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After what seems like an eternity of Festus giving me his brother's phone number, I head over to Cat and Andre to tell them about his offer to go to Yerba for semester break.

"No way! I'm down!" Andre says excitedly.

"Yaay! Traveling!" Cat exclaims enveloping Andre and me in a hug. "I'll go tell Robbie!" She yells as she skips back into school.

"Now I guess all that's left is asking our parents for permission." I tell Andre. "You guys should come over tonight and we'll do some Yerbainian research." I add with a wink.

"Sure thing." He smiles as we make our way over to the lunch table to eat our ravioli, or as Cat calls them, pasta pillows. Soon Cat and Robbie join us and we spend the entire lunch going over songs we could possibly perform in Yerba. Beck and Jade are nowhere to be seen and I can't help but feel a little relieved. I'm getting sick and tired of Jade constantly rubbing it in our faces that she's going to Cancun with Beck's family. Well at least now I can throw this in her face! Ha!

After lunch I make my way to the bathroom so I can wash my hands before heading to class. I'm so preoccupied with thoughts on how to get back at Jade for being such a jerk about her Cancun trip that I don't even hear when said girl slips into the bathroom, walking quietly until she's standing directly behind me.

"Vega!" she exclaims right by my ear. I give the girliest of screams and jump about five feet in the air.

"Jade!" I shriek while clutching my chest. "You scared the chiz out of me!" She simply shoots me her trademark smirk while lifting her pierced eyebrow. She glares at me for several seconds before looking past me to the mirror that's mounted on the wall and adjusting her shirt. I'm about to walk around her and out the door but stop short when she starts talking.

"Tell me, Vega." She says still looking at herself in the mirror, now fixing her hair. "What's your favorite month of the year?" I furrow my eyebrows, wondering where she's going with this.

"Uh… well I guess my fav-"

"My favorite month would be this one." She cuts me off. "And you wanna know why?" I roll my eyes as I know exactly where this is going. "Because not only am I going to Cancun with Beck and his family, while you losers stay here and do nothing-"

"Actually, I'll have you know that Festu-" I try to interrupt only for her reflection to send me a menacing glare.

"But," she continues. "I also just found out that the play I wrote got nominated to be performed as part of the 'Young Performers of America Summer Theater Series' in Downtown this June." She finishes smugly. She turns around and leans against the sink, crossing her arms. "What do you think of that, Vega?"

I'm about to bring up the whole Yerba thing but a glint in her eye stops me. Underneath all her arrogant smugness I can tell she is actually apprehensive about my reaction. Not about the Cancun thing, but about the possibility of the play I know she worked real hard on being performed in such a distinguished event. It's not a secret that Jade is extremely talented, in more areas than one. We've all acknowledged it various times and she never seems to care. So why the sudden interest in my opinion? She couldn't care less about getting anyone's approval. Much less mine. So why is she still looking at me expectantly as if what I have to say matters to her? I could easily use this to my advantage and belittle her just as she always does me. Crush her dreams and accomplishments by making her feel stupid and talentless. But let's face it, I could never do that to anyone… even to Jade. For some reason, no matter how much of a gank she is with me most of the time, there's a part of me that still considers her a friend. And I often find myself trying to impress her and gain her approval. Why, you ask? Why would I continue time and time again to get someone that clearly hates me to like me? Or at least to not hate me so much? Well, the answer to that is… I have absolutely no idea. There's just something about Jade that makes me want to be friends with her. Maybe the fact that her affection seems so unattainable makes me want it even more. Or maybe I'm just a masochist. Either way, I'm sure that if she only gave me a chance we could be great friends. So that's why, instead of seeking my revenge with this perfect opportunity, I do the Tori Vega thing to do:

"Oh my gosh, Jade! That's awesome!" I exclaim clapping my hands together and smiling sincerely. Jade raises her studded eyebrow and rolls her eyes, as if annoyed that I'm not bothered or jealous. I know better so I decide to push it a little. "I'm so proud of you!" I spread my arms and walk forward with the intention of pulling her into a hug. Upon realizing this, her eyes widen and she stands up straight.

"No!" she yells with such force I jolt back. Okay, you pushed too far, Tori. I tell myself. Her eyes are still wide as she slowly walks towards me, forcing me to step backwards until my back hits the wall. "Never touch me." She hisses two inches from my face. I'm sure I have an expression of pure terror because she smirks and doesn't step back. Loving to make me feel awkward and scared. "My, my, Vega... you're about to shit your pants when just a moment ago you wanted nothing more than to hug me. I never knew I could cause such a wide range of emotions in a mere five seconds."

"I-I just wanted to... uh, to congratulate you." I stammer suddenly feeling very small. "I didn't th-think you'd mind." The last part was barely above a whisper. Jade scoffs and leans in even closer, her eyes narrowing as she continues to glare at me.

