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'Why does school have to be so boring?' I thought as I look outside the classroom window. Last period of the day and all we were doing were stupid presentations.

'Samuel Witwicky?" My annoying teacher said in his monotone voice that just made you want to jump off a cliff. My step-brother hurried to his feet and stumbled to the front of the class. I looked around and saw many of the students were trying not to laugh. I rolled my eyes and began doodling in my notebook. I barely listened to anything Sam had said and just kept my head down trying to stay awake, thankfully the bell rang and everyone jumped from their seats.

"There might be a pop quiz tomorrow, maybe not!" the teacher announced as people began filing out of the room.

"Meet you in the car Sam." Sighing and rolling my eyes as Sam tried to sell some of the things he brought in for his presentation. Walking out to Ron's car, I couldn't help but skip to the door and jump in.

"Why are you so happy?"

"Well maybe it's because I got my 3 A's and the thousand dollars Sam and I agreed to. I swear if he doesn't get this final A he will be in so much pain, his grandkids will feel it!" Ron just laughed and shook his head. I heard the passenger seat open and revealed a smiling Sam.

"So...?" Ron asked. "Sooo I got an 'A'!" Sam yelled excitedly as he smiled back at me.

"Really?" I said in happiness, trying to see the paper in his hand.

"Let me see that. You're waving it too much, I can't see it!" Ron grumbled snatching the paper from Sam. "It's an 'A-' but it's still an 'A'." Sam begged. I grabbed the back of the seat praying that Ron would accept it. Ron smiled,

"Okay, okay. It's an 'A'." While Sam and I were practically doing our own little 'happy dance' in the seats as Ron drove down the road. I looked up into the blue sky and was thinking what kind of car I wanted. I always loved mustangs, especially a mustang GT (2007). Or a Lamborghini, or maybe even a Ford F-150. I was taken out of my day-dream by Sam freaking in the front seat. I looked around and saw we pulled into a Porsche Lot.

"No way!" Sam and I both shouted at the same times. Ron started to laugh and pulled out and drove into a . . . I honestly don't know. It looked like a dump, but with a Caribbean twist. Once we got out, a dark-skinned man walked toward us and smiled.

"What can I do for ya'?"

"Yeah I'm here to get my son and step-daughter their first car." Rom said and placed a hand on Sam's shoulder.

"And you chose ol' Bobby here to buy from? Nu-uh we're family now. Uncle Bobby B baby, Uncle Bobby B." Sam shook his hand grudgingly and muttered "Sam." I hurried and slipped away from them. I saw an ostrich in a pen and couldn't help but snort. 'Very professional.' I saw a lot of old cars, none that really made me interested until a flash of yellow caught my eye. I turned and saw a 1976 Chevy Camaro. I couldn't help but gasp. It was a bright yellow with 2 black racing stripes going down the hood and connecting to the grill.

"Oh sweet Mamma" I whispered as I slowly made my way to it, inspecting everything I could. It looked like it hadn't been washed since the dinosaurs roamed the Earth, but man was it sharp. I finally stood in front of the car, just imagining what type of engine this baby held. 'Yes I am a car freak and damn proud of it' I couldn't help but place a hand on the car's hood. I jumped back when the car seemed to sink down further toward the ground. I shook my head and began making my way to the driver's door. When I could see the interior I gasped. It was sleek and beautiful, sure a little dusty but hey, nothing a little elbow grease couldn't handle. I opened the door with ease and slid into the driver's sear. The seat seemed to fit perfectly to my body and I couldn't help but rub the leather seating. I stopped mid-rub when I felt the car shudder. 'Did it just? Nah, it's just this place's smells are getting to you' I thought as I gripped the steering wheel and smoothed my hands on it. This car felt perfect.

"Damn, how did a nice car like you get in a dump like this?" I whispered admiring the way it felt. I giggled softly when I saw the hanging bee in the mirror that read 'Bee-otch'.

"You know what! I'm going to call you 'Bee!" I giggled. I had a tendency to name things, I even named my phone. It's name was Kelly.

"Sam!" I shouted as he turned around and ran over.

"Wow, good job Ari! Now move over." I reluctantly slid into the passenger seat.

"Feel's good" he murmured as he ran a hand over the steering wheel.

"Sam if we don't get this car, I will die! We have to!" For some strange reason, I felt an attraction to this car and it almost pulled me. Dad appeared outside of Sam's window as did 'Uncle' Bobby B. Dad looked at the car and asked Bobby how much.

"Given the semi-classic nature of the car-"

"Are you kidding, this is an automotive miracle!" I argued, glaring at the man outside my window.

"Well this is your first car so I highly doubt you know anything!" He grumbled. I was about to yell at him when Sam placed a hand on my knee. I sighed and curled up into the seat. I started stroking the leather as I heard Bobby say he wanted '5 thousand' and Ron would only pay 4. Sam slowly got out and walked over toward Ron. I tried to get out but my door was stuck so I climbed toward the driver's seat when all of a sudden the passenger door swung open and hit the car Bobby was in. I gasped as everyone looked at me.

"I swear to God it wasn't me!" I shrieked as I tried opening the driver's door. But now 'it' wouldn't budge. I growled as I tried opening it but that's when the Camaro made a high pitch sound come from its radio and shattered every car's windows and windshields. The only car not destroyed was the one I was still seated in.

"Four thousand." Bobby whimpered as he saw all of his cars were destroyed. I couldn't help but think 'What did Sam and I just get ourselves into to?'

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