This unplanned chapter came about when a reader asked me a series of questions in a review. I never expected it to be another chapter for this story but the "Guest' questions got my mind ticking. I started to plot it all out in my head so here it is. Warning there are lemons. For your reference here are the questions (review)

I wonder what happened on Saturday morning between Phoebe and Laurence, plus their lunch. Oh and Saturday night? And Sunday all day and the ball? How did she get pregnant with Camden? Was it after married? How did Laurence propose to Phoebe in what way? Where did they get married? And where did they go on their honeymoon and what happened on honeymoon? When did he move back to Seattle to be with Phoebe? Did Phoebe still wear the heart pendant necklace since she was 12 that was inscribed you are mine and I'm yours I'll be back when she ran into Laurence at the hotel in DC?

Filling in the Gaps

"So Phoebe, now that you have your toothbrush, what do you wish to do until it is morning?" Laurence takes a long deep breath and waits for my reply. Both of us are trying to catch our breath after the most intense kiss I have ever experienced.

"Since it is your hotel room then I thought I would allow you to decide." I look around. It's practically a replica of mine. There is a small sitting room, a door which leads to a bedroom and the bathroom.

"I don't know if that would be chivalrous of me. Also, I get the feeling that if you let me decide it would be the first time in quite a while, that you didn't control a situation you were a key player in." Laurence assesses. It is as if he can read me. Over the past seventeen years, I had developed a need to control. An attribute inherited from my father.

"I won't deny that." My remark causes Laurence to smile. His lips part allowing him to take another deep breath of air.

It's strange to explain what I, we, were feeling after all these years. Laurence and I stood in the small room facing each other. We have both grown up, and have lived so many years apart, but right now it doesn't feel relevant.

"I was going to go to bed actually. That is if you are ready to." I walk towards the bedroom with Laurence following me close by. Yes, it is a good thing I bought my toothbrush.

My body tingles as I feel soft kisses running down my neck and collarbone. My eyes close as I relish the feeling, expecting Laurence to continue but he suddenly stops when he reaches the collar of my dress. I turn to face Laurence. My heart beating so fast that I can hardly breathe.

I tug at Laurence's shirt. My hand touches his bare stomach. I don't stop my exploration until Laurence places his hand on mine and then guides me to remove his top. He looks at me seeking permission to remove my dress. I nod. The shortness of the dress poses no issue in its removal and quickly I am standing before him in my bra and panties. The first signs of my arousal are on display. Laurence undoes my bra, finding my very aroused nipples.

I step back and slide up the bed. Laurence follows me, leaving his pajama bottoms on the floor. I steal a glance at his naked image. It's been a long time since I have seen it, and truth be told in the few times I did, I was too shy to look for long. We were so young. We thought we were so grown up, but we were foolish. We were only just starting to grow up.

Our lips found each other once more. Never had I experienced such passion. Each kiss felt deeper and more passionate. We could have continued like this all night and it would go by too quickly. I gasped as I felt Laurence's fingers inside of me. I didn't even realize that he had pushed my panties to the side. Now there is are no secrets. I arch my back as his fingers continue to explore and massage.

Laurence stops, too suddenly. Instead, he commences trailing kisses down my body as he guides my panties down my legs. Laurence slowly worked his way back up kissing every inch of my body until his lips found mine once more. His only detour was when he lips found my breasts. As much as I tried to hide it, I couldn't conceal my excitement when his arousal poked me. I was having the same effect on him that he was on me.

I looked into Laurence's eyes and nodded, signalling him to begin. I wanted him as much as he wanted me. I couldn't stop my gasp, nor my moans as he moved very gently in and out of me before increasing his pace. Instinct forced me to put my hands on both sides of his face. I wanted to see him and he sees me. I cried out as my climax ripped through me. It had been building for quite some time and was fueled the passion we felt. Laurence ended up lying down next to me. We were side by side and holding one another.

The events of the past twelve hours happened so quickly that I would have easily been convinced that it was all just a dream. Though the morning light reminded where I was and with who. It wasn't a dream. It was real.

I checked the time on my cell phone. It was only seven in the morning. There was an email from my parents, informing me that they had flown out already with my grandparents. I hypothesize that Dad wanted to arrive in Seattle ahead of scheduled to meet Lily and Anthony. Probably so he can arrive early and intimate him my sisters soon to be fiancé. Make him sweat as Anthony asks for his permission to marry Lily. I get out of bed and start to locate my clothes.

"Morning gorgeous." Laurence utters, still half asleep.

"Hey there yourself. Sorry, did I wake you?"

"Yes. You are almost as noisy in the morning as you were in bed last night." I scoff playfully at Laurence's naughty remark. I throw myself back on the bed to pin him down and force him to apologize. While I inherited my father's height, I got my mother's small frame and Laurence is easily able to flip me over, pin me down instead.

"Going somewhere?"

"My room. I need a change of clothes and a shower. I only have that black dress here."

"You can shower here in my room."

"Except I wouldn't have a change of clothes" Laurence cocks his head to the side. I can read him like a book. Does he actually want to spend all day in bed? "I thought we were going to go out for the day."

"Oh yes, that was our original plans. Did you pack any casual clothes?"

"Yes." That I did pack. I am going to thank my cousin Ava for forgetting to take this black dress out of my suit case when I see her next.

"Okay. How long do you need?"

"About thirty minutes."

"Why do girls require more time than boys to get ready?" I am actually surprised by Laurence's comment. I thought half an hour was being rather swift, especially when you compare all my girl friends and female family members.

"We have more hair," I reply rolling my eyes. "Now where do you want to meet me for breakfast or should I just return here to your bed?" I ask resuming our playful moods.

"As enticing as that off is, I think we both should eat. If I get you back into bed, I may never want to get up again. There is a pretty good restaurant downstairs."

"Meet you there."

# # # #

Laurence and I have spent the whole day on foot walking around Washington DC. My parents bought my siblings and me here a few times growing up to show us the home of the American Democratic and Legal system. Due of my parent's vast networks we met senators, judges and even had a private tour of the White House. Its was amazing, but there where times where felt like I had to be on my best behavior as opposed to just enjoying the sights. Today I let myself truly appreciate the significance of the area.

