Chapter 1

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15 years ago there was a Nine tailed fox attacked the village Hidden in the Leaves. with a swipe of it's tails It would crush mountains and cause tsunamis. Not long after the fox arrived a portal to the underworld opened up and two beings came out, an evil Phoenix known as The Houou with flames as hot as the sun.

a nine headed bat known as Kyuuanaka whos breath could freeze any thing with a beat of its wing would creat typhoons the three of them attacked with out warning or provocation nearly destroying the village. the clans of the leaf fought tenaciously but none could over power the three demons the only way way they could defeat them was to seal them into three infants.

As the ninja of the Leaf stalled for time for the villages leader the Fourth Hokage while he made the preparations he was going to use his own son and an orphaned baby girl with pink hair whose parents were killed and one from the Uchiha clan the clan head himself offered Sasuke his new born son.

The way he accomplished it was through the shadow clone jutsu, the demon consuming seal and his wife using a a jutsu only the Uzumaki could to hold the three demons down He sealed each into the children.

The Kyuubi into the girl who he named Sakura.

The Phoenix Houou into his son Naruto.

And the nine headed demon bat Kyuuanaka into the Uchiha.

The 4th dying of chakra exhaustion saw that His wife had died because of chakra exhaustion and the strain of child birth. He feared that his son and the other two children lives would be in danger by the very village he had saved but he knew that if he hadn't the children would have died.

Before he died the Forth asked the third Hokage that all three be known as Heros hoping that his request would be honored.

With no other successor in line The Third Hokage had to retake the mantle of Hokage, he would have to oversee the reconstruction of the village and it's forces He had all three newborns brought to his office so he could check their seals after making sure the seals were not going to break thus releasing the beasts within the seals after he was done Sasuke was returned to his clan while Naruto and Sakura were to be taken to the orphanage.

As Naruto and Sakura grew they had only each other despite trying to befriend others though they were ignored the two grew closer to the other Naruto being the more optimistic of the two he was the brawn of the two while Sakura was more knowledgable and less trusting.

The two would play pranks to get attention more so from Naruto's beckoning then from Sakura earning the nickname the terrible duo, the worst they would get was a scolding from the Third who was quite fond of the two he saw their pranks as mostly harmless so he would often take them out to eat or sit with them, his youngest son died without having any kids his other son asuma was with the ninja guardians so he looked at them as if they were his grand children but when ever he was at his offace they would be right back at it.

As for the council they didnt like the fact that Naruto and Sakura were not under their control. They did every thing in there power to make Naruto and Sakura's lives as miserable as possible including having the head of the orphanage kick them out into the street, when the Third found out he was furious he had executed those that he found only a few were arrested and he had no choice but gut to give Naruto and Sakura an apartment. When this happened the council sent in assassins to kill the two. But ironically help didn't come from the Anbu that the Third had watching them around the clock.

it was the Uchiha clan that interfered thus saving Naruto and Sakura's lives because of Narutos and Sakuras heritage when Naruto and Sakura entered the Ninja academy there were teachers that attempted to sabotage their grades making them the lowest out of the group between the two of them Sakura had great chakra control despite having more then the average child, Naruto was a literal chakra battery but suffered on the countrol aspect both were made fun of at the academy for their grades and failed three times after their third failure at the exams the council again sent assassins to kill them but the Uchiha clan suspicious of the council had been watching the two since the first time the council tried to assassinate the children and again stopped the attempt.

Fourteen years

Tired of the Uchiha clans interference the council pleaded with Danzo to help them to rid them of the two. Danzo seeing this as a chance to gain power covertly sent in his Root Anbu to eradicate the Uchiha clan from the village nearly succeeding only a few of the clan survived the attack those few were Itachi, Mikoto and Shisui and 10 others, but he captured Sasuke and immedatly indoctrinated him into his Root program, and made him into another of his followers he had him only take missions that other Root agents would fail.

Fifteen years

After their fourth failed try at becoming Ninja Mizuki their secondary teacher Seeing an opertunity to steal the forbiden scroll of sealing tricked Naruto and Sakura into stealing it where they learned each learned a jutsu they were found by Iruka their other teacher ambushed by Mizuki.

