what to do next. Rare as it might be for young Naruto to think about the future, rarer it is that he can't think of anything positive.

It was a small change, Naruto would have went straight towards the crowd of parents and families congratulating relatives and declared that he would be Hokage. That he would have been the greatest of all.

Instead he went to the opposite direction, prompting different actions... prompting different consequences.


Naruto walked down the road deep in thought. If he was not cut out to be a Ninja how could he become the Hokage? How will people acknowledge him?

"Hurk" Naruto exclaimed as he bumped into a large well built man. The man was dressed in traveler clothes complete with a backpack that had a bed roll in it. Stumbling backwards from the collision.

"Ohohoho. Apologies young man, I was just standing here admiring the sights I didn't notice you." The man apologized.

Naruto noticed that the man had a completely bald hair and an honest face. "Yeah I wasn't paying attention myself. Haha." Naruto said scratching the back of his head while his other hand dusted his orange jumpsuit of any dirt that came from him stumbling down.

Squinting a bit Naruto started "Say, Baldy. Are you some kind of Ninja?" He said noting the build of the man. The man looked like someone who could wrestle a cow... or possibly a bull with his bare hands.

"Ohohoho. A ninja I am not young man. For I..." The man trailed off doing a small pose, " Am the great Traveler Oshuki!" The man exclaimed with a more exaggerated pose.


"Surely you have heard of me?" Oshuki asked with dismay.

"Err... no?" Naruto asked more than stated. Showing a more than confused face.

"Ah... come with me and I shall tell you the tales of my travel then! Ohohoho." Oshuki said, putting a large hand towards Naruto leading him towards one of the nearby food vendors which just happened to be Naruto's favorite place in the world... Ichiraku's Ramen house.

"Let us sate our hunger first before I begin my tale, eh?" Oshuki said as he sat in one of the seats.

"Yatta! Ramen!" Naruto agreed enthusiastically.

After a few bowls, the tale began.


"And that's that... what do you think of my stories, young Naruto?" The traveler asked his young friend.

"Let me get this straight Baldy." Naruto asked seriously.

"You're not a ninja?"


"You can fight Ninja and do flashy techniques?"

"Yes I can."

"You can go anywhere you want to go?"

"Of Course. Ohohoho. For I am a traveler!"

"And you're famous and well respected."

"Aye. I am that I think."

"Tell me Baldy! How can I become like you?" Naruto asked excitedly.



"So... I need an alias?" Naruto asked confusedly.

"Yes. An alias will help keep you anonymous, for when you want to stop traveling." Oshuki advised as the two walked towards one of the parks in Konoha.

"Alright then! I'll be called The great and powerful, and brave and strong and powerful and tall and-"

"Why don't you go with a small alias?" Oshuki kindly interrupted Naruto as he began listing more and more adjectives.

"But that's boring!" Naruto countered.

"Hmm... well let's see, how would I explain this... Ah... Ohohoho. Naruto... the shorter your alias is then the better!" Oshuki said with mirth, congratulating himself for the idea.

"Eh? How would that work?" Naruto asked.

"Hmm... well who do you think are the strongest people you know?" Oshuki asked.

"Well there's The Fourth! And Jiji!" Naruto said, his face scrunched up thinking of people who are strong.

"Let's go with that shall we. The fourth's alias would be The Yellow Flash isn't it?"


"Quite simple isn't it? There you go the shorter and the simpler your alias is the better."

"Oh. I see! You're really smart Baldy!"

"So have you thought of a new alias yet?" Oshuki asked with a bit of mirth.

"Err... Nothing yet but I'll think of something." Naruto said. "So what are the other things that I need so I could travel?"


"Here's a map to the elemental nations. A cloak for when it's cold and a set of non-orange clothes." Oshuki said as he presented the newly bought gear.

"Why do I need those clothes? I already have my cool jumpsuit?"

"While I agree that you have good clothes already, you do want to go travel right?" Oshuki asked.

"I think I do?"

"Well that settles it. You're wearing Ninja clothes... so you can't travel. Ohohoho." Oshuki jested.


"What about Jiji? and Ichiraku? If I leave they'll miss me." Naruto said as they reach his apartment.

"Oh why don't you write them a letter then? You can come back here after your travels and show them that you're strong even if you don't become a ninja."

"hmmm." Naruto's face scrunched with thought... then he smiled... "I'll do that. Where do you think I should go first?"

"Why don't I show you after you're done preparing? Ohohoho"


At the gates of Konoha.

"Thank you Baldy! I'll definitely be the most badass traveler ever! Then I'm coming back here to become Hokage! Believe it!" Naruto said with a smile and a thumbs up. "I have a question though. Why are you helping me?"

"It's no problem to help a young man such as you. It's my pleasure, besides if you become famous then I'll become more famous for helping you become famous! Ohohoho!"

"Believe it! Thanks again! Make sure my letter goes to Jiji eh?" Naruto said as he exited the village. Never questioning why the guards didn't stop him or ask for his papers.


Back in the village

"Why are you helping me?"

Oshuki remembered his words, and it kept repeating in his head like a loop.

"Because you needed it Naruto." Turning back, towards the Hokage tower he let his Henge dissolve, revealing a tall white haired man in Kabuki clothes.


Within a few hours of running Naruto stumbled upon his first crossroad.

Naruto squinted at the map, marked by Oshuki. "let's see...So I go here..." he said pointing at one of the roads."Which would be... here!" He said excitedly going towards one road in particular never realizing that he had the map upside down.


Naruto ran for most of the day to reach the marked spot on the map. Often needing to cross a few rivers not marked on the map just to reach the place.

And there he in front of what seems like a small compound, much like what he saw the clans in Konoha had. He was interrupted from further thoughts by someone shouting.

