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It had been 3 years since the Aliens had left Earth to go and revive their dying planet with the Mew Aqua. 3 years they had been away, but now, no longer. On a spaceship heading for earth three Aliens were arguing, as they always were. Kisshu - or 'Kish' to almost everyone - had been ranting about seeing his Koneko-chan again all day; they were only two days away from finally reaching Earth. Taruto - though he preferred to be called 'Tart', however, he was 'Taru-Taru' to a certain little monkey - had finally had enough of Kish's obsessive behavior over the old hag and had then proceeded to insult Ichigo in every way he could think of. Kish, taking the remarks about his true love to heart, summoned his dragon swords and started chasing Tart around the ship aiming to kill him, or at least hurt him enough so he would know never to say those things again. Pai slightly smiled to himself, over his two younger comrades antics. Though after a while the constant screaming and shouting, and general destruction of the ship, became too much for him and he had to intervene. This then set off a whole new argument, where Tart and Kish put their argument aside and ganged up on Pai teasing him about his crush on the green mew. Whilst the trio were in the midst of their argument, a fourth Alien hovered in mid-air, finding it all very amusing. However, when the other three finally gave his presence recognition, and noticed the fact he was enjoying their spat, promptly started pelting him with anything they could get their hands on. Let's just say, he wasn't very amused anymore... Or still in mid-air.

On Earth, a very similar story was occurring. But this one was a regular occurrence at Café Mew Mew, even after three years nothing had really changed. Ichigo and Ryou were, yet again, in another screaming match about how 'unfairly he treated them' and how Ichigo 'should really start using an alarm clock'. Mint was still doing nothing, unless you count sitting down and drinking tea doing something productive, which of course, she did. Lettuce was trying to convince a, still extremely hyper, 13 year old Pudding to not practice or perform her fire breathing trick, in the Café or anywhere else. In the kitchen, however, Zakuro and Keiichiro were very relaxed preparing the food for when they would open. Any on-looker who didn't know them, would think them crazy people and quite hectic, but for the Café Mew Mew gang, this was how their mornings would begin.

The next day...

Today was the day! The Aliens were finally back on Earth, after three years! They hadn't realized how much they'd missed this place. Of course, for one Alien, this was his first time in seeing Earth and he loved it! It was quite similar to their home planet, Cynnth, but here it was more crowded and polluted. But nevertheless, he still loved it.

In Café Mew Mew, everything was planning on being a normal day. Until after the after-school rush. The place was deserted. It seemed everyone had some place to be, the Mew Mew girls didn't care. They were taking full advantage of having no one there, Lettuce and Pudding - even being the most energetic out of all the Mews, working the after-school rush had worn her out - sat sprawled on one of the unoccupied tables, Mint was still sipping from her endless supply of tea, Zakuro was on the opposite side flipping through a magazine and Ichigo was full on asleep, sprawled over a table. It had been a busy day so far and they knew it would become even busier when the dinner rush started. A girl with long, pale violet hair, flowing in a French braid to the small of her back, golden eyes and rather elfin-like ears, poked her head around the kitchen door.

"Is it safe to come out now?" she questioned.

"KoKo onee-chan? What is KoKo onee-chan doing here?! What if someone comes in? They could see KoKo onee-chan! KoKo onee-chan shouldn't have transformed back! It's safer for KoKo onee-chan to be in human form, just in case." Pudding exclaimed in a worried tone, unusual for her as you get the impression that she is very laid-back and relaxed. (A/N: If you haven't already realized Pudding still talks in third person but doesn't say 'na no da' anymore)

"Well... From what I'm seeing.. It seems there's no one around and I doubt anyone will actually notice my ears and you know how uncomfortable I get in human form!" 'KoKo' countered. "And why do you insist on calling me KoKo? You know you everyone else calls me Yuki!"

"Pudding knows... But Pudding thinks it's a cute pet name... It just shows how much Pudding loves KoKo onee-chan!" With this, Pudding bounced up from where she was sitting and gave Yuki one of her famous death squeezes. Yuki, completely immune to how hard the squeeze was, never being able to resist Puddings utter adorableness (A/N:I don't know if that's a word?.. Probably isn't.. Oh well!) Just hugged the girl back.

"You know the real reason she's given you a nick-name, right?" questioned Mint. "It's because she misses her dear little 'Taru-Taru' so much, she needs someone to replace her deep void." Mint answered her own question before Yuki had a chance to reply. Pudding looked on the brink of tears at the mention of Taruto's childhood nick-name. Yuki hugged Pudding tighter and they all, except Ichigo who was still fast asleep, gave Mint questioning glares. Mint was about to apologize to Pudding for obviously stepping over the line and hurting her feelings, when the doors to the Café banged open.

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