"Mizuki what are you doing why did you do this!?" Iruka demanded Mizuki only laughed at his demand.

"Oh I'm only doing this village a favor by riding it of demons like them and once I do I will take the scroll for myself but I will have to get rid of you since you now know to much," Mizuki said. Iruka only frowned at his now former friend

Mizuki now looked at Naruto and Sakura with a look of hatred the two flinched at the look.

"How about I tell you two a secret that has been kept from you your whole lives." Mizuki said. With a smirk.

"What are you talking about," Naruto said getting confused

"No Mizuki you cant it's forbidden," Iruka yelled trying to get his friend to see reason

"On October 9 when the three demons nearly destroyed our village the Fourth fought all three of them, but he didn't beat them he sealed them inside three children but two of those children were turned into the demons themselves," Mizuki said as his smirk got bigger with every word he said.

"Who were they," Sakura asked feeling a lump grow in her throat.

"No Mizuki please stop," Iruka pleaded.

"Tell us who they were," Naruto demanded.

"The two children were you two are the Houou and the kyubi," Mizuki said ignoring Iruka's plea with a crazed look both Naruto and Sakura's eyes widen in shock and horror at the revelation they were told.

"So that is why everyone hates us," Naruto and Sakura both thought solemnly."Time to die demons," Mizuki said grabbing two kunai and jumped down Toward Naruto and Sakura Both stood unable to move just as he was about to kill them Iruka took the blow for them and caught his other arm inches from Sakura's face Iruka was able to punch Mizuki knocking the rouge teacher into into tree twenty yards away

"Iruka sensei why ... Why did you save us,"Naruto asked he didnt understand why he saved him and Sakura he thought Iruka hated them.

"It hurts to be alone doesn't it,"Iruka asked holding where his heart should be his face was contorted in pain as blood flowed from the wound

"Iruka sensei why did you protect us," Sakura asked as Iruka fell to his knees tears fell from the mans eyes not from pain but from sadness.

"Because I am just like you i am alone I'm sorry I wasnt there for you two but the council threatened to kill you if I tried to step in I couldn't risk it and for that I am truly sorry im a failure as a teacher," he said his breaths becoming thinner with each breath

Iruka sensei please save your strength were going to get you to a hospital Sakura said Iruka smiled "I'm afraid it's to late for me but there's something I want you for you two to do," Iruka said looking both in the eye

"What,"they asked weakly.

"Live your life find love but above all protect each other," Iruka said before his eyes closed for the final time as his heart stopped beating.

They sat there tears freely falling from their eyes then They heard Mizuki's laughter echo around them.

"Don't worry you will be joining him in hell soon enough demons," Mizuki said.

It started to rain and growing heavier by the minute as malevolent chakra started to surround the two.

Their nails grew into claws and their canine teeth grew into fangs.

"you" they said with a pause then the chakra violently exploded out of them in a gale "WE ARE GOING TO KILL YOU!" they yelled their voices demonically deepened.

"You can try I will beat you both in one shot" Mizuki said with bravado.

They both gave a feral grin with there fangs showing a red flaming cloaks chakra were bubbling up and covering the two in the shape of their respective demon.

"So the demons are showing themselves this will make it more credible for me to kill them in that senile fool of a Hokage's eyes danzo will be pleased," Mizuki thought as he got into a stance preparing himself.

With a haunting scream both pounced faster then the eye could see Naruto struck first dodging slash he swung his arm slicing Mizuki across the chest then Sakura followed shortly and sliced him across the side of his stomach he screamed as his intestines fell out he fell to his knees and tried to push his intestines back into his body.

Please spare me the council paid me to do it please I don't want to die Mizuki pleaded Naruto kicked him in the face knocking him to the ground Mizuki tried to get up but he was grabbed by his hair by Sakura who gave him an evil smirk.