Cohen is following us but keeping a discreet distance. I have told him that I am with a friend and that there is no need to report any of this to Taylor. The current protocol states that no reports need to be made to Seattle if I am just with a friend and security is watching. A background check is only necessary if one of the Grey children becomes involved with another person romantically. Right now protocol doesn't need to be carried through, because regardless of last night, I do not know what we are doing. I doubt Laurence's knows also. I have a nagging feeling about this, though. I am going to get Cohen into trouble. If it weren't for the history that Laurence and I shared then, it wouldn't be an issue for anyone. I shouldn't need to be a problem at all, at our age, except for the fact that I am a Grey.

We commenced with a tour of the capital building and then took the underground tunnel to the Library of Congress. This was a first for Laurence, who couldn't get enough of the architectural design of the building. I would have been happy for the rest of the day watching his expression but Laurence's itinerary wouldn't have allowed it. We head towards the Eastern market until we reached a lively market.

"They have a dessert tour here. Let's do it." Laurence called out, taking my hand and leading me.

"You need to book." I tried to explain. "A friend of mine tried to get on that tour without a booking and was promptly turned away. The guy that runs it doesn't care you are or what you are willing to offer. He is a stickler for the rules!" Laurence though doesn't look deterred and continues to march up.

"Excuse me, the both of us would like to join the dessert tour. Do you accept card or cash?"

"Read the sign. No booking, no tour."

"I am happy to pay extra!" Laurence offers. Politeness pours out of him but it's no use.

The booth operator growls, probably having heard it all before. "Again read that sign buddy!"

"Laurence, let's go." We walk about seven feet when Laurence put one finger up asking for me to wait a minute. I watch as he goes back to the booth operator. I can't make out what either of them is saying but I do notice Laurence and the other guy looking at me once. A few minutes and a credit card later, Laurence is handed two tickets.

"We need to move, the tour is about to start."

"Okay, but how did you convince the guy to let us on the tour?"

"You want to know the truth?"

"Yes." I suddenly stop walking and wait for his answer.

"I told him the truth. I said I was with a breathtaking woman who I hadn't seen for seventeen years and was probably still in love with. That it was possible that I only had this weekend to spend with you, before we go back home to different states, though I pray it isn't the case. That is when he looked at you and then me, and took my credit card."


"Sorry that was a little forward of me wasn't it?"

"I missed you too," I confess

# # # #

I walk out of the bedroom of my hotel room to find Laurence waiting for me in the small sitting area. I remember the last time I saw him dressed in a tuxedo. It was at the New Years Eve party that my grandparent's host every year. Laurence looked good then but in all honesty, he looks better now. There is an elegant maturity about him. I don't speak, but my footsteps alert him that I am in the room.

"Phoebe... Wow. You look spectacular."

"Thank you. That's very kind and..." I blush. What the hell? I haven't blushed in... I don't know how long.

"And honest. I am honest. I thought you looked great last night, but you look even more amazing now."

"Again thank you. You look incredibly handsome." I am embarrassed to admit but I made an extra effort with how I looked this evening. After Laurence had taken me to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom this morning, I left him to go to a salon that a friend of mine recommended. Usually, I would just do my makeup and hair myself although I would often go alone to these types of functions. "Did you have a tuxedo with you?"

"Ah no. I ran downstairs and they advised me of a reputable company with a tailor that was close by. I couldn't just wear a suit considering how good you look. I would be fending off every warm blooded male tonight." I laugh lightly but stop once he uncovers my secret. I hold my breath. Not sure of what his reaction will be.

"I noticed that you still wear this. It's on a different chain." Laurence runs his finger over the locket he gave me so long ago. I don't respond. I changed the chain when it broke accidentally at college. I had the chain fixed, but store it in a jewelry box at home. I purchased a longer chain which allowed me to wear the locket under my clothes without any detection. I don't tend to wear clothes with a plunging neckline, and if I did, I didn't wear the locket. Though, I was always quick to put it back on afterwards.

"I am used to wearing it" Laurence grazes upon cautiously as he shakes his head a little. I am about to speak, to change the topic somehow when he then reaches over and unclasp the necklace. My heart commences beating a little faster. I hate to think that Laurence is going to take it away.

"That's my locket" I reply.

"I don't want you to wear it." I open my mouth but no words come out. Laurence turns around and grabs a box off the couch. He opens it revealing a white gold and diamond necklace. It's got two small rings like loops that are intertwined. "Wear this one instead. It looks better on you."

"It's beautiful."

"You are beautiful. Should we get going?" I nod and willingly take Laurence's hand. Both of us walk silently until we are in the elevator.

"Laurence, I hope you don't think it rude of me to ask, but when did you purchase this necklace?" I don't know why, but my legal instincts force me to ask.

"Let's just say that I have never been so grateful that it takes girls far longer than men to get ready." My laugh is therapeutic, not only for myself but also Laurence.

"Thank you for agreeing to come with me tonight. I hope it isn't dull for you."

"The pleasure is all mine, and I doubt that I will be bored with you next to me. I don't know how your hired security guy feels about me being with you, but there is no other place I would want to be."

Christians POV:

I finish the last few drops of my bourbon, in the kitchen before I rejoin Ana, Lily and Anthony in the main room. They are already talking about wedding plans. Fuck! To think I once actually liked this fucker. Seemed decent, squeaky clean record and treated our youngest with respect and love. I gave him my blessing to marry Lily yesterday though I made him sweat. I have promised him a slow and pain death should him ever hurt her, along with a warning that I will be watching. Now I currently have an overly excited twenty-three-year-old, a happy and emotional wife and a soon to be son in law that is happy but rather weary of Taylor and me. A perfect mixture I would say.

I take the seat next to Ana and wrap my arm behind her, pulling her close. I listen in to Lily discuss what she would like for her wedding. It goes without saying whatever she wants she can have. I couldn't care less of the cost of the wedding. I had demanded that I pay the whole cost, which is less of an issue than it was when Josh and Ted got married. Their wife's parents paid for the bride's dress or something along those lines. I happily stayed out of those minor details when it was settled that I would fund the majority of the costs of the wedding. Ana and I also paid for their honeymoons as our wedding present.

