Chapter 3 guys ;)

Chapter Three – It's Official

It was quiet in the car as he finally pulled into the parking lot. "So why Rukia?" he wondered after she took so long to answer. He swiftly closed the door as they both got out of the car. "You said you wanted a boy… why?"

"Never mind." She turned and smiled. "Just don't worry about it." It just might be one big misunderstanding anyway. The conversation only degraded downhill after that.

There was an old swing set in the yard which suddenly reminded Rukia that his folks still live in their clinic.

Ichigo sighed. "This place again…" There was a thick silence that came across him when he reached the door. He was aggravated, maybe this was a bad idea.

"Well it's very nice. They have kept up this place for so long." she thought aloud. "Very convenient if you happen to get sick… You know… what I mean…"

"Yeah, sure…" He was mildly pleased that Rukia had shown much delight in the place he once lived and because of Rukia's pregnancy and ONLY because of that was why they were here. Truth is, Isshin had been trying to get him to come back home since he was out of school. That was at least four years ago. For some reason he just couldn't bring himself to do it.

But here they were in the flesh.

"Are you going to go in or not, slowpoke?" Rukia sighed, staring at her boyfriend's inactive face.

"Yeah, yeah… Just remember don't take anything he says seriously. He might even ask us to stay for dinner. Avoid that question at all costs. Oh and he likes to ambush me and try to beat me up…"

"…I know. I can handle your dad just fine." Rukia tugged on his jacket, remaining close behind him.

"He's full of jokes— all day, everyday…" Ichigo added, "Just watch out…"

"I'm sure it's nothing to be afraid of." Rukia rolled her eyes, "…It's only your father."

The man sighed. "Yes, well there are a lot of things wrong with that."

The waiting room was filled and this was going to take forever. Rukia could see the disappointment in Ichigo's eyes as he realized it too. Nevertheless, he headed to the front and signed in like a normal patient. The secretary at the front desk blinked as the man came face to face with the smile sliding window.

"Can I help you sir?"

Sir? Did he change so much that Nanao didn't recognize him? Sure, he was growing a goatee but that was because he hadn't shaved in so long. "Just let Isshin know I'm here…" Just as Ichigo put down the office pen, the secretary is on the phone, buzzing his father.

"Dr. Kurosaki? There's a…" She pushed up her glasses, eying Ichigo shrewdly, "A really tall… orange haired man here to see you?" she looked at Ichigo again, "What? Um—I don't know… he won't introduce himself…" she partially smiled, "Yes I know how rude…."

Ichigo tapped on the glass window… "The Hell? Nanao? We talked on the phone yesterday! Don't act like you don't know me!" Bitch. "I'm his son… damn it!" Everyone in the waiting room, the coughers, sneezers, dozers all halted, in hearing this man jabber in profanities.

"He ain't never gonna get help…" an old woman whispers, ironically to Rukia, who hid behind the couch pillow, "Him doing all that yelling ain't gonna help make this line go any faster… Bless his little ol' overwhelmed soul."

"Amen." Rukia whispered in embarrassment.

"Ma'am, do you need help…" One of the patients stood next to Ichigo— another one stood behind Ichigo, getting ready to hightail him outta there.

"WHAT?" Ichigo snarled, "I'm ISSHIN'S SON! Nanao tell these men who I am before I do it in a way they won't like…"

"I'm sure Isshin's son was taught with better manners than what you have mister." The patient growled angrily, "Now be nice to the lady before we escort you out of the office."

Ichigo growled back, "You can try…" he pushed his the end of his jacket back, thinking he should pop out his badge right about now. Man, he always wanted to do that— just whip out that badge and be all like BOOM! JPD biaaatch! All gangsta n' shit. Yeah… "No." he shook his head, thinking, "I can't do that— what will Rukia think?"

"Oh god not the badge. Don't pull out the fucking badge." Rukia watched his hand. There it was— right on his wallet. She hated when he brought his line of work everywhere they went. It was bad enough that they drove the cop car here. Nothing slows down traffic like a cop car.

