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Apollo flashed me into the middle of the Throne Room right next to the hearth where Hestia was tending to it in the form of a 12-year old child. She looked up and gave me a warm smile when she saw me. I smiled back at her.

Apollo grew to his full godly height and went to sit on his throne. All the gods except Artemis were already present but they had stopped talking when we flashed into the room.

I walked up to Zeus and bowed to him before doing the same to my father and then walked back to the center of the room.

Almost all the gods had confused expressions on their faces.

Apollo was about to speak up when Poseidon spoke first, "Percy, where have you been? We were informed a few hours ago that you weren't in camp and no one could find you."

Apollo spoke up, "Percy, being the awesome guy he is, left camp early in the morning today and went to rescue Artemis from Iapetus..."

That was as far as he got before there was a general outcry from the Gods. There was a clap of thunder and Zeus boomed out, "SILENCE!" He was looking furious.

I was curious. Wasn't rescuing Artemis supposed to be a good thing?

Apollo tried to speak up again but Zeus glared at him and he snapped his mouth shut. Zeus the switched his glare to me and thundered, "You went on a quest? Alone? Without permission?"

I was quite surprised at his barely restrained anger and merely nodded. His left eye twitched and he voice boomed across the room, "YOU BROKE THE ANCIENT LAWS!"

With that his master bolt appeared in his hand and he looked like he was going to blast me with it but right at that moment the business end of a trident appeared at his throat.

I blinked. My father was standing with his trident at Zeus' throat.

"You will not harm my son", he growled. At the same moment Apollo jumped up from his throne and spoke, "Now let's all calm down. Dad I really don't think you should be punishing Perce. After all he did save my sister, your daughter from Iapetus."

Wow, I didn't expect Apollo to be the one calming everyone down.

Zeus glowered at my dad and Apollo but he relaxed a bit and his master bolt vanished from his hand. Dad and Apollo both sat back on their thrones and Apollo again spoke up, "So Perce, tell us what happened."

So I started talking and told them the whole story from the moment I sneaked out of camp. I was careful not to mention my time powers or the gifts Apollo gave me since I didn't know if he wanted the Council to know or not. Since he didn't make any move to correct me, I assumed I was right.

When I got to the part about Iapetus making me mortal again, there was instant uproar from all Gods. It seemed that they couldn't believe that something could make them mortal.

Again it was Zeus who boomed out, "SILENCE!" and everyone shut up. He then looked to Athena and asked, "Is this possible Athena?"

Athena shifted in her throne as everyone looked at her and said, "There are some legends that say that Gaea had created a pearl from her very essence that had the power to remove immortality but I had thought it was just a myth."

This statement was met with complete silence as everyone digested this news. Then Zeus spoke, "Athena find out more about this pearl and how many of them were made and inform me as soon as possible."

Athena nodded and my father asked me to continue my tale. I then told them how I escaped and got to the underworld. There were gasps of surprise when I told them of Perses and the monster army and my fall into the Styx. At this point something told me not to tell them about the immortality I got from the Styx so I told them that I had the curse of Achilles again which allowed me to defeat Perses as well as the monster army.

Then I told them how I got to the entrance to Tartarus. When I described the monster guarding the entrance, everyone gasped and Apollo paled but when I told them that I killed it with one blow, they all looked at me with awe. Half of them had their mouths hanging open. Even Hestia looked surprised.

I looked around and asked, "What?"

That snapped them out of their shock and a few of them smiled in amusement while most just shook their heads in exasperation. Zeus again looked ready to explode, though I have no idea why.

Before he could shout, I quickly continued my story and told them how I defeated Koios and how Iapetus ran away. I finished by telling them how I brought Artemis out of the underworld and called Apollo who healed her and that she is now resting in Apollo's temple.

After I finished, there was silence for a few minutes and I waited for someone to say anything as I stood there fidgeting.

After what felt felt like hours but was most probably a few seconds, Zeus spoke, "Even though you succeeded in rescuing Artemis, it does not change the fact that you broke the Ancient Laws. Even though you are mortal now, you were immortal at the time you began the quest. Therefore I have no choice but to sentence you to Tartarus."

My heart stopped beating for a second. Was he serious?! I go and rescue his daughter from the Titans and he sentences me to Tartarus! How is that in any way fair?

I was so shocked by that declaration that I hadn't even noticed at first that everyone was shouting.

This time my father struck the floor with the bottom of his trident to get everyone's attention. There was a loud boom and everyone fell silent. The floor was cracked where the trident had struck.

Poseidon was standing and facing Zeus with a furious expression on his face. "I will not allow my son to be thrown into Tartarus for rescuing your daughter. If anything, you should be rewarding him by making him a God for stopping Gaea from returning and saving your daughter in the process. Gaea would be back by now if not for him."

I wasn't sure if I could even become a God since I was already immortal. I also wasn't sure if Gaea could come back since Chaos said she wouldn't be waking anytime soon, if ever. But still, I wisely kept my mouth shut.

Zeus however got angry again and practically yelled out, "Absolutely not! There is no way I am allowing him to become a God after seeing how strong he is as a demigod now."

"But you gave me the option to become a God before. What's different now? I'm not much stronger than I was then",I blurted out.

There were a couple of snorts at that statement. Almost everybody looked either amused or exasperated. The most extreme reaction was from Apollo, who was spluttering, "Not - not much stronger he says" again and again, shaking his head. Even Hestia shook her head slightly, a fond smile on her face.

Zeus, however, was not amused. He glared at me. "How can you say you are not much stronger after what you did today? Even a God would have had difficulty in killing a mighty monster like Python, let alone with one blow like you did! There is no way I will allow you to become a God. In fact I should not even allow you to live. No mortal should be this powerful. I will not allow it."