As the father of the bride, I have more power to yield my weight and as an added condition to giving my blessing to this union, I am to be given the right to pay the whole cost. Anthony also has to agree to anything Lily wants for her special day. From the sounds of the conversation, this will be the most costly Grey wedding to date. I couldn't be happier knowing I can make her fairy tale day come true.

Ana gives me a curious look, attempting to read my expression. I feel like I am giving my daughter away. Lily was the only one of our children to move back home after college. While I love all our four children, more than I could ever express, I just feel so much more protective of our daughters, and will do so regardless of how old, mature and successful they are. Letting Lilly go feels too surreal. Screw that I don't think I will ever let her go... not really anyway. I wonder if I can find them a home close by.

"We really want to get married at the end of summer, which means that we only have five to six months. Do you think that is too soon?" Lily queries. My heart yells out yes! If they want to get married in summer, then they can do so next year, but my mouth betrays me.

"We can make it happen. I will hire the wedding coordinator that organised your two brother's nuptials. Tell her whatever you want and she will make it happen. As long as you consult your mother, that is." I add. I won't deny Ana the experience of helping her youngest daughter plan her wedding.

"Good! Actually, I got so excited when Anthony asked me last night, that this morning I rang a calligrapher that a friend used for her wedding and organised an appointment for tomorrow. She is going to hand make our wedding invitations. I thought since we are going to invite family and friends from overseas we should notify them as soon as possible. Mom, can you come with me? I promise it won't take too long."

"I wouldn't want to be anywhere else."

Three hours later and they are all still talking about weddings. I am starting to think that they should have a shorter engagement since this marriage is likely to dominate every conversation until the day.

When Anthony has finally left and Lily has gone to bed for the evening, Ana and I commence heading upstairs to go to sleep. Our house is far too big for us, especially now as Lily will be moving out, but we would never dream of moving or selling. It holds so many treasured and beautiful memories Beside Ted's two children fill it and Josh and his wife are expecting our third grandchild. Out of all our kids, Lily is the most family oriented and the most nurturing. She is likely to have a whole soccer team of children. I intend to build even more memories in this house with our now adult children and our grandchildren.

"Oh I forgot to tell you, I promised Ted and Victoria that we would look after Isabella tomorrow while they take Christopher to watch his first basketball game."

"Good. Isabella is too little and will only just get bored. We should offer to keep her for the night. Let Ted and Victoria spend some one on one time with Chris. Anyway, it will give us time to spoil her." I suggest. Christopher was an only child for over four years so when Isabella came on the scene, eighteen months ago, he found it a little difficult. We have all continued to individual time with him but he idolizes Ted and find's sharing him the hardest.

"You old softy!"

"Soft. Now that's an adjective that you have never used to describe me at this time of the evening." Ana giggles, causing me to wrap my arms around her and kiss her hard. "I love your laugh. Each time I hear it's like a gift. However, I am in the mood for a different flavor. Let's go upstairs and let me hear you moan, scream out my name..." I utter suggestively.

"Lead the way Mr Grey" I am about to take hold of Ana's hand when Taylor appears. As usual, he looks coolly at us.

"Excuse me, Grey... I apologize for interrupting," he says politely to Ana and then looks to me.

"Can it wait till morning?" Taylor gives me a familiar look. This won't be able to wait. Damn it! This better be bloody important.

"Okay Taylor, what's seems to be the issue?" I ask. Anything he needs to say to me, he can do so in front of Ana.

"We just receive a Google alert relating to Phoebe." I narrow my eyebrows. Our eldest daughter just appeared in front of the Supreme Court of America at the age of thirty five and is on Seattle 'A' lists. Of course, there is going to be an article. I sigh taking the iPad. Ana and I don't speak as we read. The photos at the end confirm everything word written. If it was anyone else with Phoebe, then we might not have been concerned... but it's him.

"What the fuck?" I growl. "Taylor is this article accurate?"

"Yes. I contacted Cohen to confirm."

"When did this article go online?"

"Ten minutes ago. We have confirmed that Miss Phoebe Grey just arrived back at her hotel."


"No, though Cohen has informed us that Laurence is staying at the same hotel."

"Is there any immediate danger?"

"None that we can determine. Cohen has been ordered to watch them both discreetly. Would you like a change in the directive?"

I look down at Ana, who is biting her lip. "Christian she is a grown woman."

"But still our daughter and their joint history are too much of concern. Phoebe hasn't been linked to anyone since college, and only really casually dates at best. She never goes to events with someone else. Now seventeen years later... The only person who Phoebe has ever seriously been linked appears?" I check the time on my watch. It's past one in the morning in Washington DC.

"Taylor, contact Stephan. I want to be in the air as soon as possible. I want to arrive in the capitol in the morning." Taylor nods and walks off to put my plans into motion.

"Christian, seriously you aren't going to go to the other side of the country are you? Cohen is watching them."

"Travelling to Washington is exactly what I intend to do. Anastasia, you also know their entire history. Phoebe always gets hurt when they are together. I don't care if she is thirty-five. She is our daughter."


"No Ana... no. When you were pregnant with Ted I told you that I would do anything to keep you safe, keep my family safe. Even though a few decades have past the same objective exists."

# # # #

Cohen swipes the spare key card to Phoebe's hotel room. Its protocol that a second card is issued to security. I don't acknowledge him but I know that Taylor glares at him. Cohen should have told us beforehand of this development in my daughter's life. Fuck! I am going to have security on Phoebe doubled... not tripled. No more of this Miss Independent Phoebe – I will not have my entire live documented – Grey!

"Has Miss Grey or Mr Carson left the hotel room?" Taylor questions, reading my mind.

"No. They are both still in the room."

"I think its time they woke up," I demand.

Phoebe's POV:

"Phoebe, I think someone desperately wants our attention." I reluctantly and ever so slowly open my eyes, becoming aware that someone is knocking on the bedroom door. Loudly. I look over at the clock and become mindful of the fact that the time is now almost nine. Wow, it's so late already. I haven't slept in this late since high school.

"It's just Cohen. He is probably trying to wake me to inform me of the time." I speculate though I don't see what the rush is. We have at least four hours till our flight and a late checkout. Laurence looks confused at the reality. Neither of us knows what we are doing. I stand up and grab my silk robe though Laurence looks displeased. "What's wrong?"

