With everyone in the café...

There was a long silence after Kisshu and Yuki had disappeared into her room. They were all on the edge of their seats, waiting to see if they would be able to hear anything that was going on. It turned out they couldn't, the silence turned awkward as all attention was now focused on the three remaining Aliens. Due to there being all the shouting coming from Yuki, Ryou and Keiichiro had emerged from wherever they were hiding. Ryou added to the Aliens unease as he glared at them. Positioning himself in a stance that showed if they tried anything, he would be able to take them down. The silence was broken when, a still very sleepy Ichigo questioned "Okay... What the hell just happened?!"

"Wow Ichigo! I knew you were slow, but even a snail could've gotten the plot line of this drama!" Mint commented snidely. Ichigo turned to her frienemy and gave her the you-know-what-I'm-talking-about look. Still, Mint's face formed a smirk.

Pudding and Tart were now awkwardly standing close, but facing away from each other. They were obviously not happy about how their reunion had started.. But Pudding was adamant on changing that!

"Well... That was.. Interesting.." she stressed the word 'interesting'. "Anyway... TARU-TARU'S BACK!" she shouted whilst, suddenly, jumping back to life and spinning on her heel to face Taruto. She, unexpectedly, jumped at him and tackled him into a death hug. Taruto, who had hardly seen anything of what had happened, lay shocked on the floor with a manic Pudding squeezing him so hard, he thought his ribs were about to break.

"ACK! Pudding... Get... Off... Of... Me!" He managed to squeak out. Pudding loosened her grip on Tart so he could sit up, but she didn't let go of him. Tart, whose head had finally stopped spinning, started to turn new shades of red when he realised Pudding was sitting on his lap with her head resting in the crook of his neck and her delicate arms wrapped, lovingly, around his waist. He could feel his heart pound against his chest so hard and loud, he was surprised no one could hear it.

Kasai, who had been oddly quiet throughout all of this drama, burst out laughing at his young friend's reaction to the monkey girls antics. This then triggered a chain of laughter. Next to go was Ichigo, then Mint and, finally, Ryou. Lettuce let out a small giggle, whilst Pai, Zakuro and Keiichiro gave amused smiles. Even Pudding took her head out from Tart's neck, much to his disappointment, though he'd never admit it, and looked at her best friend's tomato blush. Then she started to giggle along with everyone else, which only caused Tart to blush more.

"WILL EVERYONE STOP LAUGHING AT ME?!" Tart shouted. They all stopped apart from Ichigo and Kasai, who were both trying to get their breath back from laughing so hard. Pudding gave Tart a peck on the cheek which only made him blush even more.

"Sorry Taru-Taru, no one meant to be mean! It's just... T-taru-Taru looks so c-cute when he blushes." Pudding explained whilst tilting her head to the side and wearing her trade-mark Pudding smile. Tart couldn't help but think how adorable she looked when she did that. This again made him blush like crazy, he was surprised anyone could blush this much without exploding, but somehow he had managed it!

"Ok you two love birds, lets wrap this up. I'm starting to feel sick with all this sweetness!" Mint said. This caused the couple to spring apart. Pudding got up off Tart's lap and held out a hand to him. He took it gratefully and risked giving her a small smile.

"I thought I told you to stop calling me 'Taru-Taru'?!" Tart said, but with a grin still plastered on his face so Pudding knew he was joking. Pudding's smile increased ten times more, at the show of affection from her 'best friend'.

"Aww.. Well that was cute! But I really wasn't joking when I asked 'what the hell just happened?!' So.." Ichigo turned to the three remaining Aliens and questioned "Care to explain?"

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