Hi all, here is the sequel to 50 shades of alone again. I hope you enjoy! I decided publish it separately rather than what I did for my other fan fiction. You should read the 50 shades of alone again, as some of the family events that happened in that book flow on to her. I have jumped 4 years into the future

50 shades of a Young family

Chapter One: When things are not as you wish.

Christian's POV:

Its 2:30pm and I am about to leave the office with Taylor. The office is a buzz with so many projects and regardless of the work I have on at the moment. I have decided to leave early and get back on to them once the kids are in bed tonight. Today is the final day of school for the year and I have promised Ted I would pick him up after school today.

Taylor and I arrive at Teddy's school after facing little traffic. He is now 14 years old and in high school. We decided to send him to an all-boy's private school which has an outstanding academic and sporting programme. Ted in the past few years has proven to be a rather talented football player but his interest is science. This school has the best science programme in the state. Ted has grown rather tall and doesn't look like stopping any time soon. He sees me outside the school and comes over to get into the car. His copper hair is unruly just like mine, but it is his blue eyes that he got from his mother that makes people look at him for longer than needed.

"Hey Dad" He says getting into the car. He has always been a happy and relaxed kid, except when it came to girls, and I relish the time I have with him.

"Hey Ted. How was your last day of school?" I ask

"Excellent, though I am happy that it is summer. I am so looking forward to science camp" he says. I frown at the thought. Ana and I have allowed him to go to Hawaii for a week to attend a specific camp that is looking at the science of Volcanos, another current interest of Ted. It has been four since we let any of our kids attend a summer camp, especially after the incidence that happened to Phoebe.

Ted looks at his hand and seems concerned. "What is wrong?" I ask him.

"Dad, its Phoebe. She is furious" he says.

"What is she furious about?" I ask. I really should ask when she is not furious lately.

"Come on dad, you know what it is! She is furious about everything, about not going to day school and me now going to camp" he says. I don't give my son any answer but rather busy myself in the report that Ros passed me before I left the office.

When Phoebe was eight she got diagnosed with epilepsy and things went smoothly for awhile, but after she reached the age of nine, things went downhill. Regardless of her medication she resumed having seizures and even after going to a string of specialist and having tests, she still occasionally has them. Ana held out to keep her at school but relented when there was an incident. She went to bathroom by herself and passed out having a seizure. She was there by herself for 10 minutes and was rushed back to the hospital. Phoebe ended up flat lining again and had to be resuscitated back to life. She was kept in hospital for two weeks and when she finally came home Ana and I sat her down and spoke to her.

"Am I in trouble?" Phoebe asked. We were mad at her but she did know as said her school that she wasn't ever supposed to go to the bathroom alone.

"Do you think you should be?" Ana asks her. Phoebe rolls her eyes and slums her shoulders.

"I know, I didn't follow the rules, I should have taken a friend with me, it was wrong of me and I won't do it again. I promise:" she said giving us the answer she thinks we want to hear.

"Your right, you won't do it again. You're not going back to school" I tell her. She raised her head confused looking at me.

"Huh? I am quitting school? Isn't that a little illegal?" she said

"Not if you are going to be homeschooled" I told her. Her jaw drops and her eyes widen. Devastation is written all over her body. Her lip starts to tremble and she looks like she is about to crumble.

"But..." Phoebes says though can't get anything else out.

"Princess, you have to admit that your seizures are not stable anymore and it is safer to keep you at home for the time being. You are going to have to go to a lot of doctor's appointments until we get things under control and then we will see about returning you to school later." Ana was desperately trying to calm our daughter down and get her to see reason.

"How much later? Are we talking month?" Phoebe says.

"No, we are going home school you for at least until the end of elementary school maybe you can return when you should start middle school. We have spoken to your school and they are giving us detailed documents as to where you are in your academic programme and we have organised for an excellent home school tutor to come over 5 times a week." I informed her but she looked crushed. I had researched and found the name of one of the best tutors in the state. Mrs Anne Cooper. The results of her students had been way above state and national levels. She was rather busy but I offered her a very generous income to come over each day Monday to Friday for 3 hours per day. She would then allocate Phoebe individual work which would complement her private instruction.

"But what about Ava? We have been in the same class since kindergarten." She asks with tears in her eyes.

"You can still see her. We aren't sending you away or anything." Ana states. Phoebe was now sobbing.

Regardless of Phoebes dislike over the issue she complied and academically she flourished in this one on one education. Her previous issues with maths ended and her grade point average went up dramatically. She was proving herself to be rather good at the humanity subjects, such as English, history, politics and geography. She worked very hard and now a year later she is eager to return to school. At the age of twelve she seemed a lot older than lots of kids her age, which sadden me really.