He again moved as if to throw his master bolt at me but Poseidon stepped right in front of me with a furious expression on his face. "I told you that you WILL NOT harm my son! I will not let you kill my son just because of your own paranoia."

I was shocked that the monster I had killed was the legendary Python but I wasn't really worried about his death threats. I wasn't sure if he could even kill me because of the immortality thing but I let the council talk it out. I knew from experience that my opinion wouldn't matter, especially to Zeus. So I decided to keep quiet and observe.

Zeus' face was turning red in anger. He looked around at the others in the council as if to see if anyone was going to support him but when nobody made a move, he harrumphed at sat back on his throne. If the situation wasn't so serious, I would have laughed out at his childish behaviour. As it is I was having a hard time in trying to keep a straight face.

My dad also slowly walked back towards his throne and sat down, all the while keeping his eyes on Zeus.

When everyone was quiet, Zeus again spoke, "I do not care if he saved my daughter or not, I cannot let him go unpunished for breaking the Ancient laws. And the punishment for breaking the Ancient Laws is Tartarus!"

Again, there was uproar and shouting everywhere. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. Seriously, did Zeus just have only two responses, either a direct death threat or Tartarus. No other option available!

Poseidon again struck the floor with his trident and everyone stopped talking. I was starting to wonder if the ground below his trident might just break open because of the constant abuse it was taking. Again my father told Zeus that he wouldn't allow him to throw me into Tartarus.

But then, surprisingly, Athena spoke up, "Father, if someone were to rescue you daughter from a Titan, you would normally give them a reward would you not?" Zeus nodded silently and she continued, "And as you said, the punishment for breaking the Ancient Laws is Tartarus. But since Perseus has done both, why not just reduce the punishment. Just give him a milder punishment."

Zeus and Athena were staring at each other.

Everyone sat quietly while contemplating this new advice. Then Apollo said, "I still think he should be rewarded and not punished for saving Artemis."

Zeus finally spoke up again in a controlled voice, "Very well. We shall vote on whether to reward Perseus or to give him a lesser punishment. All for punishing Perseus say aye. Aye!"






Zeus, Hera, Demeter, Athena, Dionysus and Ares all voted for punishment.

It looked like it was going to be a tie.

"All those in favor of rewarding Perseus say aye."






Poseidon, Apollo, Hephaestus, Aphrodite and Hermes voted for reward.

Wait that was 5 votes! Oh! Artemis isn't here! Crap!

Zeus sounded smug as he said, "The vote is 6 to 5 in favor of punishment! Perseus Jackson, for breaking the Ancient Laws, you are hereby banished for the next 200 years! You shall not have any contact with anyone from either Olympus, Camp Half-Blood or Camp Jupiter! Anyone from these places found in contact with you will be punished accordingly. Begone and do not show your face here for the next 200 years! Your banishment will be announced in both camps tonight."

Almost everyone was staring at either Zeus or me in shock! I was shocked myself! I slowly looked at everyone. Zeus looked smug, Hera was indifferent, Demeter looked confused, Dionysus and Ares looked gleeful, Aphrodite and Hermes looked sad, Hephaestus looked like he didn't care, Apollo looked guilty and Poseidon, my father looked like he was about to kill Zeus. He was glaring at Zeus with such fury that I had no doubt the mortal world was experiencing storms and tsunamis everywhere.

I knew if my father attacked Zeus, it could spark off another war and stared at my father until he looked at me. When I was sure he was looking at me, I shook my head. There is no way I would let Olympus fall to war because of me. He sagged in his throne.

Father was staring at me with sadness in his eyes but I gave him a small smile that I hoped was reassuring before I turned around to walk away. As I turned around, I caught site of Athena's face. She had a small smug smile on her face and at that moment I knew that this was her fault. It was her plan from the start. She was the one who suggested the idea of a lesser punishment for me because she knew no one other than Zeus and maybe Ares and Dionysus would allow me to be thrown into Tartarus. I knew she and Zeus were acting so smug because they thought I would be dead in 200 years but I knew I would have the last laugh when they find me alive and immortal after my banishment is over.

But then I thought of Annabeth and not being able to see her for 200 years and all thoughts of laughter left me. How would she react to the news? What would she do? The thought of not seeing her for so long caused me to tremble in pain. I knew we were both immortal but 200 years was still a long time and there was no way I was going to risk her getting punished by trying to meet her.

As I walked past the hearth, I was stopped by a hand on my arm. I turned to find myself looking into the warm eyes of Hestia. She stepped forward and hugged me softly. She whispered in my ear that she would see me in 200 years. My shock must have shown on my face but nobody noticed anything. Of course I should have known that Hestia would know about my immortality. I gave her a small smile and walked out of the throne room. I slowly walked towards the elevator, taking in the sights of Olympus because I knew I wouldn't be seeing it for atleast 200 years.

I got to the elevator and got in. I got my final glimpse of Olympus as the elevator doors closed. I walked out of Empire State Building with a heavy heart. My heart ached to see Annabeth again but I couldn't put her danger like that.

Instead I thought about where to go next. I was banished from Olympus, Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter. Where else could I go?

I smiled a little. The Underworld! Now most people would think me crazy for smiling at the thought of going to the Underworld but I was smiling because I might see Nico there. I knew he was now Prince of the Underworld so I could at least interact with him since he wasn't a part of any of the places I was banished from. I could also talk to Styx about my immortality.

With my destination decided, I whistled for Mrs. O'Leary and braced myself for the inevitable tongue bath that was sure to follow.

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