"Stay in bed. Your robe is far too small for security to view. I will find out whatever the issue it. Plus we have a few hours before you need to leave and I get to my meeting. We should use them well." Laurence replies wickedly. I drop my robe ceremoniously, making a show of it while he put on his boxer shorts.

"Is that all you are going to wear? I think it's a little too small for security to view."

"Cohen isn't gay is he?"


"Then no need to envious, Miss Grey." Laurence jokes. I smile as I watch Laurence walk towards the door. I spy that he has a little tattoo on his back. I quickly study it, noting that its Chinese script. I wonder what it says. The joyful mood though dies when I see the look on Laurence's face once he has opened the door. I take a double take when I hear a couple of familiar voices, and oh so familiar tones. What are my fathers and Taylor doing outside! They left on Saturday and it's Monday now. They should be in Seattle. They should be playing golf, or visiting Grey House to advise Ted or whatever the hell he does these days on his weekly visits or trying to conquer the world again. Dad should be with Mom, who will undoubtedly be helping plan the wedding of the century. At least, that is what Lily's email to me last night sounded like. Anywhere but here in my hotel room.

"Laurence, it has been a long time" My father's voice is authoritarian, cold though at the same time extremely polite. How does he do that? "Is my daughter present?"

"Yes, Phoebe is here. Please give us some time to get dressed."

"You have five minutes." Laurence closes the door. The entire color has drained from his face.

"Your father is out there. So is Taylor. They do not look happy." Laurence quickly puts on his jeans and top. I stand up and get dressed but I am no way as anxious by my father's appearance.

"Laurence, do not let my dad's sudden appearance intimidate you. We are not kids anymore."

"It hasn't..." I tilt my head slowly, silently questioning Laurence's not so convincing statement. "Okay yes, it has. I am aware of our chronological age but you didn't see your fathers or Taylor's expression just then." I shake my head and storm out of my room. Laurence tries to stop me but I am too determined.

"Morning. I didn't realize the sitting room of my hotel room was going to become a conference area. Had I known then I would have booked a larger room? What are you all doing? Here. In my hotel room. In DC? On the other side of the country?"

"You're right Phoebe. This hotel room isn't a conference area." I raise my eyebrows at my father's reply. I was expected him to challenge me. My dad then walks over to me and kisses me hello.

"Laurence. I understand you have a hotel room at this establishment on this floor?" My father directs.


"Then lead the way." Laurence doesn't hesitate. He commences walking out of my room with my father and Taylor following him.

"What?" I question in an attempt to stop them but none of them pay any attention, walking off quickly. By the time I catch up to them, Laurence and my dad are already in the hotel room with Taylor outside.

"Good Morning Taylor. How was your flight over?" I greet politely. Good manners were ingrained in us children from the youngest of ages, especially to those older than us.

"Unexpected and long."

"Apologies. Now if you would kindly let me in please." I am intensely careful to ensure that my voice isn't harsh, and remain well-mannered. Though Taylor doesn't budge.

"I can't do that."

"Yes, you can!" Taylor doesn't respond, instead looks at me impassively. It's been a long time since I have seen that expression directed at me.

"Taylor. Please! You know what my father is like and how he easily reverts to 'Over-bearing and Protective father of the year'. Did Cohen notify you that I was with Laurence?" I am so annoyed now. I am so close to refusing to have security from now on.

"No, it wasn't Cohen." I must look confused because Taylor willingly explains. "The Seattle Nooz had an online article about you at the ball last night. It seems that since you hadn't been photographed with anyone for so long when you turned up with Laurence Carson on your arm, it got a few people's attention." Oh.. There was far more media at last night's ball, but that was because of the number of political and senators who attended last night. Many of them are up for re-election that appearances at these benefits make for good publicity. I guess I must have got someone's attention. Damn!

"What is my father saying exactly? What are they talking about?" I inquire? There could be a few things actually.

'Phoebe, you will have to ask them that yourself. You know there was a time that the Seattle Nooz would only write these types of articles bachelors. Once more you have set the bar. Just let your father and Laurence... talk."

"I don't seem to have much of an option." I sigh. "I guess I will go to my room and read a certain article."

"Good idea. Though, Phoebe, before you go, Gail read the article in Seattle before I flew out with you father. She looked at the pictures of you and commented on how radiant you looked."

"Gail always says that to me," I reply. Gail is like a second mom to my siblings and me. She always had a kind word to say though quick to correct us.

"Yes true. But Gail also stated that you were glowing. That you looked truly happy." Taylor winks but then his expression becomes unreadable. I am about to walk to my hotel room when I turn around to face Taylor. I wrap my arms around him and kiss his cheek.

"Thanks, Taylor. I love you and Gail so much."

# # # #

"Taylor, I am sorry but you are going to have to let me in. It's been more than three hours. I have to leave for the airport soon. Laurence has a meeting to attend. That is why he is here in DC." I declare. Actually, I have probably missed my flight now.

"Your father and I are flying back to Seattle after this situation is dealt with. You can hitch a ride a ride with us." Taylor advises me trying to difuse the situation.

"Dealt with?" I question. Before I can commence the intricate task of convincing Taylor to explain himself further, the doors finally open. My father exits, but Laurence doesn't.

"Phoebe, you are still here. Good. You can fly back to Seattle with Taylor and me. I will instruct Cohen to collect your bags for you." My father is talking as if nothing has happened. As if he just coincidentally happened to be in a business meeting at the same time he happened to run into me.

"I am not ready to leave."

"We are in no immediate hurt. You have an hour and don't argue with me on this one. I would prefer you fly on the jet rather than try to get on to a commercial flight since I know you that you won't be able to catch your flight now. It is far nicer and pleasant on the GEH jet. Plus it will give us a chance to catch up. Also, your sister is eager to talk to you, for reasons I suspect she has probably told you about." Far out my father is behaving as if nothing occurred at all. If it were possible, my head would spin.

"Alight father." I concede for the moment.

"Good Girl!"

"Just as soon as I talk to Laurence." I fish out the spare key card that Laurence gave me earlier to his room, just in case, and enter the room before my father can reply. Taylor isn't in the way so there is no obstacle. I find Laurence in the bathroom, splashing water onto his face.

