This is my one-shot epilogue for Chell. I'm going to make only one more of these. for GLaDOS and the bots.

This one will be longer than the one for Wheatley, but take place around the same time.

After Chell was, well, kind of rudely escorted from Aperture, she picked up the Companion Cube and headed on a search for civilization. There was none. For miles, not a person or building in sight. The only reason she could survive so long was by eating the wheat that grew all around her, and by drinking rainwater, a rare treat.

Being in that field for so long reminded her of someone: Wheatley. A half-witted core who almost killed her. The nerve! Yet, Chell still had a soft spot for him, something that was unexplainable. This thought made her sad, as Wheatley was far away. He was in space.

Chell broke down and cried. It couldn't be helped. She missed Wheatley. She missed Aperture. She even missed GLaDOS! Everything was falling apart. The only friend she had left wouldn't even talk to her, although she knew it was sentient.

In the next few seconds, that all turned around. Two men in uniforms came up to her, and said "We heard that a woman was lost in these fields. Are you by chance that woman?" Chell simply nodded. "Do you have a home to return to?" Chell shook her head. "Then we need you to come with us, take that cube with you if you need to." Chell grabbed her Cube, and followed the men to a vechicule. They drove her into a strange city, and to a foster home for adults who had no home. They took her inside, "I know this place looks cozy," The officer sharpened his voice, "but you can only stay here for two months, Then we're kicking you out. That should be enough time for you to get a job, and you're own place".

Chell nodded at the officers for the last time, got a room in that home, then decided to get some sleep. If she was going to get a real job in two months, she needed to rest.

The end.