Chapter 1

Bob's Pov.

I and the guys were hanging out at the park when we see some Greaser walked past. "Hey Grease!" I yell, he stops and turns around.

"Me, you son of a bitch?" he called back.

I started at him, with the gang following, he started off running in the other direction and he rounded the corner and we ran right into the rest of the Greasers. That's when we started to run away, until we got back to the park where the rest of the gang was waiting, they saw that we were in trouble and we ducked and they jump right over us and at those Greasers. We kept running back and forth at each other until the cops showed up at split us sent us on our separate ways and told us that we had to stay nice with each other. Or else we all get thrown in the cooler.

"What are we gonna do about them?" Randy asked me

"We're gonna show 'em whose boss around here. At the dance tonight we're gonna talk with 'em and arrange a rumble." I told him

I walked off then and I assumed that the guy disbanded as well. I'm heading home to check on Margaret. I love my sister but she worries me. She is always out doing something stupid and of course she's doing whatever with Cherry. My sister and my girlfriend are best friends and they are always in some mess. Last week they hanging out with some Greasers and the week before they got hauled into the station for driving without a license. My parents don't care what either of us do, that is probably why she lashes out, to get their attention.

Dally's Pov

I was walking along the street, heading to the park. I was about to go in until I heard "Hey, Grease!", it was no one other than the top Soc himself, Bob Sheldon.

"Me, you son of a bitch?" I yell back at him.

That clearly got him angry, so I started running. I usually dont run from those dicks but I know the rest of the gang isnt too far away. When I ran around the corner, Two-Bit saw me running and the rest of the guys got up and started at the Socs. We kept running back and forth at each other, then the cops showed up. They sen tus on our separate ways. We all head back to the Curtis house, where Darry, Soda, and Ponyboy live.

"We gotta do something about those Socs." Steve said

"He's right. We cant just keep lettin' 'em get away without a scratch." Sodapop agreed.

"Well what can we do?" Johnny asks

"We can fight. We have a rumble and show 'em whose the boss around here." I say

"Yeah. Tonight, at the school dance, we talk to those Socs and get a rumble set." Darry says

"So, we're all in?" I ask

"Hell, Yeah!" they all yell

"Good, and dress nice." Darry says

"I'll come, but I'm not wearing no suit." I say

"Fine." Darry stresses

I walked out of the house and headed to Buck's. Just then, I felt like something was starting tonight. Something's coming, don't know when, but it's soon.

Margaret's Pov

I was in my room with Cherry, getting ready for the dance. We were both so excited. This was my first dance since I'm a junior. The dances are only for the junior and seniors. The only reason I am regretting about tonight is going with Randy. Lately, he's been really touchy feely with me and the other night he tried to rape me. The only reason he didn't was because we heard Bob come home. He told me that if I told Bob than he would kill me. So, I try to put on a smile and feel comfortable with Randy for my own sake, but I would do anything to get away from him. I'm hoping tonight, he will be preoccupied to not notice me for a while. Maybe if i tell Cherry, she could help me.

"Cherry, can I tell u somehting?" I asked her

"Sure." Cherry replied

"The other night, when you and Bob went out, and I was here alone with Randy, he tried... he tried to rape me." I said all this with my head down. I looked up and Cherry had a look of shock and rage mixed into one all over her face.

"Oh my God, Margaret, why haven't you told Bob?"

"Cuz Randy told me if I told Bob, he would kill me."

"Gosh." she just hugged me and didn't let go. She kept telling me comforting things like "it'll be ok" and "we'll figure something out". She stopped when we heard the boys walk in.

"Can you help me get away from him tonight?" I asked Cherry

"Of course I will, do you think I'm gonna let my best friend hang around a jerk like that?"

"No." I said with a little laugh

"Hey, ladies." Bob said

"Hey, Bobby." Cherry said, getting up and giving him a peck on his lips

"Hey Margaret." Randy said, "You look hot." after he said this of course Bob gave him a glare and I looked weirded out. I was.

By the way this is what Cherry and I are wearing: [polyvore]

"Should we go." I said, trying to ignore Randy's comment

"Yeah." my brother said. We walked down the stairs and out to the Bob's car. We drove in silence to the school. When we arrived Cherry and Randy got out, before I could though, Bob held me back and told the others to go ahead with out us.

"Is something wrong with you and Randy, Margey?" Bob asked me

"Nothings wrong." I said sheepishly

"I can tell that something is wrong between the two of you, I can see it in your eyes when your around him."

"I said its nothing."

"If he is hurting you in anyway then I don't want you to go out with him." Bob said

Of course now is when he doesn't want me to date him. After he already to threatened me to stay with him and not to tell Bob. I thought to myself

"I'm fine, Bob." I lied

"You sure?" I nodded, "Then lets go inside." he said

We head inside and the dance was already in full swing. Bob and I walked in and quickly found our dates. A slow song came on and Randy whisked me away.

"You know you look really hot tonight." he said

"Cool it Randy, you know that I hate you." I told him

"Oh, come on baby. I thought that tonight we could finish what we started the other night. Your parents are gone for the weekend aren't they?"

I immediately knew what he was talking about. "If you touch me then I'll tell Bob." I said through gritted teeth

"And if you do that then I either have to kidnap you and do what I will over and over again or I could kill you and make it look like an accident."

I got scared and tried to get away from him, but he just tightened his grip on me.

"You're not getting away that easy."

"You think so." an unfamiliar voice said. The next thing I knew Randy was on the floor with a bloody nose.

Dally's Pov

The gang and I just got to the school. We knew that the Socs were be here and we started to look around for them. But Soda, went to dance with Sandy since she was still in school even though he dropped out. We split up and I found one the Socs. He was holding onto his girlfriend, but she was trying to get away.

"You're not getting away that easy." the Soc said

"You think so." I said, then i punched him in the face and he was on the floor with a bloody nose.

Margaret's Pov

"Thank you" I said to my rescuer

"No problem." he said

I looked at him and I think my heart just skipped a beat. I think his did too by the way his eyes met mine.

"I'm Margaret." I said

"Dally." he returned, "Do you want to dance? Since, your date doesn't look like he can dance any time soon."

"I would love to." I answered

After we danced we started talking "You don't think I'm someone else." he said

"I know you are not." I said

"We haven't met before?"

"No, I would remember if we had."

"I felt like I knew something never before was gonna happen, but this is so much more."

"My hands are cold." I said and put my hands in his and chuckled, "Yours are, too." He pulled my hand up to his cheek. "So warm."

Then he trailed his finger on my cheek, "So beautiful."

"Beautiful." I said softly

"It's so much to believe. You're not making a joke are you?" he asked

"I haven't learned how to joke that way. Now I know I never will." I said

Then he started to lean in and I did too, and when our lips met, it felt right. We were only kissing for a few seconds until we were pulled apart. I saw Bob slugging Dally and Randy was helping of course.

"Keep your hands off my sister." Bob said

Dally looked shocked at this new batch of information. Some more boys that I have never seen before came to help Dally. They got him up and then a boy that looked a lot older went to walk with Bob. I tried to walk over to Dally, but then Randy popped up and led me away.