I don't own any of the characters, except for my own. This kinda is following a timeline if Karen was dropped when tom was. So mostly ignores the second half of season 2 on karens side. Everything else happened.

Karen's POV:

When I woke up in the forest for the second time, I was confused. When I had been sent to mess with the 2nd Mass, I had woken up knowing what I had to do. Now I felt nothing. I felt like I might have control over myself again.

I slowly sat up halfway and looked over my body. I was wearing the clothes I had been given from the overlords. Just thinking about the tall monsters made me shiver. I slowly remembered all I had done. I had hurt the only family I had left. And I knew, I could not go back. I would have to join a separate group; the 2nd Massachusetts would never trust me again. Honestly, I don't blame them.

I suddenly reached my hand back ad skimmed my hand over my neck. I was amazed at the revelation that my neck was completely smooth, like I had never been harnessed. I hoisted myself up onto my feet and felt a wave of dizziness settle in I leaned against a tree for a moment to pull it together. As soon as it passed, I started walking at a slow rate. I needed to head west, try to find and join a unit in that region. Far away from the Masons, and the Second Massachusetts.

1-and-a half weeks later:

I had been walking for a long time and my feet had been bothering me. Whenever I settled down to sleep I usually climb up into a tree to have a good vantage point over the surrounding area. I heard a sound and stopped dead in my tracks. It sounded like people talking, so I started to walk on the balls of my feet towards the noise. I hid behind a tree when I saw several men standing in a circle in a clearing. I took a deep breath and steeled myself for the following next moments.

"Please, don't shoot!" I yelled, while walking into the clearing with my hands above my head. The men – there were five of them- all spun around and pointed their guns at me.

"Who the hell are you?" asked a man who seemed like the leader.

"Karen. I was harnessed but they dropped me off the ship, and un-harnessed me," I replied, wanting to be upfront right away.

"Un-harnessed?" questioned another man, sounding confused.

"Yes sir," I replied while unconsciously shivering, thinking about the harnesses.

"Well Karen, I'm Captain Jones. This is Drew, Jesse, Ryan, and Rex," the leader said gesturing to himself then the four behind him.

"Nice to meet you," I responded meekly.

"Where were you before you were harnessed?" asked Captain Jones

"I was a Fighter and Scout with the second Massachusetts, sir," I said calmly. All five men looked seriously surprised. "What?" I asked self-consciously.

"It's just we've heard a lot about that unit. They're one of the best units out there right now" commented Rex.

"We definitely had a great leader," I responded while silently reminiscing. I noticed the five men exchanging glances. Eventually Drew spoke.

"Karen would you like to go back to the camp with us?" he asked with this weird look on his face.

I chuckled and replied "You have no idea how good a resistance camp sounds right now. I want to get these bastards. Being harnessed it's like you can't control anything. Like having someone holding onto your throat and swinging you around like a rag doll." I started tearing up and the five men looked alarmed. Captain Jones looked strangely happy

"I am glad to know you have the drive to be with us Karen," he stepped forward and stuck his hand out "Welcome to the Oklahoma Regiment."

When I entered their camp I was surprised. They were housed in a very large hotel and looked to have running electricity, probably a generator like Pope had had. As we entered the front doors of the hotel, almost everyone in the lobby turned their head toward us. I could hear the whispers begin as soon as I was spotted. I saw a large, buff Hispanic looking man head towards us. As soon as he reached the captain, he turned around for introductions.

"Alright everybody!" he shouted to get attention, "This is Karen, and she is going to be joining the OR."

The Hispanic man was the first to step forward with his hand out, "Hey, I'm Miguel. Ex-navy seal, and second in command. Nice to have some fresh meat to the cause." I slowly grasped his hand and gave it a small shake. He seemed to spur everyone out of their reverie, and they all came forward to introduce themselves. I guess I had been excepted into the Oklahoma Regiment..