Her medical issues have calmed down greatly and she hasn't had a seizure for 8 months and her scans are coming back with pleasing results. Ana is also eager to allow her to attend school gain and I begrudgingly even attended interviews to the school we would consider Phoebe to attend. We finally decided on the sister school to Ted's school, though even though we have paid the enrolment fees and even part of the tuition fee I am not sold on the idea of her going to back to school and am yet to agree to let her cease home school. In fact yesterday at dinner I told her that it had been decided that she wouldn't be going back to school and would be continue homeschooling. Her response was less than favourable.

"I can't believe it dad. You are going to let Joshua go to school before I even get to go back to school" She yelled running from the dinner table. She was right actually; Joshua would be starting 4 year old preschool this coming school year.

When Ted and I arrive home, he runs up to his room to get changed out of his school uniform. Joshua, who is now 4 years old, runs to greet me calling out 'daddy'. He jumps into my arms and gives me a big smile. I cradle him in my arms and really wish all my children could have remained this age forever.

"Hey, there Josh. Is mommy home yet?"

"Yes, she on the phone" he says

"Where is Phoebe?" I ask.

"Don't know, but she is very moody" he says

"Moody you say?" I ask and he nods his head seriously.

"Is it because she is a teenager?" He asks. I smile as I see Ana approach us.

"Maybe. Promise me something Josh, when you get to be a teenager you won't be moody and do everything mom and dad tells you to do." I ask hopefully.

"Okay" he says. I only wish that this was a promise that all my kids would make and keep.

I kiss his forehead and put him back down. He runs off to play with his toys.

I take Ana into my arms and kiss her. She looks gorgeous in her fitted blue shift dress. I look at her eyes and I know she is worried about our daughter. "She will get over it. Don't worry"

"I don't know about that Christian. Her tutor, Anne, rang me to tell me that her mood has gotten worse and worse lately" Ana said.

"Its summer holidays now anyway. Home schooling or not, at least there isn't any school for awhile" I said but she doesn't look satisfied. She looks at me and I drop my shoulders. "Fine, I will go and talk to Phoebe. I will tell her about New York if it makes her feel better." I say. Ana agrees and I head up to my daughters room. I knock on her daughter but she fails to respond. I can hear her iPod and know she is in there.

"Phoebe, its dad" I say knocking again but again she doesn't respond

"Can I come in?" still nothing. I sigh and just decide to walk in. I find Phoebe lying on her bed on her iPad. She is yet to take notice of me, she is obviously still fuming. I grab a chair and sit facing her.

"Are you going to talk to me?" I ask her.

"Are you going to listen to what I want?" she responds yet to look at me.

"Phoebe, I am just trying to keep you from getting injured again. You have code blued twice, that means that you had to be resuscitated. We have come twice to loosing you; I never want to go through that again. I can't handle that" I tell her sternly. Phoebe may only be twelve but she has the attitude of a 17 year old at times. Phoebe doesn't realise how important she is, she is our little princess. I have died a thousand deaths each time she had a seizure.

"So does that mean that I have to spend the whole summer at home?" She says looking miserably.

"No" I tell her. She sits up hopeful. We were planning on telling her later, but she really does need a boost. See looks at me waiting for answers. I sit on her bed and place her on my lap. "Do you want to go to New York for a week and stay with Aunt Mia and Uncle Byron?"

"Really? By myself?" She says astounded.

"Yes, kind of in way. Your Grandmother is going to fly over with you over next week, and then Sawyer will stay with you. Grandma will then fly to Boston for a conference. Then Mom, Ted (after his camp), Joshua and I will pick you up and we can go on a family holiday." I tell her. She can't hide her glee, she instantly wraps her arms around my neck and her smile has returned. Phoebe runs downstairs to tell to her mother.

A week later we are at SEA-TAC dropping the kids off. This is the first time that I will have my children in different parts of the country and to be honest it is not sitting right with me.

"The kids are going to be perfectly fine you know" She says. I don't smile or respond rather my lips maintain a hard line. Ana passes my Joshua in attempt to distract me. We go to the gate were Ted is due. We report him in with the camp counsellors who are taking the kids from the west coast. Twenty minutes later, it is time for him to board his flight, to Hawaii. He goes and says good bye to his grandmother, sister and baby brother then he comes to Ana and I.