"Hey. I just came to check if you're still alive." I roll my eyes at my lame attempt at some comic relief. Laurence looks like he ran a marathon. He looks at me and doesn't hesitate to come over and kiss me. Really kiss me. "You alright? I can't believe my father just kept you in here for so long. He had no right!"

"Yes, he did. He is your father and is aware of our history. Well, not all of it. You never told your parents. In all this time. You didn't tell your parents about my early part of the kidnapping" Laurence eyes me off cautiously.

"There was no need to do so. You never went through your intentions and I am the one who volunteered to go with you and your father. I was at fault as much as you in the end. You kept me safe. I know I would have died without you." I chose to omit the fact that had I told my parents or if they learnt the truth via their own resources, then Laurence would be ten feet under the ground. "What did you and my father talk about… that is if he let you speak?"

"He did. It doesn't matter what we talked about or said."

"You're not going to tell me are you?"


"I have to go soon. I need to get back to Seattle." I announced softly.

"I know. I have to get to my meeting." I sigh lightly. Neither of us has no idea what to say or do now.

"Phoebe, can I email you? Maybe if we are both wish, I can come and see you? In Seattle. There is a long weekend coming up in three weeks. I can fly in late Friday evening and stay until the last flight on Monday back to California."

"Yes," I reply softly, which encouraged Laurence to commence to kiss me again. I don't hold back. I wonderful feeling of relief takes over. Relief that my father hasn't killed or scared Laurence away and the promise of seeing him soon.

"I better go and have a shower or I might get some unusual looks when I arrive on site smelling of sex, and your perfume. I will see you soon."


"Only if you wish it."

# # # #

I rub my forehead as I exit the senior partners meeting. Damn its already seven in the evening and exhaustion is taking over me. I feel like I have been trapped inside the four walls of my office and the conference room ever since I returned to Seattle on Tuesday from Washington DC. My only respite in the past four days has been the one evening I spent with my youngest sister and the steady stream of emails from Laurence.

I quickly check my calendar and note that I promised to meet my sister and mother tomorrow at the wedding dress designer studio. I have agreed to be my sister's maid of honor on the proviso that I don't have to wear pink and look like a too-old prom date.

Before reaching my office, I quickly check my emails. A frown forms on my face when I see that there aren't any new emails from Laurence. Instead, I re-read his last email that I received earlier today.

To: Phoebe Grey

From: Laurence Carson

Subject: 4 days or 96 hours or far too many minutes

Dear Phoebe,

Would you think it crazy if I admitted to you that I have missed you more these past four days than ever? I have always missed you but now I am conscious just how much.

I will take you up on your reading suggestion and put away the latest crime and court room thriller book for the classic, 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. I can see why you and your grandfather liked it so much. I look forward to discussing it with you when I see you soon. We can discuss it in bed.

Miss you.

Laurence Carson

Structural Engineer

I replied, saying that yes he was crazy but then so was I as I missed him more lately also. Laurence was right. It hurt more when you are reminded what you don't have.

"William what are you still doing here. I told you to go home to Nicholas when the clock strikes five. He is will be waiting for you. Its Friday night!" I tell my assistant. William is the most efficient and hard-working personal assistant in the firm, if not the whole state of Washington. He worked long hours much to the dislike of his free-spirited partner.

"I am going home, but I wanted to wait until you finished your meeting. Nicholas is meeting me here and we are going to go out for dinner and some drinks. We were going to ask for you to join us"... I open my mouth to reply but William uncharacteristically interrupts me. "But I then realized you probably have other plans... are you expecting any significant deliveries?"

"No... Why?"

"No reason." I shake my head slightly. William is acting strange this evening. I resolve to send him home at a decent time each day next week. Maybe he is working himself to hard. Ha! I should talk. I walk through my door, discovering the reason behind my assistant's strange behavior.

"You're here." I manage to speak after blinking my eyes several times. For a second, I though that maybe I imagined him there. Laurence stands politely as soon as he sees me.

"Yes. I hope you are not going to get mad at your assistant for letting me into your office."

"I am thinking of giving him a raise, to be honest," Laurence and I both grin like teenagers. "You said that you were going to come and see me in a few weeks."

"I decided that I couldn't wait.. I finished work at four, as usual on a Friday. I didn't want to go for drinks and got into my car. Instead of driving home, I found myself at the airport, got lucky and managed to get on a flight quickly and here I am. I tried to call you but your cell phone went to message bank and when I rang your office, your assistant told me you were in a meeting. I do hope you are not going to ask me to leave and return in a few weeks." That is the last thing I would ask him to do right now.

"Since you made the effort, I guess I cant just send you home. But are you serious? Did you just get on a plane? You didn't go home, grab some clothes... a toothbrush." I grin.

"No, I was a little more impulsive than you were last weekend. All I have is the clothes I am wearing, my keys, cell phone and wallet. When I got into my car, all I could think about is how much I wanted to watch the sunset on the beach with you. However, I forgot how cold Seattle still is in March. So Instead I thought maybe I could take you to dinner, though I might need to go and purchase some clothes. After that, I can put you to bed. You look like you could do with a good nights sleep. Pity. "

"Lets just see how you play your cards." Laurence moves closer to me and before I realize it, my back is against the wall of my office. I am pinned, unable to move and I wouldn't have it any other way right now. I kiss Laurence with the same amount of passion and longing. Laurence skillful hands caress the side of my body, boldly going past my waist and hitching my skirt.

"is your office soundproof?"

"Yes. All the offices are to protect client confidentiality." I explain.

"Did you eat lunch?"

"I just had an orange. I have been inundated with work and didn't have time."

"Then it's dinner first. Where would you like me to take you?"

"My house. I have eaten out or had take out for the past four nights. Since you surprised me by flying here, let me cook for you."

Before heading back to my apartment, we stopped by a nearby store. Laurence needed clothes. The man didn't even have another pair of underwear. Laurence had selected almost everything he needed when I got an idea.

"Since we are here. I am just going to go and grab a couple of items. I will meet you here in about ten minutes okay?"

"Sure. But do you want me to come with you? I only need a few more items."

"No, It's okay. It will be quicker if we split up. I promise I wont be long."