Later that night as I lay in my cot, I let myself cry for the first time. I would never get to see Hal again. I would never get to ruffle Matts hair and then kiss his forehead when I was about to leave for a mission. I would never receive orders from Tom again. But this was better; Hal could forget about me and meet a nice girl. I had to except that I was not going back to the second mass. I feel like I may be able to at least put them on the back burner, as long as I was fighting. Fighting to finish off the things that had torn me from my family. And I would get revenge, no matter what stood in my way.

"Miggy!" I yelled as I sprung onto Miguel's back as he was walking to the command room. He softly grunted with the impact, but kept walking like this was a daily thing (which It pretty much was). Miguel had become my confidant in the OR. I had been here for almost three months now. Ad it finally felt like home. Captain Jones had let me start working missions about a month and a half back. It felt great to be on the front lines, killing skitters and destroying Mechs.

The aliens had recently started to close in on our location, so we had to leave our camp. This would be our last meeting before dispersing. I hopped off of Miguel as soon as we got to the doorway of command. I walked in and stood right beside Drew. He and I had become close since I had gotten here. I nudged his shoulder and he smirked at me.

"Alright," Captain began, "Today we're going to start heading east. I've been in contact with some people and they have room, if we can get there. So Miguel and I will be upfront in one bus with 30 civilians. The other bus will have 30 and the rest of the fighters in the last bus. Rex, Ryan and Jesse you all get in the truck with all our explosives. Kevin and Jared you'll be in the lead. Drew and Karen, you'll be flanking us. Alright! Everybody go gear up, were out of here in 1 hour!"

At the dismissal I headed back to my room, I had been sharing with a girl named Alyssa. She was with Jesse, and we had become very good friends. I pulled my pistol out from under my pillow and strapped it into my thigh holster. I grabbed my semi-automatic and slung it across my back, and pulled my duffel over my shoulder.

I began my journey to the medical bay to help out our resident doctor. Her name was Shannon and she reminded me of my mother, with her blond hair and selfless personality. I had definitely come to see her as a big sister, if not a second mother. I entered the medical bay to see it in chaos. There were supplies spilled out over every able and gurney with bags sitting on the floor all around. I could see Shannon throwing medication into a bag.

"Need some help 'Shan?" I asked trying to hide my chuckles at her disheveled appearance. She nodded quickly and went back to work. I threw my duffel and semi onto a table and started packing up all the cleansing products into one bag. I finished that bag and moved onto pacing up medical instruments, and it went on like this until Miguel cam to get us to load up. I carried three bags with Shannon and Miguel lugging four. We loaded them onto the first bus where the captain would be. After the civilians were loaded up, Miguel came to give me some rules. He had come to know about my rule breaking ways through experience. After my lecture I got onto my bike, and gave Drew a sidelong glance.

We were leaving our home, our safe fortress. And for the next few weeks, we would be going in blind. I never have enjoyed not being able to see.

The last few days had been strange, we had been hitting colder weather and it was kind of nice. By this time, Jones still hadn't told us what resistance group we were staying with. But he had told us we would be there soon. Surprisingly we hadn't hit and resistance from the aliens to get to our destination. Drew and I had switched up with Jared and Kevin, the two other bikers, so we were in the lead. Captain honked his bus horn at us and we slowed to a stop. Captain came in between Drew and I to give us final directions.

"In about a mile there is going to be a hospital, that I where are friends are located. Okay?" he explained. Drew and I nodded our heads and started our bikes again. We started off at a slow pace and soon enough we came up on the hospital. We slowed to another stop due to the large group in front of us, congregated behind and older gruff looking man. Captain exited the bus and approached the man. You could hear a small conversation that soon turned heated over somebody, I could tell with all the pointing. Then all of a sudden there was a loud commotion from the opposing side of our line.

"What the Fuck!" shouted a boys voice. I located the voice and what I saw made my knees buckle. There standing with his father and two brothers, was Hal Mason. Our 'friends' were the 2nd Massachusetts.