Karens POV :

It was strange, I had been away from the second Mass. For a long time, but it was easy to settle back into their routine. We would wake up early in the morning, then eat a nutritious breakfast of oatmeal and some bread if we were lucky. Next we would scout or clean, basically whatever was needed that day. Then everybody would gather for lunch and go back to whatever they had been doing. Last we would eat dinner and have a bit of free time before bed.

Everything had been fairly quiet, and that concerned a lot of us. There was a sense of forewarning in the air, and all of the fighters were antsy. It was never good to have to much down time in a war. In the meanwhile Hal and I had been taking it slow, getting to know each other again. We would usually take long walks around camp after dinner, just basking in each others presence. We were happy. But that didn't last to long.

The day had started out normal, but then we had noticed the skitters and mechs were more active than usual. Around lunchtime, we found out why. Hal and I had just sat down with Tom, Anne, Ben, Matt and Shannon when the chaos started. Maggie had been out scouting earlier with Weaver so she was away from the camp and was due back after dinner. So when she and Weaver came squealing in on their bikes, we all felt something was happening.

Maggie ran up to us panting and Ben met her there. He grabbed her face and softly spoke to her, trying to calm her. "Maggie? Whats going on?" he said worriedly.

"Airships," she replied " dozens of them, headed here." and that was all it took for me to start yelling.

"Pack up camp! They found us, were leaving in 5!" Before I even finished everybody started running around. I rushed to my tent with Maggie and grabbed my duffel that was always packed. I grabbed my weapons and ran out and met Hal and Tom at Jones' tent. I ran in and saw him packing up maps.

"What do we do?" I asked hurriedly.

"I want all of the civilians on buses and out of here ASAP. Fighters will go after on bikes and trucks" he replied.

"OK, what should we do?" I asked motioning to Hal and myself, knowing Tom would be dealing with the civilians.

"Go and load up all of the weapons in the armory tent," he replied tensely. I nodded and grabbed Hals hand and pulled him with me at a run to the armory tent. Once we stepped in we grabbed the duffels sitting round and started throwing in weapons. We were almost halfway done when Miguel entered the tent and began to help. Once we finished we each grabbed some bags and carried them out to a large truck we had acquired. I began to walk back to the armory with Hal and Miguel when Tom grabbed my arm and pulled me aside.

"Jones and Weaver want some people to stay here and see what they are coming to do. Weaver specifically asked for you," he told me in a resentful tone. I could tell from his facial expressions that he wasn't very happy.

"okay, ill see you lat-" I began only for Tom to interrupt

"Karen, this is a suicide mission in my opinion. If I were you I would be extremely careful. This is going to be tough. Just, be prepared?" he said with his eyes glimmering. I smiled softly and gathered him in a small hug.

"Now, Tom. When have I ever been know to die on a mission that is a bit crazy?" I asked sassily. He responded only with a small smile and walked away.

I may have sounded confident to Tom, but internally I was terrified. I decided to go see Hal and tell him I had to stay. I found him in the Mason tent alone. I cleared my throat at the flaps to alert him of my presence. He turned to me and gathered me in a hug as soon as he saw my face. As soon as I had informed him of my mission, he looked furious. "That's a suicide mission!" he yelled. I shushed him before he began to yell again.

"Its a simple scouting mission Hal," I assured with a smile. "and plus, it wont be just me, ill be with others." I said with a smile. He nodded solemnly and pulled me in for another hug while kissing my head.

It had taken a while to get everyone out, about 20 minutes. Staying behind would be Anthony, Tom, Maggie, Dai , Miguel and I. We paired off and went to scatter ourselves where we could not be seen but we could see the camp. We waited for about 15 minutes until we heard the mechs and skitters. They slowly creeped in and began to snoop around. I noticed that a lot of skitters headed straight for the armory.

So thats what they came for, our weapons. How interesting. After we had seen enough we all began to sneak to our rendezvous point. As Maggie and I began to walk I heard a large commotion behind us and heard a shot fired and quickly turned. I felt a impact to my abdomen. I slowly looked down and saw red beginning to coat my shirt. I looked up to see the whole group running to me. Tom got there In time to catch me as I pitched forward. I lowly whispered " Uh-Oh."