"You won't get any mercy wheres that confidence when you killed Iruka sensei? you thought of us as demons, now you got demons now. Time for you to suffer for what you created," Sakura said in a voice that would even freeze even the most veteran ninja and with that she bit his neck ripping out his jugular in a shower of blood spiting out the flesh she had bit out onto the grass out and they both watched as Mizuki choked on his blood as he tried desperately to breath and his eyes dulled as the life left them after he had died the cloaks had faded into non existence as they stood in silence stairing somberly at their deceased sensei "why," they both thought the rain died down till it was gone completely leaving a clear night sky

"Naruto fill as much jutsu from that scroll as you can with this scroll as soon as your done we're leaving the Leaf we cant stay here any more," Sakura said Naruto's eyes widened.

"What we can't leave this is our home we can tell grandfather what happened he is the Hokage surely he can help us," Naruto tried to argue.

"Naruto if we stay here we are going to die who's going to believe The we have the demons sealed in us they see us as demons even if our grandfather is the Hokage he can't save us," Sakura said in tears.

But he tried

"She's right Naruto," said a wizened voice said they both turn and see the Third looking sadly at them.

"Grandfather," Naruto said Not knowing what to say as the Third Walked over to them.

"Grandfather we," Sakura started

"I know Sakura I saw everything And you are right the entire village is on alert because of their chakra,"The Third said the duos heads dropped dejectedly knowing.

"Cant you do anything grandfather I mean your the Hokage," Naruto said hopefully.

"No there isn't anything I can do it would only be a mater of time before the villagers got bold enough to attack you two you two need to leave this village for your safety," the wise old kage said to the two.

"But what about me being Hokage grandfather," Naruto said sadly the third kneeled down.

"I'm afraid that will be no longer possible,"the third said before pulling the two into a hug both cried.

As the third reached into his robe and pulled out a scroll.

I'm going to give you this scroll it has every jutsu the leaf has ever made use it with great responsibility the Third said. The two could only nod in response.

The third sighed "I'm also going to tell you about both of your parents, Sakura I will start with yours. Your parents were among the greatest swordsman the village has ever seen. they were almost on par with the seven swords men of the bloody mist. they were called the bloody blossoms they each had two special swords the were called the katon blade and the sakura blade, your parents names were Mebuki and Kizashi haruno and their blades are in the scroll. Naruto your parents were the greatest ninja this village has ever had their names were Minato Namakazie who was known as the yellow flash and the Fourth Hokage and Kushina Uzumaki who was known as the red hot habanero she used to be the jinchurki of the Kyuubi," the third said.

"My father was the fourth Hokage why weren't we told about our parents grandfather?" Naruto said in shock at who his father was.

Sakura too shocked to say anything could only nod.

"It was to protect you from their enemy's who would like to get their revenge even on a child of their they would gladly with out any hesitation kill you two," the Third said calmly Naruto and Sakura nod in understanding.

"We understand grandfather." Sakura said in a understanding tone.

"Naruto Minato's Hirashin kunai as well as the scroll for it." the third said.

"Thank you grandfather," Naruto said with a small smile.

"It's time for you to go I am going to bring us to the gates of the leaf so you don't get caught by anybody,"The Third said placing a hand on Naruto and Sakura's shoulder, and they both appeared at the leafs gate luckily there were no guards probably off looking for Naruto and Sakura He took his hands off their shoulders and smiled sadly at them.

"This is it isn't it we're are really banished from here," Naruto said with fresh tears coming to his and Sakura's eyes as he and Sakura looked at the village that has been the only home He and Sakura had known their whole lives for the last time.

The third looked down at the boy with sympathy "I'm sorry Naruto it's the only way I can protect you two I wish there was another way." the Third said.

"I guess this is goodbye," Sakura said

She and Naruto suddenly embrace the Third the Third wraps his arms around the two like any grandfather would seeing his grandchildren leave him for the last time with tears falling down his eyes.

"I want you two to go to the land of the waves my puple his name is jiraiya he will train you two in the Ninja arts and I also want you to have these the Third said as he pulled out two headbands one black, and one red he gave the black to naruto and the red to Sakura who gave the Third a questioning look.

"These are my final gift to you two cherish them in remembrance of this old man," the Third said As he stood back to his feet.

"Thank you grandfather for everything,"Naruto said and with that said he and Sakura both turned and ran from the village and off into the night.

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