"You didn't think I'd mind if you wrapped your filthy arms around me? Vega, please... I'd rather slip Sinjin the tongue than to willingly come into any form of physical contact with you." She spits. With that, she turns toward the door and walks out the bathroom, leaving me desperately attempting to bring my breathing back to normal.

Once my heart begins beating at a healthy pace, I make my way to class. As I walk down the now deserted hallways I begin to get mad. How does she always do this?! Every. Time. Whenever I think I can attempt to reach out to her. Have her see me as a person and possible friend instead of this pest she insists on treating me like. Whenever I let my already weak guard down, she manages to destroy it even more. I don't know what I was thinking believing she actually cared about my opinion. She never did, and she never will. All she wanted was to make me feel bad, to rub any sort of accomplishment in my face so that I will always know my place, and that is, below her.

I sigh as I step inside Sikowitz's class and make my way to my seat. I don't know what's worse: the fact that I'm sure Jade will never see me as anything more than a floor mat, or the fact that deep down I know I'll never stop trying to change that.


"What do you mean I 'frighten the children'?!" I yell into the phone.

"Babe…" Beck's calm voice on the other end is just pissing me off even more.

"Don't babe me!" I growl. "You promised me a trip to Cancun for semester break, and now you're telling me that just because your little cousins cried a little the last time I spent time with them we can't go?"

"Jade, they pissed their pants and had nightmares for a month." Beck answers calmly. "What the hell happened in that moonbounce?"

"Well now what the hell are we supposed to do this semester break?!" I scream, ignoring his question.

"That's what I was trying to tell you, I talked to Andre a few minutes ago. He told me that Tori got some sort of deal from Festus to go to his brother's hotel and perform for a couple of nights in exchange for an all expenses paid trip."

"I am not about to spend my semester break performing in some shitty Motel 6 with the people I was specifically trying to get away from!"

"Babe…" I swear to God, if he says 'babe' in that fucking condescending tone one more time... "it's not a Motel 6. It's not even in this country. It's a place called Serba or something like that. From what Tori tells Andre it's a five star hotel surrounded by white sand beaches! Sounds cool. So what do you say? You interested?"

As pissed as I am that we aren't going to Cancun, the idea of staying here doing nothing while the dork squad gets to go on some foreign trip pisses me off even more.

"Whatever." I mumble after a few seconds.

"Awesome." I'm truly amazed at how Beck can put up with my moods so calmly. "Now, you do realize we're gonna have to ask Tori if we can come along right?"

"Beckett Anthony Oliver, if you think for one second that I will ask permission from Victoria fucking Vega to do anything, EVER, you are greatly mistaken." I snap, feeling the blood boil in my veins. How could he even suggest I do such a thing?! Me, ask Vega for permission to come to her stupid trip to Lerba?! Ha! She should be begging me to drop all my plans and come along to make her trip worth while! Oh Beck... You really are a moron with great hair.

"Babe..." Sonofabitch! "Do you wanna go or not?"


"No! I don't wanna ask her!" I yell as Beck grabs my wrists and tugs me forward.

"Come on, Jade!" He huffs as he pulls harder. I cannot believe he's pulling me. He'd been smart enough to take away my scissors when I wasn't looking, because otherwise, he'd be missing a big chunk of his gorgeous hair by now.

"No!" I cry as he finally pulls me into Sikowitz's room where Cat had told him we'd find Tori. Sure enough, there she is, talking to the bald weirdo himself. When she hears our bickering she turns in our direction, face scrunching up in confusion.

"We'll both ask her." Beck states letting me go. I know he's right; we do have to ask stupid Vega if we can come, as this is her deal and all. So I stand there quietly and wait for Beck to ask. Knowing Vega, she'll happily agree to both of us going through Beck's request and save me the trouble of having to ask her myself.

"What's going on?" she asks.

"My aunt says we can't go to Cancun." He states.

"Awww, how come?" Oh fucking Vega and her never ending niceness. She actually seems to feel bad for us after all my taunting.

"She found out I was bringing Jade." Beck says matter-of-factly, to which I just roll my eyes, 'cause I mean seriously! I still can't believe that lady...

"Ha!" I hear Mr.-Clean-gone-hippie scoff.

"So," Beck continues. "I hear some of you guys are going to Yerba?" Just then, I see a knowing glint flash across Vega's eyes.


"Yes... Yes we are." She starts, looking at me with a smug smile. "Would you like to come to Yerba with us, Beck?"

"Oh that'd be great, thanks." He responds with his easy going grin, to which she smiles and then turns to me. I stare at her and then at Beck. Why isn't she just including me in the invitation? She looks at me expectantly.