"Bye mom and Dad. Thanks for letting me go to this camp" He then quietens his voice "Bye love you both." He may only be 14 but he doesn't want to be embarrassed around his friends. I give him a quick hug as not to get embarrassed, but Ana can't help herself and hugs him tightly. We watch as he boards with the groups and Ryan. One of my conditions of him going is that security goes too. This doesn't bother Ted though; he has grown up like this his whole life.

I turn around to find a wide eyed Phoebe, who is more trying to control her excitement. Ted wasn't able to travel on the GEH jet as it is part of the camp regulations that all kids fly together from specific ports, a fact I could accept, but it annoyed me greatly when my mother refused to fly the jet over with Phoebe.

"Christian, I think a commercial flight would be best. Phoebe needs to feel more free, she is suffering with all these tight restrictions you have put on her. She doesn't need to live in this perfect bubble you have set up for her. You can't protect her constantly. And either way we can fly first class, it's not as if she will be in danger" My mother lectured. I had never been so infuriated by something my mother has ever said! I can and will protect her constantly. "Christian, Phoebe is going to really going to rebel terribly in her later teen years if you don't lighten up, we have already seen her act out. She will make your early teenage years seem like a walk in the park." I looked at my mother; I knew that she was right though I didn't want to admit it.

"Mom, that reason I am allowing Phoebe to go is so she doesn't feel that she is confined, but ..."

"I know Christian; you just love her so much. So do I, we all do! Just let go for this week. Sawyer, Mia and, Byron will be with her.", she points out still trying to convince me to go through with this whole plan that Mia and my mother have set up.

"Maybe I should fly with her over to New York. I could even stay at the apartment so I am close by just in case." I reason.

"No!" My mother shouts. "You are needed here with Ana and Joshua, and don't you have work or something?" my mother is telling my off like an errant teenager. Finally I concede.

We walked Phoebe and my mother to their gate. The call came over and she would have to board the flight. "That our flight, we should go grandma" she says loudly and excited. Phoebe would run straight on the flight right now if she could.

"Bye Phoebe. Have a really good time with your Aunt and Uncle, and make sure you listen to them always, okay?" Ana tells her

"Okay mom. Bye, I love you"

"Love you too angel" She says giving her one last hug and kiss. Phoebe then turns towards me and I wish I could pick her up over my shoulder and take her home.

"Bye Dad. I will see you in one week" she says softly.

"Bye Phoebe, be safe and stay close to your aunt, uncle or Ryan. No stay close to them all." I tell her and she rolls her eyes just like her mother.

"I will. Bye" Phoebe says as she follows her grandmother, with Sawyer in tow, and within minutes she is out of my sight. This is a strange feeling as I have been able to control every part of her life for awhile now that I suddenly feel a little empty.

"And me? Do I get to go on a plane?" Joshua asks.

"Oh no Joshua, not this time. You are not going on a plane. You get to stay with you mommy and me." I tell him much to his disappointment. I have let my two older children go away for a week and I do not think I could let my little four year old out of my reach.

Ana, Joshua and I walk back out of the airport were Taylor is waiting for us. We get into the car and it suddenly feels very empty and quiet. I desperately want to hear the Ted and Phoebe talking; gosh I would even cope with them arguing over something silly.

Teds POV:

James and I walk on to the camp sight. He has been my best friends since elementary school and we have had the good fortune to be able to continue at the same schools. When my parents moved me to the all boys' school, so did his parents. It wasn't long after we went to our room that we both saw one of the reasons we both loved science so much, and have been attending an after school science club with our sister. My parents think I am interested in volcanos and such, but the real reason I like I love science is because of her, 'Katie Richards'. When she mentioned she was coming on this camp I convinced my parents to let me come. Next to her was her best friend 'Tracey Rodgers', a girl that James was interested in. It would be our objective of this next week to spend as much time as possible with them. The girls both see us and smile. They start to walk over to us and I wink at James.

Phoebe's POV:

After a long flight to New York, we arrive and Aunt Mia is waiting for us. I run over and hug her tightly. She has always been my favourite aunt; she was forward thinking and often took my side on things. Grandma left us quickly as she didn't have much time to get her connecting flight to Boston. Aunt Mia and I walked hand in hand to collect my luggage. Just being with her made me excited!

"So Your Uncle Byron and I have a huge surprise for you tonight." She says with her usual perkiness.

"What is it?" I ask

"I can't tell you right now but I can tell you I do not know if your dad would approve at all./ In fact I know he wouldn't" She says sighing "however Byron and I both need to attend to go and since you are under our care tonight, you will have to come too" She says looking at me.

My excitement level is going through the roof and I just can't wait.