Well when Ichigo shook his head, that seemed to be more than enough proof to the two gentlemen that their opponent wanted their ass kicked. With that being assumed, without even an approval from Nanao, they clobber him right in front of the glass window. "THE FUCK, LET ME GO YOU IDIOTS! I'M A COP!"

"Sure you are buddy! NOW GET OUT!" one guy said.

"Just cus you're the law don't mean you can come in here and start skipping the line." The other patient punches him unconscious and both men toss a black eyed Ichigo out the door. The room is filled with clapping as both men bow and sit back down.

"Oh… no!" Rukia is parched, her throat is practically dry and refusing to let her speak.

"Mhm… Told ya didn't I." the old woman crackled, "Ya can't get no help like that…" the woman rolls her eyes, "Men… tsk, tsk."

Rukia drops the pillow and just before she can get to her boyfriend. The door opens to the clinic rooms and a lady in white is standing there, "Okay I need Rukia Kuchiki." The nurse smiles. "The doctor will see you now."

Oh good she could explain this all to and everything would be okay! "M-my boyfriend…" she cleared her throat, "My boyfriend just gotta jumped by these two large men and they threw him out the door!"

The nurse smiled, "Don't worry we'll get it taken care of…"

"Right now… he's out there right now!" Rukia replied frantically, "Please go look," now the nurse is smiling wider and pulling Rukia in the office.

"What's the matter?" Isshin is standing in his white coat, Rukia stared nervously. Isshin took her hand, a fainted perverted blush appeared on the man's cheeks. "My sweet Rukia, how are you?"

Rukia pried away from the nurse. "Oh thank the heavens… Mr. Kurosaki your son got jumped in the waiting room!"

"Ichigo?" Isshin blinked, "He did?" he peaked out into the quiet waiting room, searching for a body thrown up in a corner somewhere.

"YES!" Rukia is practically yelling.

"Damn." Isshin sighs, "All right guys." He digs in his pocket, calling out to the two men that started the brawl. "Here." Just before Rukia could point out the two thugs, Isshin hands them both twenty bucks each. "I always tell that damn boy to keep his guard up… and what does he do— gets taken out cold by you two."

"It was a… joke…" Rukia blinked highly confused.

"Was a bet." Isshin sighed again, "I boasted so much on how Ichigo was a great fighter. So we all made a bet that they couldn't knock him down…"

"That we couldn't knock him down in ten minutes…" one gentlemen corrected, "It only took six…"

"Yeah, yeah. Go fetch me my hardheaded son will ya?"

"I just sent the tests in the nurse will bring them in a bit. In the meantime, let's take a little look at cha, kiddo." Isshin gazed into both of Rukia's eyes with a light. Ichigo was sitting in the chair, pissed to no end. The nurse had given him some ice packs for his swollen eye and cheek.

"HUMPH." Ichigo scoffed.

"You okay over there, bud?" Isshin asks sarcastically as his son looks at him with evil eyes.

"Why couldn't you have attempted to beat me up like you always try to do…?" Ichigo hissed, wincing at the pain each time he moved.

"And why couldn't you win that fight? I'm out forty bucks cus of your slack…"

Ichigo almost dropped his ice pack. "YOU paid them…"


"You FUCKING paid some low chum to come beat me up?" Ichigo was speechless, face turning a beet red. How nonchalant his dad was made him even more furious. "Hold on, I'll be right back… and then I'm coming back for you…"

"Sure." Isshin chuckled as Ichigo jolted up and headed for the door.

"Ichigo don't you dare!" the midget threated, "Sit down right now!"

"It will only take a few minutes…"

"Ichi…GO…" Rukia hopped off the hospital bed, her tiny finger warning shrewdly, "If YOU don't get your flat ass back here, I will personally bring it back in a body bag myself— DO I make myself clear…"

Ichigo's dad just laughed to himself, remembering when Ichigo's mother would do the same to him. "It's a wonder how the two of you haven't gotten married yet.

