64. Naruto disappears five minutes after mastering the Henge. They know he's

still in the village, they don't know who's face he's wearing.

The Kyuubi, beast of legend, most powerful of the tailed beasts, a monster capable of razing the whole of the world, It whose tail could make a mountain crumble with but a simple flick. The Kyuubi, even with all the myths and facts known to it was still in essence a creation of the Sage of six paths, and the Sage had modeled the Kyuubi from tales of fox spirits.


Mischief maker.


Masters of illusion.

The Kyuubi held to that standard. It was a mischievous entity with the power that reached the heavens. It was only when the Kyuubi was sealed in one Uzumaki after the other that it had developed a more grouchy personality.

With nothing to do but sleep and laze, it developed resentment, it developed anger. Even with anger though it still held onto it's pride, being a trickster was what it's father made it to be and a trickster he would always be. Shame that every Uzumaki before it's current prison was already developed before it had been sealed into them, else they too might have benefited from the Kyuubi's pride.

Nothing else will satisfy it other than the vessel be the pinnacle of illusion making and that is what the Kyuubi intends to do. The Fourth Hokage made a mistake in using Mito's and Kushina's seal as a basis for his own, even with the help of the death god the Kyuubi was still free to make adjustments to it's host.

A tweak here, a change there. It will be slow. It will be time consuming but if being imprisoned has given Kyuubi anything it is an immeasurable amount of patience. Patience he would sorely need.


Naruto suppressed his giggle as he set up his prank, which was of simple design really. He had learned early on that complex plans were usually failed plans, so he kept things 'simple'.

Not to say that he was repetitive or boring but it was usually the simpler the prank the less people expected it to work. Of course, adaptation required that he evolve the 'simple' ones so that it kept on working.

He schooled his features to the right one as a scrutinizing Anbu officer gave notice to him casually walking near the 'crime scene'. He wasn't wearing his real face of course, he hadn't for some time now.

"You there. Did you see where the 'culprit' is? He planted those underwear just recently?" The Anbu's voice was very professional, Naruto heard the hint of embarrassment nonetheless.

Naruto sighed prolonging the drag of it. "Troublesome. I saw this little kid, dark hair, angsty and angry looking.I think he went that way." He said gesturing lazily towards the Uchiha compound.

"Thank you Nara-san, but first things first." The Anbu poked him at several places to confirm his solidity, Naruto gazed lazily at him as the Nara were wont to do. "Sorry Nara-san it's just that the 'prankster' is known to abuse the henge no Jutsu and-"

"It's too troublesome, go catch the kid. I'm going home to sleep." Naruto waved the guy dismissively.

"I'll leave you to that Nara-san." The Anbu bowed slightly and dashed towards the Uchiha compound. Where unfortunately for him, dozens of traps await him.


The henge no Jutsu, Naruto couldn't believe there was such an incredible Jutsu available and the ninja didn't care for it at power to have any face you wanted, to use to your benefit. It was such an alluring technique that he just couldn't help himself.

One must understand that Naruto bore a stigma, such that even anyone that resembled him was treated with a smidgen of hate. Such that simply him walking the streets would start harsh whispers degrading him to such a degree that one would think he raped their daughters and slaughtered their loved ones before their very eyes.

It is not a surprise to many and to himself that when he learned such a Jutsu he went and escaped his stigma. After all you couldn't hate the friendly elderly woman walking down the street, nor would you cheat her out of her purse. You wouldn't spit on the ground after the cheerful young lady smiled at you with innocence and cheer. You wouldn't begrudge an heir of one of the noble clans of their weapons, rather you'd suck up to them to become regulars.

Naruto took the the Jutsu and used it unlike any other, it was true that his other skills weren't that notable but he noticed that he was gifted at deception, the art of illusion, Genjutsu. Not that he knew a lot, only the basic clone and the Henge but he was really, really skilled at them. So skilled that he could fool even Anbu with his transformation and his clones.

Rounding down one of the alleyways Naruto seamlessly transformed from one of the Nara clansmen into a small chubby kid, he then started running recklessly as he had seen the kid do on occasion.


"It had been weeks." The head of the security of Konoha muttered, his soft voice carried to the lot of Ninja in front of him. "three weeks and a day to be exact, yet none of you, has seen the kid much less captured him."

Many of the ninja bowed their head in disgrace, while others gritted their teeth in anger, perhaps recalling a prank or two that was done to them by the 'trickster'.

One of the ninja protested, "He's really good at Genjutsu! A simple dispel just won't do and he can fool the best of us with a henge!"

"You call that an excuse?"The head almost angrily asked. "You guys are being tricked by a ten year old academy student? Do you have your dignity still?" The head asked almost mockingly.

"Even the Hyuuga cannot see through his henge, what hope can we?" One of the rookies asked, the head recognized him to be one of those hunter nin.

"What hope? We are Konoha! We are supposedly the best yet we have a brat running around making a mockery of our security! You better hope you get the kid as soon as possible or I'll go berserk on your asses. That's an order!" The head bellowed.

All the ninja, recognizing the subtle dismissal disappeared almost at the same time to follow the head of security.

Alone in the silent conference room, the head of Security smiled a weird glint could be seen in his eyes as he tried to hold down a chuckle.


To be continued...