A Pet's Worry ch.1

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Pairing: HarryXWarren this is SLASH! boyXboy!

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Warning: UnBeta'd, Slash (boyxboy), mild cursing

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IMPORTANT: So I will be tweaking the Sky High timeline because I wanted it all to fit.

Gwen/Sue did not reveal herself in Will's first year nor did she begin to go out with Will yet. Although he is a Hero now, she didn't believe it was the right time to enact her plan. Layla has also not gotten up the courage to ask Will out and the gang are all Juniors (17) except for Warren, Lash, Penny, Gwen and Dash who are Seniors.

Summary: Harry's...pet has gotten tired of watching his master go on listlessly and unhappily living out his eternal life. He decides to enact a bold plan to get Harry to find the happiness destined for him.

Harry will be a Senior in this fic and he will eventually end up with Warren so this is SLASH!

So, I was watching the Sky High movie a couple of nights ago and I thought, 'It would be really cool to have Harry Potter in this movie!' and voila! This came out.

He glared harshly at his shadowy reflection that was cast on the dull crumbling wall. It wasn't a strange sight to see this particular young man up at such a late hour. No, the young raven haired boy was usually up and wandering the ancient castle at this time. As his old professor would say, "Potter is just like his miscreant of a father, getting up to trouble even at the latest of hours."

No what was strange about this scene was the facts that his shadow was not mimicking his every move like the shadowy figures usually do. Instead it was grinning at him what seemed to be with a mischievous foxlike grin.

"You could leave this place you know," the shadow whispered sensually as the boy grit his teeth angrily.

"Shut up. I don't want to speak with you right now," the boy growled out and turned away from the still grinning figure. He wasn't even the least bit disconcerted when the figure began to twist and writhe until it changed shape.

"But master, who is left here in this corrupted world for you to fight for? All of your loved ones are here within me. You could leave and never be missed; leave and never return. Isn't that what you desire most master? An escape from this hell you call home?" The figure's grin quickly became malicious as it greedily drunk in the shaking form of its master.

"Shut up! Don't you dare speak of them! You are a foul loathsome creature that has become my burden and you shall listen to me!" The boy hissed as his pale skin became flushed, raven colored hair swirling about as if a breeze were in the crumbling tower, and emerald orbs dilating in anger.

"You may be bound to me, but you will never be able to control me. You should heed my words Master Harry, nothing but suffering lies ahead if you stay in this world. Your happiness will be found in a different place, should you choose to take that path. I will give you until sunrise. Think this over carefully master for this is the last time I will offer it." Then the figure disappeared from view and the boy was left alone in a broken tower with only his thoughts to keep him company.

Harry's pale sunken in face twisted into a snarl. Everything around him shook as his magic lashed out of his iron control. Broken chairs were picked up and tossed out what was left of Gryffindor Tower, rubble and debris were swirling about him as he tried once more to reign in his magic.

He had changed since the last battle, for the worst, or so he thought. Many of his friends and comrades had perished during the fight, but he was grateful that most of their deaths were done with a swift and painless Avada Kedavra. He had gone into the Forbidden Forest to face Voldemort for the last time, but ended up coming back alive and more of a freak than he was before.

Young seventeen-year-old Harry James Potter had not only defeated the dreaded Lord Voldemort that fateful night in the forest, but he also became the master of a foul loathsome creature called Death. His magic had not only increased to the point where he no longer needed a wand, but it also stopped his body from aging permanently. He couldn't die naturally nor could he be killed because of his...pet's fondness of him.

When he found out he ran away to various countries far from Britain because he personally knew how fickle the wizarding world could be. He learned many things when traveling such as: various dances, martial arts, languages, medicinal skills and he even improved on his already fabulous cooking skills.

When he finally did go back to his home in Scotland it had already been a little over a century. With all his friends and mentors long departed he had no fear of being recognized. Harry had believed that he would be welcomed back warmly by the last sentient being that had always been there for him. However, when he reached Hogwarts he felt no rush of the magic and energy that had always comforted him in his years here. He didn't feel much of anything really and that made him panic.

The castle that had once stood proudly, a safe-haven to any who sought refuge, was crumbling and dead. No students milling about, talking of who was snogging who and what they saw in the broom cupboard. No teachers were out patrolling the grounds, separating a few students who got a little too friendly. Even half of the forbidden forest was burned to the ground and the black lake was almost all dried up.

It had not been a pleasant sight for Harry, whose home had always been Hogwarts; he had run inside hoping to find some sign of life. However he found no one inside or roaming the grounds. It had taken him a couple of months to fully process this.

As it turned out, the castle had been destroyed by some new Dark Lord claiming to be the heir of Voldemort. He had gained many followers from the previous Dark Lord but did not have the same magical prowess. In the end, it was practically child's play for Harry to rid the world of him.

Shortly after, the purebloods began dying out but before they became extinct they made sure that they took over half of the adult muggleborns with them. At least a decade after that magic stopped appearing in humans, and slowly the old ways of the wizarding world were lost.

Harry was literally the last of his kind and though he didn't want to be close to anyone again, he was still lonely every now and again. When magic stopped appearing in humans he had expected this to happen. The muggles were gaining more power through their developments in technology and he was glad that the wizards died out before they were discovered. Humans were naturally power hungry creatures and he'd hate to have to witness those horrors played out.

'Oh mum, what would you think of what I have become?' Harry thought sorrowfully as his mind conjured up the heartbreaking image of a beautiful pale red-haired jade-eyed woman shedding tears of sadness.

