House of Rangers

Chapter 1: Origins

Part I

A/N: AU Crossover with House of Anubis and Power Rangers Samurai. Nina Martin isn't exactly who everyone thinks she is. Everything is back to normal after finding the Mask of Anubis, but it isn't long after that when Nina gets the call for something she was dreading. Just when her life was getting good, she finds herself leaving for her home in Panorama City, California. She's happy to go back for the sake of seeing her older brother, who she shares a secret with.

Nina is a lot stronger than her housemates think. She never told them she was training in martial arts for something bigger than they could possibly imagine, and she wanted to keep it that way. Now that her two worlds of being the Chosen One and a samurai ranger are colliding, can she manage to keep the worlds a secret from the other? Will Sibuna find out about her being a power ranger, if they ever learn what exactly one is? Will her ranger teammates find out about her being the Chosen One and the rest of Sibuna?

For the young American at the British boarding school, this is going to be a long journey.

Set after Season Two finale of House of Anubis. For the sake of this story, the Anubis kids are seventeen or turning seventeen.

Couples: Nina/Fabian (Fabina), Amber/Alfie (Amfie), Eddie/Patricia (Peddie), Mike/Emily, Kevin/Mia, Jerome/Mara (Jara), maybe Joy/Mick (Moy).

Also, this story is going to be updated slower than the other ones I have out.

For those of you unfamiliar with House of Anubis: The best way I can summarize House of Anubis (seasons 1 and 2) is the following – House of Anubis is about an American girl named Nina who goes to a boarding school in England on a scholarship. She arrives the same day one of the students disappears. After meeting an old woman named Sarah and being given a locket, Nina finds herself becoming friends with Fabian and Amber (students), the three starting to solve a mystery that Patricia and Alfie (other students) soon become involved in as well. In season one, Nina is what is known as the Chosen One, born on the 7th day of the 7th month at the 7th hour, and only she can assemble the Cup of Ankh. In season two, another mystery is revealed where they have to find the Mask of Anubis, and a new character, Eddie (another American), is discovered at the end to be the Osirion, the Chosen One's protector, in a sense. Sibuna is the name of their little club that solves the mysteries.

If you like mystery, you should definitely watch it.

Disclaimer: I only own things not originally in either show.

Nina Martin held one too many secrets for an almost seventeen year old. To start, she had been living most of her life with her Gran in America, in a small city that had extremely good protection. Her Gran had been training her to become a samurai, one who would one day become a defender of the world as a power ranger. That wasn't all, though. She knew she would be fighting alongside her older brother, who was going to lead the team. She hadn't seen her brother since he was five and she was three. Nina had very little memory of her last day with her brother, but she knew he was going to be there for her, no matter what.

As she grew up, she learned more about her destiny to become the orange samurai ranger, controlling the element of fire, just like her brother. Her Gran told her all about the samurai life and helped her train. She learned more about the power ranger culture, learning the different terms and rules, especially the most sacred three rules there were: never escalate a battle, never use the powers for personal gain, and never ever reveal your identity or risk losing the protection of the power. Every ranger that ever was followed these three rules, even if there were some public identity teams.

Then the time came when she was accepted to the boarding school in England on a scholarship, and that's when her life took a turn filled with many secrets. She had made sure to keep her ocelot folding zord hidden, which wasn't that hard to do, considering it took the shape of an octagon when not active. Her zord was her best friend until she moved to England and met her housemates. Nina was the closest with her boyfriend Fabian, and her roommate Amber, but she had grown closer to Patricia and Alfie, and she had a feeling she would become friends with Eddie after the last mystery where he had saved her.

Her life at Anubis had been hectic, at least. It started her first day of classes, when she ran into an old woman by the name of Sarah Frobisher-Smythe, who gave her an Eye of Horus locket. The locket had allowed her to unlock all the mysteries of Anubis house, and thanks to help of Fabian, Amber, Patricia, and Alfie, the Sibuna gang as Amber had dubbed them, they were able to uncover everything. Within the two years Nina was there, they had managed to find and assemble the Cup of Ankh and the Mask of Anubis, which helped get rid of one of their enemies.

Nina Martin was the Chosen One.

Now, things were as normal as they could possibly get at Anubis house. It was only the second semester of the year, and things were going great. Nina and Fabian were the happy couple, and Amber was more than glad to see Fabina together. Victor didn't seem as harsh since the end of the second mystery. Multiple couples had formed, such as Jerome and Mara, Patricia and Eddie, and Amber and Alfie. The only two not currently dating were Joy and Mick, but Amber knew that wouldn't last long.

Everyone was eating the wonderful dinner Trudy had made for them. Then again, everything she cooked was delicious. They were all sitting around the table, finishing the meal.

Their meal was interrupted when a thud echoed through the house, sounding as if it came from outside.

Everyone turned their heads toward the front door, trying to see if it was anything near there. A moment later, Trudy walked in, holding an arrow with an orange tail and a paper with a strange symbol on it attached. Nina recognized it immediately as the call that she was needed. "It appears someone shot this at the house," Trudy spoke.