I marched to the next level. With one intention. To get to the woman's lingerie section.

# # # #

Rather efficiently, we stack the dishwasher and clean up the mess we made. I can't remember the last time when I have laughed so much. Laurence and I have just finished sitting on the floor of my living room, eating pasta, garlic bread, and drinking red wine while we chatted and joked.

I head back to the living room where Laurence has cleaned up and find him... moving furniture? He is wearing the new pair of pajama pants he bought but nothing else. He has a blanket and seems to be making himself at home on the couch. The ottoman is pushed up. Does Laurence want to sleep on the sofa? I try to think back to what he said about bed and me. Surely he was part of that picture.. wasn't he?


"In a way. Since it was too cold, and raining to take you to the beach to watch the sunset, I thought that maybe we could sit by the glass wall and look at the city lights. Watch the rain fall."

"Just give me a minute." I walk off at a reasonable pace. I don't want Laurence to know that I am eager to change my clothes. I throw off my jeans and top and put on the red matching bra and panties set. It's definitely far more risqué than I have ever worn. I cover it with a silk nightgown and then put on my silk robe. Its reaches my knees so everything else I am wearing is covered.

Back in the lounge room, Laurence has poured two glasses of champagne cut some strawberries up. Never have I been so happy that Seattle is the rainy city. I wonder if he knows how romantic the scene is. Laurence holds his hand out and guides me to sit before passing me a glass and commences to feed me. We are kept warm in each others arms and under a mink blanket.

"I don't know if It is because I have eaten or laughed too much this evening, but my stomach is starting to hurt. " I place my arm on my stomach, and though it hurts a little it doesn't bother me in the slightest. Mainly because the cause of my discomfort has been so wonderful.

"Here let me help you." Laurence takes my now empty glass of champagne out of my hands and shuffles over slightly so he is sitting behind me. His hands rub my stomach and then my back. I close my eyes, resting my head on his shoulder, and completely relax as his fingers commence to message me. Laurence only stops when I opened my eyes and kissed the side of his face, distracting him from his skilled movements.

"That felt really nice." I feel even better when Laurence wraps his arms around me and hold me close. "I want you. Here. Right now."

"Right here. In your living room?"


# # # #

I wake up to my cell phone ringing. It's morning? Laurence and I are wrapped around each other on the couch still. We both must have fallen asleep. I ignore my phone at first, but it continues to ring. I slowly move trying not wake Laurence but I fail. I decide to tease him by not putting on my robe and stroll to the coffee table where my phone is. I am only wearing my panties. I have no idea where my bra is.

"Hello... oh hi Lily... yes, of course. No, I didn't forget..." Shit, I did forget. It's Saturday morning and I am supposed to meet her and our mother to go the designer. "... What? Where are you? With Mom? You coming up.. Sawyer just parked the car?" I look at Laurence and I know he can sense my discomfort. He grabs the blanket, struggles to find our clothes and starts to head to the bedroom. "Just give me five minutes" I hang up and run to the bedroom. I see Laurence talking briefly to Cohen but I could care less. I need a super fast shower. I bet my mother is going to be able to smell the sex all over me! I explain to Laurence about my forgotten plans... I never forget anything. I guess he is a good distraction.

"What time will you be back?"

"I don't know. I will be gone for at least a few hours. I am sorry. You're not planning on flying back today are not you?"

"No, of course not."

"Good. I will try to get back as soon as possible." I quickly dry my hair and with Laurence's help get dressed in record time.

"I am going to have a shower and I might go out. I promise to be here when you get back." Laurence states.

"Do you want to come and see my mother and sister?" I offer. I don't want Laurence being here a secret.

"No not today."

"Is this because of whatever my father said to you last week?". Laurence still hasn't told me what my dad said or what was discussed. I have tried to ask my father but he refuses each time I bring the subject up.

"Phoebe, forget about that.I need a shower and your family is waiting for you! Go!"

I nod and run downstairs, but I reason that I need to discuss this with Laurence. It is too much of a white elephant in the room. I find Lily and my mother already in the middle of the lounge room waiting for me.

"I am sorry that I am running late. I slept in. Work has been crazy since the Supreme Court. I should have just met you both at the designers studio this way you won't risk being late on my accord." I say apologetically, brushing my hair into a ponytail.

"Mom and I thought we could walk to the studio. It's only one block from here. You are so lucky living here in the city so close to everything. Anthony and I considered getting an apartment, but we want kids so it's more logical for us to get a house." I nod trying to look like I am interested. I usually care about what my sister is saying but not right now. At the moment, I just want to send a quick text message.

Be back soon. Make yourself at home and don't get lost when you go out. I need you more.

I text message reply comes back quickly.

Trust me, Phoebe, when I say that I want to give you more of me and get more of you. Enjoy the time out with your mom and sister. I will not get lost

"Phoebe, are you listening?" I look up and there is my sister looking annoyed and Mom smirking at me.

"No... Yes... umm... sorry I was distracted. But no more. Let's go. It would be rude to be late." Lily walks in front but my mother grabs my elbow stopping me. "Everything okay Mom?" I act casually.

"You are glowing again. You look...different."

"Do I?" I gulp why do I feel like a teenager.


"I guess I have been on cloud nine since presenting at the high court. It's the adrenaline."

"Really? Then I will just ignore the red bra and male boxer shorts that are on the floor next to the couch" My mother cocks her head at me, looking at me the same way she always did as a kid when she caught me out. I am stunned into silence. I feel like an errant teenager. I shake my head and then feel my cheeks burn.

# # # #

Christians POV:

"Grey, our impromptu visitor has arrived. Norris is talking to him via the intercom at the gate and awaiting your instructions." I don't instructor Taylor to let him in. I will but I want him to sit for a little while.

"When did Laurence land in Seattle?"

"Welch is looking into it but it seems yesterday evening. Would you like me to change protocol?" I wanted protocol changed last week after Laurence turned up; however, Phoebe threatened to refuse security and then Ana put her foot down. So the status quo stands. Phoebe has 24/7 security but maintains her privacy. No daily reports or notifications of visitors etc. Damn it, I should have just changed protocol without their knowledge. It wouldn't have been the first, second or third time. To think I use to make fun of Elliot being completely pussy whipped.

