PJO poems

By Adam & Emzo456

Oh why did you take that knife?

You saved my life

I could have died

I don't mind

Oh why did you take that knife?


From the 33rd floor New York,

To Camp Half-Blood the place of magical forks,

Percy Jackson has traveled far,

Now he even can drive Paul's car

A child of Athena is Annabeth Chase,

You can tell by the grey eyes on her face

Grover is the lord of the wild,

Percy is Poseidon's child,

Kronos, Gaea, what are they?

Against these three nothing I'd say!

Percy and Annabeth to Tartarus they go

But they're not dead says Nico

I'm so excited for the book

Rick Riordan can I have a look?


Haikus are awesome

Artemis can create them

But Apollo can't


Apollo is cool

Hunters of Artemis drool

God of the sunlight


October is so far away!

To long I say!

Why not say… June?

Why October, that's enough time to go to the moon!

Still, it's when the House of Hades comes out
No matter how much I scream and shout

As long as it's not late

I guess I can wait


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