"Who would do that?" Patricia frowned. "I mean, why here?"

"I wanna know what exactly it means," Jerome added. Secretly, the Sibuna members shared a look, Nina knowing what they were thinking. Eddie seemed to be deep in thought about it.

Nina knew this would be difficult.

Later that night, when most people were downstairs hanging out after dinner, Nina was in her and Amber's room, packing what she knew she would need. She was going to have the rest of her things shipped to her Gran's place. She had already called the older woman and told her that it was happening, and she understood. Everything was all set for Nina to leave in the middle of the night when everyone would be sleeping. The dirty blonde found herself regretting packing. She didn't want to leave, but she knew she had to. This was something she could not ignore.

A knock at her door caused her to pause in her actions. "Who is it?" she asked.

"Eddie," the other American in the house replied. "Can I come in? I need to talk to you about something." Nina walked over and opened the door and let him in, shutting it behind him.

"What do you need to talk about?" she asked, standing.

"That arrow was meant for you, wasn't it?" he asked. Nina looked a bit shocked that he could figure that out. No one was supposed to know, and she didn't think anyone would. Of course, she knew questions would arise, but she hoped no one would figure it out. "I mean, I know it wasn't meant for me, and none of the others know the symbol, and you're up here packing…"

"How do you know the symbol?" Nina narrowed her eyes, wondering.

"My cousin is supposed to be one too," Eddie stated. "She's supposed to be yellow."

Nina let out a sigh of relief. "At least someone will understand then. I really don't want to do this."

"Yeah," Eddie scoffed. "Sounds like it wouldn't be all that fun."

"But if I don't do it, who will?" she asked. "It's something passed down from generation to generation. I can't ignore it."

"How do you plan on getting out of here?" the other American wondered.

"I've got it covered," she assured.

Eddie had another idea. "What about saying goodbye to the others? There's no way any of them will understand any of this."

"Just trust that I have it covered, okay?" Nina pleaded. "Now if you don't mind, I have to finish packing. As soon as it's lights out, I'm outta here." Eddie nodded and walked out, shutting the door behind him. Nina let out another sigh. She was glad at least one person would understand that this was going to be hard. She had no idea how exactly to explain her sudden disappearance to the others. She feared they would think it was like what happened to Joy during Nina's first year.

Getting an idea, she found a notebook and a pen and began to write, momentarily forgetting she still needed to finish packing.

Morning found Nina back in America. She was finally home, in Panorama City, where she belonged. She regretted having to leave so abruptly, but it was the only way for her to. She had managed to send her goodbyes, and she knew her friends would find them in the morning when they woke up. She wasn't sure exactly when, given the time difference. The way she said goodbye wasn't exactly the most ideal way of doing so, but it was the only way she could think of that would help her explain it, if she could explain it at all.

Her flight had gotten in earlier in the morning, granting the time difference didn't help matters. Her Gran had picked her up and told her all that she needed to know, before dropping her off where she needed to be. Nina found herself wandering around the city, trying to find where exactly she was needed. She was trying to recall where her home of three years was, which was hard to do. She had a very vague memory of the place, considering she was three the last time she saw it.

As she walked, she noticed two people standing outside of an SUV that had a certain symbol on it, one she recognized. She spotted the African American guy wearing a swim cap, a zipped up light blue sweatshirt, and black sweat pants. The girl, she noticed, had long black hair and was wearing a grey sweatshirt with a pink shirt underneath and black jeans. Before she could make her presence noticed, she saw a petite girl with curly blonde hair down to her shoulders wearing a yellow top and blue jeans run toward the two.

Nina neared the three, catching the end of the blonde's words. "Are you the red ranger?" she asked the guy in blue. Nina reached the group as the guy in blue spoke.

"No, I'm blue."

The other girl spotted Nina and looked to her. "Are you the red ranger?"

"Orange," Nina corrected. Before she could say another thing, they were interrupted.

"You guys must be my peeps." They turned to find a guy in a white t-shirt, green jacket, and jeans speaking to them and stepping closer.

"You're the red ranger?" the guy in blue frowned.

The guy in green scoffed. "No, I'm mighty green." A horse whinnying caught their attention. All five turned to find someone Nina knew very well. Sitting upon a white horse was a tall, light brown haired man, a couple years older than Nina, wearing a red plaid shirt with a black shirt underneath and jeans. "With an entrance like that, you have to be the red ranger."

"Yes," Jayden held up the lion folding zord, Nina finally glad to see something familiar. "I am the red ranger."

"We're your team of samurai," the guy in blue stepped forward.

"Let me warn you now," Jayden began. "If you follow me, there is no turning back. Either we defeat the Nighlok together, or they will take over the world. I will give these," he hopped off the horse and reached into the bag, pulling out their samurizers. "Only to those who are ready to accept the challenge. Do not accept because you were trained to do so. Accept only if you are willing to commit and fight as samurai power rangers with all your heart."

