Margaret's POV

I opened the door and a police officer stood there.

"How may I help you officer?" I ask him.

"My name's Lt. Shrank and I would like to ask a few questions to the sister of Robert Sheldon."

"That's me."

"May I come in?"

"Of course, sir, and how long will this take?"

"It will take as long as it has to."

"Cherry, could you go to the Curtis's place and tell them that I'll be a little late? Please?"

"What's at the Curtis place?" Lt. Shrank asked

"Johnny, the other boy who was killed, was a friend of mine. One of the other boys came over here and wanted to know if I wanted to say a few words about Johnny over at the Curtis place. I told them I would be there in an hour. He came fifty-five minutes ago." I mostly lied, "Cherry, could you please go?" she looked uncertain but finally nodded.

"What should I tell them exactly?" Cherry asked

"Just that I'll be over there later than I hoped." I said, then she nodded again and walked out the door.

"What was it that you wanted to talk about, sir?" I asked Lt. Shrank

"Oh, um, yes. Last week, at the dance, you were dancing with a boy that your brother didn't take much of a liking to. Who was it?"

"I was dancing with Johnny."

"Were you in an intimate relationship with Johnny?"

"Oh, no. He was just like a brother to me." At this time I started to tear up, thinking about him and Lt. Shrank had noticed.

"I'm, sorry to have upset you miss. I will leave now, and I give you my condolences for your loss." Shrank said as he was about to leave

"Thank you." I said as I closed the door behind him.

This confrontation had taken about twenty minutes and I had raced upstairs and grabbed a small bag. I filled it with a change of clothes and grabbed all of the money that i had. Then I ran down the stairs and took one last look around the house before walking out the door, thinking that I would never see it again.

Cherry's POV

I could here the yelling from inside the Curtis house a block away. The noise increased as I got closer and closer to the door. But as soon as I pulled open that screen door, everything stopped. All of the boys looked at me. At first they had grins on their faces, but as they saw my face those grins turned into grimaces.

"Well, isn't it Bob's girl? Come to turn Dally over to the cops? Well, he isn't here, girly." One of them said

"No, it's not what you think -" I started to say until he cut me off.

"If it's not what we think, then I guess you came to try to kill Dally instead."

"No! You're not listening. I want to help you. I know that Dally is here." I strained, trying to get them to listen to me. The boy who was talking to me kept getting closer and soon he was standing write in front of me.

"Why would Bob's girl want to help?" Before I could get another word in, he grabbed onto me and started feeling me up.

"Stop it." I said, trying to get him off of me, "Stop It!"

I tried to run, but soon a few other boys grabbed onto me, too. They kept passing me around and by then I was crying. They out me on the floor and hoisted the youngest over me. I looked into his eyes and I could see sincerity, he didn't want them doing this either.

"HEY!" a voice of authority called out. As soon as they heard it they boys put the kid down and stepped away from me. I slowly stood up, and remembered why I came here. Margaret wanted me to tell them that she would be late. Then I remembered that these were the boys that killed Bob. I loved him, and they took him away. I looked at all of them, and my eyes rested on an older boy who I hadn't seen when I walked in. He must have been the one to pulled them off of me.

"Bob was right. You truly are pigs. If I saw one of you in the street bleeding, I would spit on you." I said, but before I walked out the door one of them said, "Don't let her go. She'll tell them that Dally's here." then he grabbed onto me

"Don't you touch me." I said, "Oh, and tell Dally that Margaret's dead. Randy found out about them, and killed her." then I burst out crying and ran out of the house. Leaving the boys astonished. I knew that I lied, and I shouldn't have told them that Margaret's dead. But, it served them right for treating me that way. Why would I help them after nearly being raped by them? Margaret would be there soon anyway, everything will clear up then.

Darry's POV

I was waiting in my room with Dally for Margaret to show up. It's been a while, she should have been here by now, and Dally has clearly taken notice. I was telling me that everything would work out and reassuring him that she would come. He had already been to his place and picked up a change of clothes and all the cash that he had. I was trying to give him some extra cash that I had, but he wouldn't take it.