"Let me see what Carson has to say first. Feel free to sit on. Let him in when he gets here and take him to the small side room." If Laurence wants to talk, then this is the most perfect room in the house.

"Mr Grey. Thank you for seeing me". Laurence extends his hand out as soon as he arrives. I gesture to sit after shaking his hand.

"I couldn't let you block the entrance to my house and considering I have learned that you were with my daughter last night, I didn't have much of a choice," I reply dryly

"Understood Mr Grey, although I too didn't have much choice on Monday. You did just rock up in my hotel room."

"No. I turned up at my daughter's hotel room. It is just that you were in the room also." I clarify

"Nevertheless, you did then instruct me to go to my hotel room." Okay yes, he has me there but I have no interest in arguing semantics.

"Laurence what are you doing here? We spoke last week. I requested that you stay away from my daughter. Every time you have come into her life, you have turned it upside down and not in a right way. I don't care if she is twelve, eighteen or thirty-five."

"I know. You will also know that I couldn't agree. The matter is..."

"Laurence" I interrupt him. "Do you know this room" He looks around and frowns. To him is a simple room with a table and chairs. This is where my kids did homework when they had group tasks and the boys often had poker nights. But the room has ghosts also, because of the person sitting in front of me.

"Yes. Phoebe and I spoke in this room privately, after I was released by the police and asked to see her. This is where we agreed once more to end our relationship."

"Yes, that is correct. This is also the room where my wife and I sat and listened to the events that occurred during our daughter's abduction. An abduction that you were involved in. An abduction that you helped orchestrate." Laurence goes pale. It was about time he was aware that I knew the truth. I never told Phoebe. Only Taylor and Ana are aware. "Before you continue, I also know that you didn't go through with the plans and it was Phoebe that told you that she wanted to help. I know that you told her to leave, to run back to the house that night, but it doesn't take away your prior intentions. I have never told this truth to my wife or children. They don't need to hear this, nor does Phoebe need to be aware that I know the truth."

"I understand. It was the fact that I was originally a participant in Phoebe's abduction that I left seventeen years ago. I couldn't risk hurting her again. When I ran into her last week, then she agreed to see the next day then only to turn up to my hotel room that night with her toothbrush." I groan and narrow my eyes at Laurence's little speech. Wisely he straightens up and ceases his line of expression. "I felt like I had been pardon for all my wrongs. That maybe there was another chance."

Laurence looks at me, waiting for me to say something but I refuse.

"Mr. Grey you asked me to stay away from Phoebe, but I can't. Not unless she asks me. That is why I am here."

"Keep going."

"I went home on Wednesday from Washington DC and all I could think about was Phoebe. She has dominated every single one of my thought. I even accidentally called one of my projects 'the Phoebe project; when it's called 'the Philomena Project." Several times. When I finished work on Friday I didn't want to go and see my friends, nor did I want to go home. All I wanted to do was be with Phoebe. I got on a plane and came straight he. I didn't even pack a bag. I didn't think about anything but being with Phoebe."

"What are you doing here?" I cut to the chase.

"Phoebe adores you and her mother. Regardless of her independent streak and what she may say, she wouldn't want to be with someone romantically that you didn't approve of. I am asking for your permission to pursue a relationship with Phoebe."

"You live in San Francisco. Phoebe lives here in Seattle" I point out the obvious.

"I aware of that. We can try a long distance relationship. Emails, phone calls and weekend trips. We can start slow and then see where we go. I have no intention of convincing or forcing Phoebe to move to California" There is no way in hell that I would allow that. I like my children living close. "Mr. Grey, I know I don't deserve Phoebe. But I love her. I can't stay away from her. I'm not sure if you understand or not... I think you do. I know how devoted you are to your wife and her to you. Just give me a chance to see if I can make Phoebe as happy and loved, as I am with her."

"You are going to have extra security around you and Phoebe. You will report to them each time you leave the apartment, go out, even when you go out to the bathroom. You are not going to tell Phoebe or anyone that extra people will be watching her. If she suspects as such, you are to get that idea out of her head. You will respect her; treat her with the utmost courtesy and politeness. I am warning you Laurence; if you fuck up... even for a second, then you will not know what hit you. I will destroy you! I will be watching up along with more people than you can count."

"Understood. Thank you, Mr. Grey. I should leave. I want to be back at the apartment before Phoebe does." Laurence stands up and shakes my hand. I have no intention of walking him out. Taylor nods once, letting me know that Ryan and white are outside ready to escort him off the property. Evidence that I mean what I have said.

"Also, before you go, I have one more condition. Each weekend that you are in Seattle, visiting Phoebe, you both need to come here, to the sound. Dinner, lunch, coffee... anything." I don't care which one it is but I want to see them both together. That is how I will know if my daughter is happy or not.

"Phoebe and I would love it."

# # # #

Phoebe's POV

I hug my new brother in law goodbye before hugging my little sister tightly. Lily Grey's wedding to Anthony will have to go down as one of the most luxurious, decadent, loving, romantic and entertaining in recorded history. I watch as the youngest of us kids, say goodbye to our parents.

"Okay, I bet you all a nights of babysitting that Dad just threatened to bury Anthony in cement and dump his body in the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean if he ever hurts Lily just then?" Josh comments to Ted and his wife Victoria; and to me and Laurence, who is standing behind me. My brother might just be right, from the serious expression that our father just gave our new brother in law.

"No chance, dad would have already threatened Anthony, when he asked for his blessing. Dad probably just told him that he would be watching him" Ted assess.

"I am with Josh. Lily is the youngest of us all and a girl. Dad just threatened him. Again!" Ted shakes his head. My eldest brother thinks that just because he and Dad worked so closely together and still do to an extent that he knows him better.

"Phoebe I will give you a thousand dollars if you are right and if not then you babysit our kids for a weekend. Josh, I bet you one whole week end of babysitting also, though obviously if I lose it will be once Indie is old enough. My kids are there with Mom and Dad they would have heard what was said."

"Deal" Josh and I declare at the same time.

"Victoria, start thinking about where you would like to go. I have the jet at my disposable and we can go anywhere! Twice."

