Hello guys it has been years since i last wrote and i will be honest life has gotten in the way quite a bit since 2012 i am out of practice and havnt written since then but i have had a few reviews and some PMs asking about two stories in particular. Three jinchuuikii and resident evil ninja chronicles

To be honest i have been stuck on how to continue each one i started trying two years after my grandfather passed away but i lost the drafts for each story so basically i am starting from scratch on something i have already written now does this mean im giving up.

Hell no it just means i am just stuck and life keeps getting in the way but there is some good news i am an engaged man my girlfriend of 8 years now has a ring it is the greatest achievement of all my accomplishments. The pandemic certainly didnt help things so working while trying to maintain a life for me and my Fiancee has kept me very busy i am just thankful she got to stay home and be safe but aside from that things are starting to get somewhat stable to where i can relax and start to begin to think of writing i am also thinking of looking for a beta or a co author so if there is anyone interested please shoot me a pm so we can start getting things rolling again so be sure to get ready because