"I would be proud that my son became someone that even I admire." The voice was light and airy. Harry would have missed it if not for the prickle of magic his senses picked up on.

Slowly the raven haired boy turned around and his eyes filled with unshed tears that slightly blurred the vision of the angelic figure before him. She was everything he had heard and more. Pale red hair fell in a wave down her slender figure to mid-back and blew around in an invisible breeze. She was wearing what looked to be a silk white gown that stopped mid-calf and fit her so perfectly that she looked breathtaking.

Harry could not see any resemblance of her in himself, not even his striking emerald-eyes that everyone said were the same as hers. Lily Potter's were filled with a lively spark that had died in his eyes a long time ago. Her eyes were a beautiful pale jade whereas his were an eerily glowing emerald.

A small smile of pure love and adoration was carved onto her face which made her seem all the more angelic. Harry smiled as he decided that was just what she was, a beautiful angel coming down from her place in the afterlife to come and guide him.

"Harry," she breathed out as she caressed his face with a small soft hand and continued, "my little baby Harry."

Her smile turned radiant as she looked him over. This gave Harry a small jolt of shame that he looked like this, a poor wasted wretch, on his first ever meeting with his mother. She could never be proud of him now, not with what he had become.

Harry made a shocked noise when he felt a small hand grab his chin firmly and turned him to face the angel in front of him.

"Harry, I would never be ashamed of you because you are the most selfless noble person that I have ever seen. I have watched you go through all of these hardships and my heart broke every time I know that I cannot be there for you. Harry you have done things that I could have never had the strength and determination to do. All of us are proud of you my dear, so never think for a second that we are not."

Harry's emerald orbs widened as he listened to his mother's tirade until he cracked a smile. He was positive that he had received his fiery temper from his mother. His smile widened when Lily smiled sheepishly and removed her hand from under his chin and fidgeted.

"Alright mum, I won't ever do it again."

Lily blushed and smiled as she hugged him. The embrace wasn't warm at all because Lily had no body heat, but it was the most comforting thing Harry had ever received.

"Well Harry, death only gave me fifteen minutes with you and even though everyone else desperately wanted to see you I could only be sent."

Harry pulled away from the embrace and rolled his eyes. No wonder, this had his...Pet's name written all over it.

"You really should be nicer to him. He's only trying to help you," Lily said chidingly as Harry's eyes widened.

"You...you read my mind!" The last wizard stuttered out, astonished that his powerful Occlumency had failed him.

Lily again looked sheepish as she said, "One of the gifts and curses of the dead, we can usually hear the thoughts of the living. Although your thoughts are strange, like a signal that fades in and out. I suppose that it's because you are the living master of death."

Harry sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. He just couldn't be normal could he? Even his own mother said that he was strange!

"It isn't a bad thing Harry. There are benefits to being unique but that isn't why I am here now," the red-headed spirit said urgently as she remembered the task at hand.

Harry looked up at his mum's serious face and had a slight feeling of dread seep into his being. Whatever she was going to say, he was not going to like it one bit.

She bit her pale lip, no doubt had heard what her son thought of this. She really had wished that the fates had picked another for that thrice damned prophecy, but looking at her son now she knew that no one else could have been a better choice.

"Death has allowed me to be privy about his plan to give you true happiness. I have seen what will happen to you here in this world and it frightens me to think of what would become of my gentle innocent little boy. I do not know exactly what will happen to you in the new world but I do know that anything there would be better than you staying here," she paused as she looked upon her son's carefully blank face before continuing, "As a parent, no one wants to see their child go insane and become a complete and utter husk of what they used to be. I want you to be happy...We want you to be happy. Please heed my words and go to the other world, if not for your own sake then for mine."

Lily looked at the reluctant face of her son and allowed her swirling volatile emotions to play on her face as she said, "Please allow this old woman to rest in peace knowing that her child will be safe, happy, and loved."

Harry flinched when she said those words. He knew that she knew he could never refuse her request. He loved her even though he never truly got to know her personally. He also knew that she was not faking her emotions and it cracked his blank facade when he realized that it was him that was making her worry and sad.

Lily watched on sorrowfully as she saw her adorable little baby boy's fa├žade crack and show the scared insecure boy that he still was. Then in a few seconds it was rebuilt and stronger than before as he said, "I'll think about it."

She knew that he couldn't refuse her. It hurt her that she had to manipulate her son like this but it was for his own good. She silently cursed the fates for putting her family through all of this and kissed his forehead, right where his scar used to be as a final farewell.

Lily gave him a small sad smile when she heard his small muffled goodbye as she disappeared from view. She had done her part; all that was left was for her son to make his choice. She only hoped that he would make the right choice for himself.

Sunrise came fairly quickly and as promised, Death appeared waiting for his answer.

"Have you made your decision yet master?"

The oat wizard gave one last look to the world he had once loved and grown up in and turned away. He looked at the black mass with determined eyes and said, "Yes. I have made my decision."

The black figure grinned, showing sharp deadly looking fangs that glinted like pearls as his master walked towards him. He knew that choosing Lilly Potter for the job was a good decision on his part. His master had always been fond of her even if they had never met.

Harry kept walking, past the shadowy figure, away from the world he had once been in love with and towards the portal that he knew had been opened there in the shadows.

"You will thank me for this one day master. I can guarantee this." The figure cackled after Harry had disappeared, off to his new journey, changing his and others' destinies with this choice.

End of Chapter one

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