"Jade?" Vega, you better wipe that smug grin off your face before I- "Do you have a question for me?" Son of a Jesus on a pickle... Tori Vega is growing some balls. I stare at her for a few seconds and she stares back defiantly... that smug smirk still on her face. I know she has me. And she knows I know it.

"Can I come to Yerba?" I mutter while quickly looking to the side. I cannot look her in the eye at this point and admit defeat.

"Hmm.." Oh give me a fucking break. "Maybe..." Maybe?! Vega you are reaching my limit and you do not wanna do that. "But first..." She smiles wickedly and stretches out her arms. "You gotta give me a hug..." Her grin spreads from ear to ear as she wiggles her eyebrows.

You bitch.

I should've known that little bathroom incident yesterday wouldn't be quickly forgotten by her. I guess I never thought she'd have the guts to do anything about it though. Still, I have to admit, I'm kind of impressed by Vega. No matter how many times I put her down, she always comes back for more. She doesn't give up her pathetic attempts to befriend me. She's either very stupid, or a total masochist to willingly put up with all the shit I give her. I'd never admit this to her, but I kind of admire that about her. She never gives up. On the contrary, she seems to try even harder. Not only by putting up with my abuse but by fighting back occasionally, like today. Sometimes, I find myself seeking her approval just as much, because I know that as long as she looks up to me, she'll continue fighting for my affection. That's why sometimes I give her some slack, just enough to make her think she is getting somewhere with me, just enough for her hopes to rise just a little more, and then I yank that hope right out from under her feet, and make her fall on her ass. Yet instantly she'll be on her feet again, clinging to that sliver of hope and try all over again. I know, I'm sick for getting pleasure out of her pain, but I can't help it! It's as though I can't stand having her too close and yet I can't bear the thought of her not being near.

Yea, it's fucked up, tell me something I don't know.

I look at her, arms wide and eyebrows wiggling. You won this round, Vega. I think. Still, I have to play the game; I can't just easily give in... That's her job.

"No." I mutter.

"Come on." She coaxes as if talking to a dog.

"No, I don't want to."

"Come on."


"Just do it."

I shoot her an evil glare and throw my arms open, letting her envelop me in a hug. Her body wraps around mine as she rests her head between my neck and shoulder. She feels exactly as she is: warm and inviting. I wonder how I feel? Cold and indifferent?

I remember the first time I let her talk me into hugging her. It was after she helped me with that play I had worked so hard to impress my dad with. The asshole hadn't even given a damn. Just pretended to not be so disappointed since there were people around. Still, the fact that Vega had been so proud of me made my father's disapproval not matter so much. That's when I decided I wanted to keep her around. That's why I gave her that small hug, which turned our sour relationship into more of the frenemy situation I discussed earlier.

I'm brought back to the present when she starts rubbing small circles on my back. Without realizing it I tighten my grip around her, bringing her closer to me.

"Aww see?" She says as she continues to rub her hand up and down my back. I want to let go but I can't bring myself to. Having her so close feels... "Giving Tori a big o' hug isn't such a bad-" I don't like this. I'm feeling uneasy. Like the balance of things is tipping. And not in my favor.

I start squeezing harder since I can't seem to let go, trying to regain some control. "Okay-" she chokes out. I feel her body pressed against mine even more. Tighter. It can't be pleasurable. It has to be painful, just like all other aspects of our friendship. Wait- friendship? "That's really tight-" Jade, Jade, grab a hold of yourself. I squeeze more and more until we collapse on the ground. "Oh! Help me!" she squeaks when I end up on top of her.

"Jade..." Beck chastises. He grabs my shoulders and pulls me up. I look down at Vega who's still sprawled on the ground with a pained expression on her face. She sits up slowly and grimaces at the pain that I'm sure shot up her spine.

"Ow! What was that for?!" She cries, looking at me with wide eyes. I stare back and smirk, finally feeling like the balance was restored.

"That was my thank you, Vega. For your generosity." I sneer. I grab Beck's arm and tug him towards the door. "We'll meet you at your house at 9:30 tomorrow to go to the airport. Make sure there's plenty of coffee." I call out as we leave.

"...Kay." Is the weak reply.

That's right. Stupid, submissive Vega. Just how it ought to be.

AN: So did anyone notice that both times Jade hugged Tori in the Wok Star and Locked Up episodes she's wearing the same vest? Or am I just being borderline weird and creepy for noticing such things O_O I just thought, hey, maybe she should wear it more often if that's the effect it has on her, you know? ..The fact that I'm putting my hope and faith on an article of clothing doesn't really help my case in the whole being a weird creep thing does it? U_U Oh well, I will still light a candle in reverence to said vest.

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