"Talking about babysitting, can I have a hold of Indie," I ask Josh's wife, Helen. Their baby girl was only born a couple of weeks ago. "Gosh, she is so beautiful... Laurence, I am sorry but I can't go to California on weekends for a while, not when it's only on weekends that I get to have some decent playtime." I partially joke though I am serious.

"Plus my sister has some babysitting coming her way. Sorry Laurence its the rainy city for all your weekends." Ted states, ever so confident that he is right.

"Good thing I have good frequent flyer plan," Laurence grins touching Indie's little hand.

Christopher and Isabella, Ted's two children, who have been the flower girl and ring bearer, run up to meet their parents, laughing. My nephew who has taken a strong liking to Laurence runs up to him.

"Laurence, are you going home tomorrow?"

"Yes. I have to, but I will be back Friday night as usual."

"Why don't you just move here? I heard my daddy say that he could use you at one of his companies or you could work at our Great Uncle Elliot's company. Then my mom and dad agreed that its stupid how you two go back and forth all the time when you love each other so much and if you love my Aunt Phoebe then you better bloody well do something before..."

"Whoa, there Christopher. I think it's time we closed our mouth!" Ted announces as Victoria covers his mouth.

"And to think I had to have a parent-teacher interview about you not listening well enough in class. I think that was sufficient evidence that there is nothing wrong with your hearing at all." Victoria states then looks apologetically to us. "Phoebe and Laurence I am so sorry."

"Don't be. It's not an issue" I hold my hand out to let them know that it doesn't matter. I am sure they aren't the first ones to think as such. Laurence and I have spent every weekend together for almost six months. Its a hell of a lot of travelling.

Two hours have passed since the wedding finished. Laurence and I stayed and had dinner with my parents while my siblings went home with their children. Christopher and Isabella were exhausted, and Josh and Helen wanted Indie to sleep in her own room since she didn't nap properly during the day.

"There you are. I was looking for you." Laurence walks behind me and wraps his arms around me. I have been standing outside in the outdoor room, watching the sun set on the Olympic Peninsula.

"I was looking at the view. My parents would look at the sun set often. It is one of their favorite views and became mine growing up." Laurence places soft kisses on my neck, ear and cheek in between watching the scene in front of us. Once the sun disappears I turn around and there is Laurence, on one knee.

"I think Christopher stole my thunder tonight, but he was right. It is 'stupid' that we go back and forth between California and Washington when we do love each other so much. Phoebe, you are my soul mate. You make dark days, bright and full of love. You make me smile, laugh, resilient and want to be a better person. I love you... no, it's more than that. I want to give you everything that you give me. Phoebe Grace Grey, will you marry me?"


# # # #

"Are you still tired? Would I to massage your back?" Laurence offers.

"No. I just need to finish up here and get some sleep. Besides, you massaging my back during our honeymoon on the Mediterranean Sea led to this" I comment playfully pointing at the five day old newborn that was sucking on my chest. I can't believe that less than a week ago our baby boy, Camden Carrick Grey-Carson, was born. I enjoyed being pregnant, but nothing is greater than finally meeting our first born.

Laurence and I only waited till Lily and Anthony got back from their honeymoon to get married ourselves. There was no way I would have gotten married without my sister. I only wanted a family and to get married in the meadow on my parent's property. Anyway, having the whole extended Grey family there meant there were more than enough people. Considering the media coverage through my kidnapping so long ago, we knew a bigger wedding could become a media circus. I wore my mother's wedding dress and my great grandmother's veil. The same one that my every female in our family has worn on their wedding day.

"Let me burp him" Laurence requests. "Do you have everything before we go home?"

"Yes. I double checked last night."

"Oh, I meant to tell you. Your father and mother came over to our house yesterday. Your dad had that team of people go through the house in preparation of Camden's homecoming. Christian wanted to ensure the house was all baby proofed while your mom stocked our fridge and freezers with dinners."

"At least, my parents are consistent. I will phone them when we get home and thank them." My dad had the team of people out to complete a detailed report on our house, install security gates, and the latest child locks on cabinets. My mother also organised dinners to be brought over as I continued to work for some time though out my pregnancy, but my energy levels were low in the evening.

"You won't need to call them. They are at our house right now. Your mother is cooking dinner and your father, along with Taylor are putting together a space age baby rocker. You are not going to recognize our house. I think your family went a bought one of each toy at Toys R Us." I laugh but in no way am I surprised!

# # # #

"Camden's finished," I whisper to my mother. She has been keeping me company as I spent the last thirty minutes breastfeeding. It's a lot harder than you would think. Since Camden has fallen asleep, I place him on top of a baby wrap and swaddle him tightly. He whimpers a little so I gently start to pat him, expecting it to be the wind.

"I will go. I can see your dad at the door, wanting to see you. Probably best not to have too many people in the room while you try to get Camden to sleep." My mother whispers kissing me and Camden goodbye. I signal to my father, telling him that he can come in. Slowly I lower my sweet baby into his cot and watch as he sleeps. He is so at peace.

"He is beautiful. Camden reminds me so much of when you were a baby."

"Dad, I have never found it hard to express myself. I always knew the words to say and well..."

"That for sure. I thought I was going to lose all my hair arguing with you at times." My father grins. I can't help but laugh ever so quietly. I motion for my dad to join me outside the nursery. I don't want to wake up Camden.

"Right now, at this moment, I can't find the words to express how I feel. All the success I have experienced and the accolades don't mean anything to the joy I am feeling. I am extraordinarily happily married, to Laurence, and that little guy sleeping in that cot has stolen my heart. I would do anything to protect this. Give anything." I take several deep breaths, trying to keep my tears at bay.

"Dad I understand now. I know why you protected me so much. Why you put all those measures to protect us kids. Why you took, even more, care when I got sick and diagnosed. I understand why you pulled me out of school and forced me to do homeschooling when I was having seizures. I can see why you kept Laurence away from me when he requested to see me on my fifteenth birthday. Everything. I totally comprehend why you even turned up to Washington DC after you found out I was with Laurence. I understand everything because I would probably do the same now to protect my child and any other kids Laurence and I may have. Thank you, daddy. Thank you for protecting me. Thank you for loving me."

The end.

(Seriously... yes this is the end)