Chapter one

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Bailey was so nervous but she knew this was the only way to win her boyfriend back, she miss him, She loves him. But she can not be next to him when he think she only see him like a friend or worst like the enemy of broken hearts. He thought she see him like a two timer already. Because of what happened in Paris but that was not the point of why he was with London kissing her check because that was the only thing he do, just to practice his first anniversary with Bailey. He wanted to be special so he was making sure with London and of course he promise to Bailey that the only women he will kiss it was going to be her nobody else. So that's why he only kiss London on the check not on the mouth. He felt sad because he felt so guilty about everything that happen on Paris when Bailey though he kiss London on the mouth.

But she give him no time to explain to her, that why they break up. But then months later London finally convince Bailey to her the real reason Cody did that. Bailey now felt the guilty one but she was thankful for what London say to her.

"Thanks London" She hug her and London hug her back.

"Now I have to do something big, to win my guy back, I never stop loving him you know...But what could I do? and If he do not forgive me after all this months without talking to him, he looks very upset..." Bailey look down.

"Hey! Do not worries just make him a song is that romantic for you too, He sure miss you back as much you miss him so don't be scare of telling him your true feeling alright?" London sweet smile.

"Make him a song? I think my nervous will pop out if I'm standing in front of him" Bailey said already imagine a picture of her self in front of him with a guitar.

"Then write him a letter and tell him what do you feel about him" London said simply while taking her purse of her bed.

"Yeah, I think that's what I'm going to do London Thanks" Bailey hug her again. "I wish you the best, I miss you too together, well Bye I need to see someone, Good luck!" London smile and she walk away from their cabin.

When London get out of the cabin Bailey fast to a paper and began to write.

With Zack and Cody in their Cabin

"You have to talk to her, and make things like before man, is that what you really want"

"Ofcourse I want that I miss her, I just think that she hates me after the stupid Ideas of trying to be a perfect anniversary practicing with London"

"So make things up like before and Do not talk like it was London fault she was just helping you and you know it, she was forced because of you"

"Yeah you are right, but that do not makes things better. Bailey doesn't see it like if she was helping at all"

"So Cody why are you still standing here Talk to her for mother of nature"

"You are right, I will win her Back TODAY!" Cody said while raising a hand , and walk over the door but then he stop and asked "But Zack, If she slap me instead of a kiss?"

"That's a choice you have to take"

Cody nod and walk out in direction of Bailey's and London's cabin.

After Cody close Zack's Door cabin it enter London

"Hey! what are you doing?" London said.

"Oh Hey London! I was just taking off the fear of my brother of talking to Bailey" He just said while he was sitting back on his bed.

"Oh I got that ship chat too" She giggle.

"Really so Bailey still feel the same about Cody?" he asked curious but with hopes too.

"Yeah, she is just afraid like your brother" She simply said.

"So it will work! Cody will stop being annoying with me! Thank God!" He said like looking at the sky but in his cabin. London shot a smile "You really want them together uh?"

Zack nod with a smile to her, but then he stands up from his bed hug her and kiss her.

With Bailey in her cabin

Bailey was now singing what she wrote with a guitar on her bed. But she did not realize Cody was behind the door listening to her.

Stronger than us both Stronger than the love It's something deep within you that stands between us.

It has no way of getting us wet, It can't be touched or seen It's a question with no answer that I fail to understand.

And the truth is that it hurts me. That you're slipping from my hands like sand And I just can't contain it And the truth is we can do it Because when you look at me I see the blue sky glowing and it helps hold on.

And it's because of you My love and my rival My light and my darkness Like sleeping and waking up. My happy happiness My love and my rival You take and give me everything Life, death Sweet, sour My beginning and my end.

Just like an eraser Is this intense love A deep sleep that ends a great desire An immense, passing wave that leads back to the sea. Our many sad footprints that we left behind.

And the truth is that it does not hurt. Because when I touch your hand, I feel as if this was the first time And the truth is we can do it. Because when you look at me I feel that it is with you that I return to being who I want to be Cody.

And it's because of you My love and my rival My light and my darkness Like sleeping and waking up My happy happiness My love and my rival You take and give me everything Life, death Sweet, sour My beginning and my end.

And it's because of your love that I can get to The other side of the river And sail through the currents that I know I can overcome with you by my side And it's with you that I can climb to the highest And hold on to the clouds and never fall again.

When Bailey finish the song, Cody opened the door and said "Bailey you stole my words, I never though you will forgive me after all I did in Paris...Bailey I need you to be with me Bailey" He walk fast over to her and took her by the hands and said "Can you please forgive me, and be again my girlfriend?" Bailey was shocked "Yes Cody! that's why I wrote the song" they both kiss passionately.

Then he said "and yes Bailey, I will go to Kansas and live with you is that what you want"

"You really want that? you really do that for me?" she said in shock but with a smile.

"I only want to be with you"

"Then I will not stop you Cody because I love you" She kiss him. "I could not be more happy you know?" He said and she nod a yes.

Back with Zack and London

After he finish his passionately and aggressive kiss London was still in shock and with wide eyes. "I love you" He said in a breath-taking tone.

She still was in blank. "Why?" she came again to the world. "Because you understand me London, you are my best friend!" He cried with a smile.

"But Zack...What about Maddie? You loved her, I thought you only saw me like a friend"

"Maddie was just a crush London, I was little I did not know what loves mean till when I really met you on this ship"

"You were always with me on my pranks, jokes. Every Friday we video game together, we making fun of people and of my brother. Almost always getting D's or F's in the classes, getting detention all the time! I could not ask for more on a women because, You understand me London, you make me laugh you make me happy...and I fall in love with you...I just wish that you feel the same and do not laugh...Because I wish you could be my girlfriend before we graduate, because if we graduate you will fly away from me to Paris, Japan or other places and I will never see you again..." he finish saying and London hug him.

"Zack..." she whisper in his ear. "You only see me like a friend uh?" he asked upset.

"No, I never going to leave without taking my best friend with me...If I ever leave I will take you with me because you make me happy too Zack.." She said with tears falling from her eyes. "I was just in shock because I never thought you feel that way about me. Is all news to me."

She pulls away and he said "I want you, not because of your money but because of your love and happiness that you have giving me all this years"

"Can you please be my Girlfriend?" He asked with hope in his eyes.

"Yes! you are just amazing with me Zack, and I think you make me fall in love with you in just seconds" She said while she kiss him and told him "I love you" and said "I love you too, I can't believe I finally have you"

"Me too"

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