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Chapter 3

(Roys Dream)

A cold wind blew through as Roy walked through a ruined village buildings were destroyed the streets blood was splattered on what was left of the walls.

He looked at the destruction in shock at the destruction, and carnage before him.

"Who or what could have done all of this," he thought as he walked to the epicenter of the village, he began to smell the stench of death and decay. It grew stronger as he got closer to the center of the village.

"what the hell what happened here. I hadn't smelled this smell since the third ninja war, there are definatly signs of a fight here he thought as he walked he saw a ninja headband on the ground he bent down and picked it up he held it up and inspected it (shinobi it said on the headband) I have never seen this symbol before which village does this belong too. Are these people behind this," he thought putting the headband in his pocket and continued walking to the center of the village.

When he got to the center of the village his eyes widened to a look of horror spreading to his face as he saw the bodys mutilated behe saw were what was left of the people of the village the place was filled with the bodies of men, woman and children it seemed they had been dead for sometime flys were all over the s he saw ninja with various vest five he could tell a majority of the ninja were leaf ninja with the same headband as the one in his pocket. "What is going on," he thought as he looked at the two mountains

"wait that mountains been blown in half what in gods name has the power to do that has the kyuubi broken out again," Roy thought he was flabbergasted at the scale of power it would take a village was one thing but a possibility of the kyuubi breaking out of its new host worried him fingering the hilt of his sword on his back in anticipation of a surprise attack by anything nothing showed its self as he walked closer to the ruined mountain he saw a stone sign (fire tower) his eyes widened in shock of his discovery.

"The leaf village how," Roy thought in pure shock. A look of grim determination spread across his face

" I have to find whoever or whatever is responsible for this," Roy thought as he walked between the valley of the destroyed Hokage monument

As he got closer to the other side of the mountain he felt small vibrations he almost didn't notice it and as he got out of the valley the vibrations got more violent

What the hell an earth quake Roy thought as he heard rocks falling from the mountain he looked back and saw the rocks were falling in his direction rolling out of the way of the first rock he turned and ran dodging rocks if he saw they were falling in his direction he got a way from them he rubs his forehead where a fist sized rock hit him feeling blood there he narrowed his eyes "damn it that rock must have been jagged he thought as a throb of pain coursed through the cut. It was nothing he couldn't deal with so he kept walking he got over a hill and saw the back of a dark demonic being in the distance its ten tails thrashing in each direction any trees or rocks near it were being sucked into the air just from pure power alone.

"What the hell is that thing," Roy said to himself

As if hearing him The demon turned in his direction it's red eye Roy he heard voices screaming then he saw a vision of Naruto and Sakura screaming in darkness

"what the hell," he thought as he reached back and drew his sword as he glared defiantly at the dark demon that radiated it the immage suddenly

Faded giving way to nothing.

"Roy looked around "what the hells going on what was that," he thought

"Only you can decide the fate of those two," an ethereal voice said as it echoed Roy looked to find the owner of the voice.

"who's there," he called out as an image of Naruto and Sakura appeared "what the," roy thought "Hey Naruto, Sakura are you two ok," he said trying to grab Naruto by the shoulder but as he tried to this his hand phased through "Naruto's shoulder what the," Roy said in shock backing away.

"this is but one of the possible futures that could happen, what you and others do will decide these twos fates choose wisely," the voice said

"Who are you," Roy asked.

I go by many names your religion calls me kami the voice said.

(at Roy's house)

Roy sat up immediately his body covered in sweat he look at the his alarm clock and saw that it was eight in the morning he fell back and felt his back hit the mattress of his bed thinking about his dream.

Damn what a dream Roy said rubbing his temples to sooth the headache he felt coming as he thought about the dream.

that monster, demon what ever the hell it was dream or not was insane a ten tailed beast and it involving those two kids," Roy grabbed his headband and tied it around his forehead "this is just confusing," Roy thought as he got up and walk out of his room and into the hallway on his way to the room were he had his sword he was about to walk passed the door to the room Naruto and Sakura's room stopping in front of the door. He could hear Naruto and Sakura snoring he quietly opened the door and saw Naruto and Sakura sleeping in the same bed huddled together in an intimate way his face scrunched up in annoyance.

Geez didnt these kids get taught anything about this stuff Roy thought when he was about to wake the two up seeing something that confirmed his suspicion Sakura's shirt was pushed up over her stomach. showing the seal holding the kyuubi no kitson "so she is a Jinchurki too these two come from the leaf I thought they had one jinchurki so what is up with this kid Roy thought as he lifted Naruto's shirt to his stomach showing his seal his face hardens as he sees it.

"he's a jinchurki as well. God damn leaf ninja I would have thought they would have informed me of this, after everything I had done for them. But I guess fighting a war for them wasn't enough wasnt like i didnt throw away my position for them," Roy sarcastically thought as his face hardens in contempt.

He walks out of the room and shuts the door behind him quietly and walks down the hall to where he keeps his sword after he closed the door he looks over at his armor i vowed i would never wear that again as he walked past it to his sword. As he grabs his sword and straps it to his back with a shoulder strap the sword humed at being touched by its owner he felt its power course through him

"it's been awhile Roy," a voice said in his head.

"yeah it has sorichu," Roy said. After he straped in the final strap around his waist to secure it he walked over to a trunk and opened it and pulled out throwing daggers putting them one in each pocket on his scabbards shoulder strap and pulled out a shuriken holster his eyes soften "saikora," he thought. The woman that gave him this the woman he had loved.

"heh funny a samurai falling in love With a ninja," he thought as he wrapped his right leg and strapped the holster on his leg after filling it with shuriken. He got up and walked out of the room closing the door behind him. Still hearing there snoring as he walked "there will obviously be hunter ninja after these two so I better write them a note for them not to go out side," Roy thought as he grabbed a piece of paper and quickly wrote the note leaving it on a counter for them to see.

He walked out of the house closing the door behind him taking a deep breath of the fresh air he walked off his porch to his dock to leave for the land of Waveshe had heard rumors that a bridge builder was building a bridge to the main land but was forced to give up on it because of there being no one having the courage to build it that's about all he had heard.

Gato had done a number on the place thugs were everywhere in that country he thought.

As he got closer to his pier he began to feel like he was being watched but he kept walking. Suddenly a masked ninja with raven hair phased in behind him sword drawn ready to cut his head clean off reacting on instinct he dodging a swipe that would have deboweled him as he drew his sword Roy gave his attacker a powerful kick in the stomach knocked the masked raven haired ninja a few feet away from him giving him room to prepare himself

Big mistake of your life ninja Roy said holding his sword in front of him

The raven haired ninja stood there silently with his head down.

"Got nothing to say? Well that doesn't matter to me you better expect a good beating for your attack," Roy said the raven haired ninja still said nothing he raised his head and to sharingon eyes were visible through The eye holes.

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