If Ichigo had the motivation, he'd tell him not to worry about it— they were getting to it… eventually.

Just then the door cracked open, a nurse was suddenly startled by three distant faces staring at her like they had been expecting her, "Erm… Dr. Kurosaki… I have the results."

"Oh good. Thank you." He retrieved the papers, "Hm… well Rukia it seems that you are not—"

"I knew it." Ichigo cooed.

A part of Rukia died inside. She really wanted to be… well maybe it was a good thing. She wasn't ready now. At least not emotionally.

"Heh, well I was going to say, Rukia that you aren't sick."

"Wut." Ichigo blinked.

"All your pains and nausea are obviously not caused by being sick but because you are pregnant— almost fourteen weeks pregnant." Ichigo's dad smiled. He was gonna be a granddaddy.

Ichigo blinked twice before snatching the test from his dad's hands, "Gimme that!" But his fears came true. Rukia was thirteen weeks and half… pregnant. He grabbed the ice pack and glued it to his head with his hand.

"…Ichigo, pregnancy is a wondrous and miraculous experience. I don't see the problem. You better start coughing up a ring real soon." His dad started a laugh.

Ichigo passed the results to Rukia, his eyes drooping, "Rukia has already done that for us…" he glanced up to see Rukia's facial expression. Which was a bit happy until he said that. It was a trip down memory lane when she choked on the ring he got her for their anniversary. Her throat still hurt from that horrid event.

"Oh… Ichigo. How are you?" Nanao cooed sarcastically, as she saw the man walk across the waiting room, "Evidently you're still too good to smile and be somewhat warming. At least a— hi or— how are you to an old friend of your father's. Talking about asshole with a capital a…" Nanao happened to catch the man's frown. She smiled, "But… I suppose I'll look passed it this time."

"Hi Nanao," Ichigo grimaced, "Were you in on my idiotic father's joke, too?"

"No of course not." She pushed her glasses up, "I had nothing to do with those men…" she thought for a moment, "However, he did say something about teaching you a little lesson on not coming to see him regularly. I didn't think he would pay people to get the job done."

"Well it wasn't fair." The pain shot further into his eyes, inducing him to squint. "There was two of them, plus I was caught off guard."

"Not too much off guard to scream," She mocked, "I'm a cop! I'm a cop… then you wanna wonder why they didn't take you seriously."


"Should have whipped out that badge." She chuckled. "BOOM! JPD biaaatch!"

Well. It was quiet. All Rukia to think about is how much Ichigo hated those results. He didn't say it, but his eyes were practically filled with disappointment. And they weren't getting married right now, so that made this situation even more burdening. "Should I… give my child up for adoption?"

"WHAAT!" Isshin nearly fell from his seat, "What's that bull spewing from your lips, sweet heart— Adoption— But… why?"

"…I… I just want Ichigo happy… because—" she started to say before Isshin interrupted her.

"Ichigo would be happy if his child was adopted?"

"I don't… know…" Rukia sighed as Isshin interrupts her again.

"I hope not. I really looking forward to being a grandpa." He admitted. "But it's your choice. A newborn baby up for adoption— that baby you carried for nine months will never know you. Don't get me wrong, that's good if the environments aren't healthy or stable. And if that was the case with you, I would agree as well. But that… isn't the case." Rukia lowered her head. "You're thinking about doing it because you believe that will make all the drama go away." He explained, "Ichigo reminded me of myself when Masaki was pregnant. I was happy for our first child but I was nervous. But could you blame me? It was my first time being a father. I didn't know what do, how to act— nothing…" he stood up, rustling through some papers. "When Ichigo was born, and the first few days he was home with us, I can comfortably say that being a father came naturally. I knew exactly the kind of man what I wanted to be."

