(mecha link proofed in to pikachu form) *sweet dropped*.

Courtney~ xD .

Link: (scared face)
Piii-Ka( help me).

Courtney:-picks him up, keeping him away from the cat," There you go". ^-^.

Link: Pikaa-Pii (thank you).

Courtney: "No prob" ^-^.

Link: ear moved up in shock of sensing a dark aura near by.
"pika-pika pika-chu".

Courtney: "...What's wrong?".

Link: "Ka'pi kaaa" (he's here)

Courtney: "Who's he?"

Link: "piii-Pipi" (dark zona)

Courtney: "Um...we should probably get out of here then", leaves scary place.

Link: (charging up energy) "PIKA...CCHHUUUUU!" (zaps the hidden evil, head on with thunder bolt)

Courtney: "Oh...or we could do that..."

Link: "pika-pi-cha" ( so very tried) falls asleep in Courtney's arms.

Courtney: "D'aww" snuggles the pikachu.

mew appears in front of Courtney

Courtney: "Oh..um...hi" -wave-

(mew sees the pikachu in her arms) (gives a evil smile)

Courtney: "..." -run away~-

mew appeared in front of Courtney blocking her escape

Courtney: -kicks, continues to run away-

Mew: "who is that pikachu", mew said in human words.

( note Pokemon don't talk human much)

Courtney: "..."

Mew: "Arceus is going to punish you if you don't answer", mew said with a glare. *^*

Courtney: .o. "You're kind of rude, cat thingy. I am Courtney, if you must know".

Mew: "sorry, but i want to play with that pikachu with you." *\/\/* ( the smile of scariness)

Courtney: "Uh, no. He's mine. Go find your own."

Mew: appeared behind Courtney and turned her in to a eevee. "So be it", mew said with an evil smile. *\/\/*

Courtney: O.O -now an eevee- "Well...this was unexpected."

Mew: "Mah-ha-ha-ha"( mew laughed on the eevee that is next to the sleeping pikachu)

Courtney: -sticks her little eevee tongue out at mew-

Mew: "oh, you are not getting it my little eevee. you are next to a powerful legend and you can't know who he was before."( mew said in a creepy smile) "Why don't you wake him up?" (in a evil smile)

Courtney: "Um...okay." -pokes the sleeping pikachu beside her.-

Link: "whoa... what is going on... MEW!? What are you doing here!?"

Courtney: -looks at the both of them- "Well, you don't look too happy to see him..."

Link: "him?. no, that mew is a girl. and we have a long history. with me being tied to a 4x4 and force to be married to her." ( in a huff)

Courtney: "...That's not creepy or anything." -looks to the mew- "You have problems with the word 'no' I guess."

Mew: "well, he is the reason I why I like his... oh... say, power of his created moves he has. I never forget it?" (mew said in a disappoint)

Courtney: "Well, I'm very sorry your relationship didn't work out."

Link: "I can't be forced to love the first mew is wrong in arcuse case. he'll kill me for that.", in a sharp tone

Mew: "Oh, stop wringing!", mew yelled

Courtney: "I don't want to stay here anymore.", in a cold tone.

Link: "why", I said in a shocked way.

Courtney: "I don't know. I just don't right now."

Link: "You can tell me something that can cheer you up"

Courtney: "That's cool. But I still don't want to stay here. Besides, my knowledge of Pokemon is too limited to help out."

Link: "Well, I can anyways help you, if you ask."

Courtney: "To be honest I'm not interested enough in it to ask for help"

Link: "Oh, i understand." -darkness rains over top of my head-

Courtney: "I'm sorry." -hugs-

Link: -blushing while being hugged-

-Then I faint on the floor-

Courtney: "Aw, how cute" -sits next to him-

Link: -face is turning red in endearment-

-my heart beating fast-

Mew: -sits on my left side- " She's right, this is cute to watch", she giggles.

Link: -try's to move backwards with my pikachu tail-

Courtney: -pokes at him- "Stop being shy. We're friends, right?"

Link: "yes, you are right Courtney."

Mew: -sweet-drops-

~then we heard a phone ringing, Courtney runs to her pants pocket and retrieves her cell-phone~

Courtney: "Hello... yes... okay, I'll be there, Dad" -hangs up the phone-

Courtney: "Well, I've got to go. See you later." -waves her paw in the air as a portal appears behind her-

Link: "Okay, see you later... Hey, wait." -I tried to stop her, but it was too late- ~Courtney left to go home and leaving me with Mew~

Mew: " We're all alone, an no-one to interfere with my plan to love my legend", rubbing her hands on my chest from behind.

Link: "Meep".

Mew: "This is going to be fun", with a smile.

Link: " Don't tell my its..."

Mew: "Yes, Mating Season"

Link : -I turned around and running away- "Aaahhh", scream on top of my lungs.

Mew: -smiles in pity and fly's after the screaming pikachu- " there is no escaping from me", as she giggled.

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