"You! Who are you! Who sent you?" Came the shout.

Naruto turned to the noise. Seeing an Old man, hunched atop the roof. This Old guy wore a simple everyday hakama, he had bald hair, wrinkled skin with more than a few liver spots, a small moustache and a goatee. What drew Naruto's attention though was the man's eyebrows, It was ridiculously long extending far beyond what he had already seen, the eyebrows reached the man's cheeks!

"Err... I'm Uzumaki Naruto! Oshuki sent me."

"You lie! A blond Uzumaki? Don't take me for a fool. And most of all... Oshuki is quite dead and have been for a long time!" The old man dashed towards Naruto with a speed that rivaled the wind.

Naruto yelped. He was startled as the old man was suddenly was onto him. The old man was going to strike him down when...

"Nawaki?" The old man asked with confusion. Taking a hold of Naruto's face all of the sudden to study it in detail. "No... no... Not Nawaki, but close... blond hair... perhaps..." Letting go all of the sudden, he said. "Come with me. Perhaps you were really sent to me after all."


Naruto followed the old man inside to see a fairly kept room. Wooden tiles and some tatami mats. The old man gestured towards the table and said "Sit. I will be with you shortly." then walked off towards some other part of the house.

Seeing that there was nothing else to do Naruto decided to sit. Impatiently waiting for the old man to come back.

The Old man walked back in carrying a large scroll.

"What's that eyebrows-jiji?" Naruto asked with a hint of curiosity.

"Be silent. I'm just checking on something." The old man ordered, as he carefully unrolled the scroll.

"Let's see here. There!" The old man noted with a hint of happiness. "Tell me child... do you know of your parents?" He asked Naruto.

"What's with all the-"

"Just answer me." The old man insisted firmly. Coughing slightly as he waited for an answer.

"I'm an orphan... I never met my parents." Naruto said sadly.

"Very well, that might explain a thing or two. Give me your hand." The old man ordered.

"What's that for?" Naruto asked suspiciously at the small needle that the old man produced from somewhere.

"I'm just checking on something, If I wanted to hurt you I would have done so earlier... now, your hand?"

Naruto reluctantly offered his right, and quickly withdrawn it when he felt a prick on his finger.

"What was that for Old man!" Naruto yelled.

The old man ignored him as he started to place the blood on a piece of paper. The paper suddenly glowed green and the old man smiled.

"I believe you have several questions? My name is Ganpa Bunmei retainer of the Senju clan, the clan with a thousand skills." The old man offered with pride.

"Why did you do that?" Naruto asked accusingly, gesturing to his already healed wound.

"Ah... I was just testing." Bunmei answered, then coughed a little.

"Testing for what?" Naruto asked suspiciously.

"Lineage of course." Bunmei said patronizingly. "And it does my heart good to welcome you to the clan... Senju Naruto."



"How can you be sure that I'm a Senju Eyebrow-jiji?" Naruto asked after he calmed down.

"Do you know what this is?" Bunmei asked gesturing to the large scroll. "This is the clan name registry. It is where clan members look for names for their offspring. And I have seen your name in it Naruto." Showing the part where the new suggested names were inscribed... Naruto was just next to Nawaki then there was Naburo and Nabito and then the names that started with O came next.

"I can't be Senju just because my names in that registry!" Naruto said incredulously.

"Of course not! That's why I tested your blood! And you came as positive... you're related to Tsunade and Nawaki! I don't know by how much but you are!" The old man insisted.

"So you mean I have a family?" Naruto asked hopefully.

"Indeed you have. Young Senju."

"Where are they? Are they here when can I meet them?" Naruto asked excitedly.

"I'm afraid the Senju are dying. There is only I and Tsunade left... and now you! The hope of the clan! They were once known as the masters of a thousand skills and that is what I will teach you!"


And thus began His training


Naruto raised his hands

Bunmei sighed then asked "Yes young master?"

"Why am I doing this?" Naruto asked gesturing towards the pottery.

"Pottery is a valuable skill, young master. I'd teach you as much skills as I can before I expire. Pottery is one of them."

"I mean am I doing this? err... this not, you know learning jutsu and stuff."

"I can teach you many things... Jutsu are not one of them..."

"Why should I do this then?" Naruto challenged.

"If you wish to learn how to destroy, you must also learn how to create." Bunmei said before going completely silent.



"Why am I doing this?" Naruto asked as he rested from playing with the flute.

"Should I even answer that, young Master?" Bunmei asked.


"It'll teach you music... recreation, relaxation and calm. Young Master."


"Now this is just getting ridiculous." Naruto stated as he received his instructions.

"What does breathing have to do with anything?" Naruto whined.

"Everything, young master." Bunmei said with a small cough. "You must understand that with proper breathing comes strength of body. Calm is the way if you want to learn any of my techniques."

Suddenly Bunmei had an Idea. "Why don't you come with me? I'll teach you something else."


"So why am I doing this again?" Naruto asked.

"You are the sole male Senju... and I will be damned if I do not teach you the skills to prosper. You will make the Senju great again!" Bunmei regaled.

"I mean why am I doing this? Flicking a tissue paper around? Can't I learn some cool techniques?"

"But of course we need to start with the basics." Bunmei said. "Now make the flick stiffer... yes like that... Hmhm, why don't I show you why you should learn this?"

"See that training dummy?" Bunmei asked after seeing Naruto's half hearted attempt.


Bunmei approached the dummy and gave a "Hyah!"

"Awesome! Teach me!" Naruto said as he saw the broken and shredded dummy.

"Alas young Master... you do not have the necessary skill yet. Perhaps if you get the breathing exercise right, I will reconsider?"