"But will… becoming a mother come naturally to me?" Rukia took the results and folded them as if that would make everything better, "Mr. Kurosaki, I'm more worried about me becoming a mother. What if… what if I suck at it…?" It not like she knew how to be a mother. She didn't even know her mother. She rarely knew of her sister.

"Oh please." He snickered, what he said next made Rukia blink twice, "If anything, Ichigo is more scared than you are trust me. He probably thinks he'll suck more at it than anything."


He laughed again, "On a brighter note, the two of you need this… it will form a connection stronger then you ever dreamed of, my dear. All it takes is patience and guidance…"

"Hm…" she sighed.

"Tell ya what…" Isshin beams a goofy smile. "Why don't you guys stay for dinner?"

"Oh… well um…" Ichigo would kill her.

"Yeah, yeah… Just remember don't take anything he says seriously. He might even ask us to stay for dinner. Avoid that question at all costs…"

"Aw no worries it will be fun!" he insisted, "I'll go tell him right now!"

"No-no, please Mr. Kurosaki!" but it was too late. The man had fled from the room. "Crap…" Ichigo was gonna kill her for sure. "Could this get any worse…?"

She had to ask. Now her phone started to ring. Her heart dropped reading the name. "No… not Byakuya!" No, no, no! NOT BYAKUYA! And worse than picking it up was letting it go to voicemail. "SHIIIIIII…" Click, "Hello? Brother." Her heart thumped, "Oh WOW… nice hearing from you. How are you?" Rukia nervously bit her nails.

-"I'm fine." His voice was bland and made her shaky.

"Great!" Rukia smiled hoping that they would avoid the question of him coming to see her.

"WELP! I GOT PUNCHED BUT HE'S UH COMIN'!" Isshin comes busting in with a black eye. "LOOKS LIKE YALL ARE STAYIN FOR DINNER!"

-"Rukia what is that excruciating noise? It's making my ears bleed. Where are you? Are you alright?"

"Nothing!" Rukia quickly added, "It's nothing… I'm just at the doctor's office."

-"What happened? Are you sick? Tell me the truth, Rukia."

"No, no… don't worry I was just um… going for a normal checkup." Technically she wasn't lying. At least that what she told herself.

"IS THAT YOUR FOLKS? THEY ARE WELCOME TO JOIN US FOR DIN DIN!" Isshin jolts around, practically screaming into the phone.

"Dinner?" Byakuya mutters.

"No… no dinner. That's just Ichigo's dad… he's just really hyper right now…" she glared at the man to shut the hell up. She honesty didn't know how Ichigo could stand him.

-"But I would love dinner." Byakuya admitted, "I haven't seen you in two years."


"What's the matter Rukia?" Ichigo's dad dances around, "Besides you have great news to tell em. YOU'RE PREG—"

"SHHHHHH!" Rukia hissed, "Don't you dare…"

"Good news? What Good news? Rukia what's going? Dare what—?"


"See that wasn't so hard huh?" Isshin averted back to his original self. "I'll call Yuzu and tell her to take the steak out of the freezer." He flees again, this time giggling.

"No…" Rukia whimpered. Ichigo will be twice as pissed now. Speaking of the man he walked in with a frown. No big surprise.

"Thanks for avoiding the question." Ichigo commented sarcastically.

"I know… I'm sorry. I said no…" she admitted, "But he just kept pushing and…"

"It's fine…" Now things couldn't get worse. That thought made him feel a bit better.

"Well… there's more…Sweetie." Rukia never called him that.

He shot daggers with his brown amberish eyes. "…What?" he couldn't ask for a quicker death.

"Heh… well…" She gulped. "Well… Byakuya was on the phone…" She watched his face darken in unscrupulous evil. "And… now he's coming todinneri'msorrydon'thurtme…" she said really fast.

Ichigo's eyes widened, "You're brother… is…. Coming to dinner?"


"…At my father's house?"



She was dead now. "Y-yes?"

"Why… the fu—" Ichigo stopped himself. "…Alright. Okay… fine."