"Are you sure about this, Dal?" I asked him

"Yeah. I told her that I should just go to the police, but she wouldn't have it. But, I know that it wouldn't be good for her either if I'm gone. I love her, Darry, and Randy's still out there trying to get her." he told me. I had never really gotten to know Margaret, but the other boys have and they all love her as the sister none of them had. We're all happy that Dally finally found someone that set him straight.

"I understand. But don't you think that this is going a little fast? You two only met about a week ago." I told him

"Really? It's only been a week? It seems like that night was forever ago."

"Yeah, I guess. A lot has happened since then."

Suddenly, the shouting that was coming from downstairs stopped.

"Well, it looks like the boys finally calmed down." I said. Then the shouting started up again and this time it was louder, if that was even possible. We waited a few minutes, hoping it would stop. I finally had enough of it and decided to go downstairs to put an end to it.

"HEY!" I yelled at the huddled of boys standing in the middle of the living room. They were holding Pony over the ground and as they saw me they slowing set his feet back onto the ground. Then I saw what they we standing over, or who I should say. Shakily, a girl stood up off the floor and I recognized her as Bob Sheldon's girlfriend. She looked around the room at all of us, then her eyes rested on me.

"Bob was right. You truly are pigs. If I saw one of you in the street bleeding, I would spit on you." she said, but before she walked out the door Steve said, "Don't let her go. She'll tell them that Dally's here." then he grabbed onto her. I took a step forward and then she jerked her shoulder.

"Don't you touch me." she said. She turned around, and was about to grab the door knob before she turned back around and said, "Oh, and tell Dally that Margaret's dead. Randy found out about them, and killed her." then she burst out crying and ran out of the house. She left all of us astonished and heartbroken at her words. Two-Bit and Soda had to sit down, and Pony was on the brink of tears.

How could she be dead? I thought to myself. This is going to kill Dally.

"How could this have happened?" Steve said more to himself, then to us.

"Why did you guys have to go and do that?" I asked them.

"Do what?" Soda asked

"Mess with Bob's girl!"

"She was going to tell Randy that Bob was here." Steve said

"How do you know that?!" I said, "How do you know?" I said more quietly

"I better go break the news to Dally. Anyone care to join me?" I said, and no one moved. They just stayed where they were, not moving a muscle.

"Thought not." I said before trudging the stairs, knowing I was about to break Dally heart and possibly cause him to to do something insane.

Dally's POV

I was waiting for Darry to come back up after telling the boys to quiet down. Margaret still wasn't here yet. God! I wish she was here. I can't stand the waiting any longer. It was silent downstairs for about five minutes before I heard footsteps on the stairs. I stood up from the bed, hoping that Margaret had come. But when the door opened, Darry was alone. I sighed dissapointedly, then sat back down.

"So, what were the boys getting up to?" I asked him

Darry had a wary look on his face, then he said, "Bob's girl was downstairs."

"Cherry?" I asked

"Yeah, her."

"What did she want?"

"I don't know. The boys started attacking her and they made her really mad. But before she left she said something that put some things into perspective."

"What do you mean 'perspective'?"

Then he sat down next to me and looked me straight in the eyes, "She told us that Margaret's...dead."

At that moment, my entire world shattered. "No, she was lying. You're just messing with me, Darry, you're joking."

"No I'm not!" he said harshly. We were silent for a moment, and then he said something that completely changed my life. "Cherry said that Randy found out about you guys and shot her."

I felt tears streaming down my face. I suddenly felt empty, like nothing mattered anymore. Nothing. Then a thought came to mind. I stood up and ran down the stairs and out the front door. I was going to find Randy, then he could kill me, too.

"Randy!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. "Randy! Come and get me!" I ran towards the lot. "Come and get me too, Randy!" then I stopped an started to fall to my knees muttering, "Come and get me, too." I started to cry, something I had never thought that I would do.

I heard footsteps start coming my way, I thought that it was Randy answering my death wish. But, when I looked up, I saw the one face that I thought I would never see again. There she was, safe and sound, standing at the other end of the lot looking as beautiful as ever.

"Dally!" Margaret called out to me happily. I stood up quickly and started to run over to her.

"Margaret!" I called, but just as I was about to reach her, I heard a gun shot. The next thing I know, I felt a pain in my chest and I was falling to the ground.

Margaret's POV

I was making my way over to the Curtis place to meet up with Dally. God, why did that Lt. Shrank have to come now? Well, at least I sent Cherry to tell them that I would be a little late. As I was getting closer, I heard shouting. As I listened I realized that the voice sounded a lot like Dally. I started to run until I reached the lot and saw a figure on the other side hunched over. As I started to get closer, he put his head up and I saw that it was Dally. Immediately, a smile grew on my face and I called out to him.

"Dally!" I yelled. Then he stood up and started running over to me, and I started to run to him.

"Margaret!" he called. But just before he could reach me, there was a gun shot. Dally stopped and started falling towards the ground, but i caught him before his body collided with the concrete. In that moment, everything stopped. I couldn't think. All I knew was that Dally was just shot.

I laid him down and I felt the tears threatening to fall. I let them, and soon I heard footsteps running towards us.

"They wouldn't let us be." Dally struggles to say

"Then we'll get away." I say through the tears, "Hold my hand and I'll take you there. Remember our somewhere, our someday." I say as I take his hand. He squeezes my hand and he take his other hand and puts it on my face, I hold it there. He stares at me for a moment before his gorgeous brown eyes, closed forever. That's when I completely lost the little bit of sanity that I had left. I looked up, and everyone was standing there. Socs and Greasers. But what stood out to me, was Randy with a gun in his hand. I stand up, and slowly walk over to him. I hold my hand out for the gun and he reluctantly gives it to me.

"How do you fire this gun, Randy?" I say while looking over the gun, then I point it in his face as say "By pulling this little trigger!? How many bullets are left, Randy?" I ask him, "Enough for YOU?" I scream at him "Or YOU?" I say pointing to another Soc. "All of you!" I scream as I turn around pointing the gun at every one. "You ALL killed him! And my brother! And Johnny! Not with bullets and knives! With HATE! Well, I can kill now too, because now I have hate!" I rage while yelling at everyone. "How many can I kill, Randy? How many - and still have one bullet left for me?" I say as I point the gun at my own head. By now, the police had arrived. I recognized Lt. Shrank in front of them. He tried to make a move towards Dally's body but I wouldn't let him.

"No! Don't touch him!" I yelled at the officer as I crouched in front of Dally's body and dropped the gun. The lieutenant looked at me with pity. I knew that Dally's body had to be moved, and that I had to let him go. But, I know that I would never be the same after tonight. I looked down at Dally's face and I stroked his cheek. I pushed some of his hair off of his forehead, and I let another sob escape. I took a deep breath and slowly bent down toward him. I kissed his perfect lips one last time. As I pulled away I whispered to him, "I love you, Dally." I opened my eyes and slowly stood up. I took a step back and watched as Darry, Two-Bit, and Soda stepped forward and picked up his body. They started to have difficulty and two of the Socs stepped forward; George and Vince. They carried him out of the lot. Then everyone else started to disperse.

Pony came over to me and wrapped his arms around me. I cried into his shoulder and let him hug me. I felt tears on my shoulder as well and realized that Pony was crying, too. I know that even with Dally gone, that my true friends will always be the Greasers. Pony and I pulled away from each other and we watched as the police took Randy away and led him over to the police car where he was arrested. Pony then took my hand and asked me if I wanted to spend the night at his house with the other guys. I told him that I just wanted to be alone for a little bit.

"Okay, just know that our door is always open and there will always be a place for you there." he told me before he headed to his home.

I then began my walk home. I thought of all of the times I had with Dally; the sad times, and the amazing times. I knew that no one would ever be able to replace Dally. But as I unlocked the door I was hoping to never see again, I realized that that was a good thing.