Subconsciously, Nina grabbed her locket that Sarah had given her. She held it for a brief moment, knowing there was no turning back. Like she had told Eddie, if she didn't do this and help save the world, then who would? She had been training her whole life for this, and it would've been pointless if she were to do all that training only to walk away from it now.

"Without hesitation," the guy in blue agreed.

"I've been planning for this since I was a little girl," the taller of the three girls nodded. "So yes."

"I'm ready to give it all I've got," the other blonde agreed. Nina couldn't find the words to speak, so all she did was nod.

"Okay okay," the final guy rolled his eyes. "Do we have to be so formal? Let's do this thing." Jayden tossed them their samurizers, everyone catching their own.

"Let's go," he ordered.

"That's enough!" Jayden shouted as he and the other five stood at the top of a series of steps, seeing the Nighlok monster terrorize people and letting moogers attack the area. The Nighlok looked up at them, grinning that they finally showed up. Nina had no idea what to think. She knew this would happen, but she didn't think it had gotten this bad. All five stood in their uniforms that were outlined in their color.

"Well, it's about time," the Nighlok huffed. "Oh come on. Who are you punks?"

"We're the samurai rangers," Jayden stated. "Samurizer…"

"Go Go Samurai!" With everyone on the same page, they traced their symbols and spun them, morphing. Nina was shocked by the rush of power flowing through her. It was a sort of power she couldn't describe, kind of how she couldn't describe the powers of her locket. All of them stood tall and strong. "Samurai Ranger, ready. Rangers together, samurai forever!"

The Nighlok didn't want to waste time. "Moogers, get them!" The creatures charged as the six rangers ran down the steps, leaping into battle. All of them separated and gathered a group of moogers for them to take down. Nina stuck close to Jayden, hoping to maybe get some much needed info out of him. Then again, knowing him, she doubted he would say much.

Kevin was handling his own group of moogers rather well. Emily was holding her own in her fight, but they could tell she was struggling slightly. Mike didn't really have a strategy other than knocking down anything that didn't look human, as it appeared to Nina. Mia was doing just as good as everyone else. However, Nina and Jayden soon found themselves starting to be backed into a wall.

"Is this the best you can do?" the red ranger asked, instantly regretting it as moogers with bows and arrows took the place of regular moogers. The army of these moogers took aim and fired at the two, Nina and Jayden dodging the arrows swiftly and deflecting some with their spin swords. The other four managed to regroup around them.

"There's dozens of them," Emily observed.

"Yeah, but we can hold them off," Kevin assured.

"But they keep coming," Mia pointed out.

Jayden looked to Nina, who caught his glance through the helmets and the two nodded. "We will help you," the older of the two spoke. "Hang tight."

"Guys, we can do this together," Nina added. She and Jayden spun the discs on their swords, calling forth their weapons. "Fire Chucks!" The orange ranger's weapon was a set of nunchucks, which she knew how to use rather well.

"Fire Smasher!" Jayden followed. Both swung as the others ducked, making sure not to be hit. The two ran off into the army of moogers and began fighting once more.

"Wow," Emily blinked. "They're incredible!"

Kevin agreed. "Yeah, but there's too many of them. Come on. We got to help them out." All of them ran back into battle, changing their spin swords into their weapons. Kevin used his Hydro Bow to take down the moogers from a distance. Mia used her Sky Fan to blow them away. Emily used her Earth Slicer to chop the moogers away. Mike finished off using his Forest Spear to knock them back.

After a rather good ending to their first fight, all of the rangers found themselves making their way back to the Shiba house. Nina was trying to organize her thoughts, which kept jumping from one thing to another. She would start off thinking about her friends back at Anubis house, which would somehow lead her to thinking about how awkward it would be to once again be living in her old home. If she started off thinking about the fight they just finished, in which they destroyed the Nighlok, she would end up thinking about the mysteries she had solved at Anubis house.

Everyone else, well, most of the others, were gushing about their victory in destroying their first Nighlok. The only one as quiet as Nina at the moment was Jayden, who was walking slightly behind her. Nina found herself walking slightly behind the others, not bothering to pay attention to the conversation in front of her. However, before they knew it, they were walking inside the gates to the Shiba house. As soon as she caught sight of familiar surroundings, Nina couldn't help but look around outside.

"What a rush," Emily broke them all free of their thoughts. "We did good."

"Piece of cake," Mike agreed.

"We could have never done it without each other," Jayden stated.

"Thank you for leading us into battle," Kevin thanked.

Ji exited from the house, and Nina couldn't help but smile when she recognized him. "Bravo," he greeted. "Such energy, such grace."

"Who is that?" Mike asked.

"This is Ji," Jayden answered. "Our mentor."

"Welcome to your new home," Ji continued. "You've all come from different places and families, but share one noble goal. I'm very proud of how you've come together."

"We just followed some good advice and worked as a team," Jayden explained.

Ji nodded. "Yes, but you are not just any team. You are the samurai rangers."

They all smiled and turned toward one another, getting the same idea.

"Rangers together, samurai forever!"

A/N: As I said, this is a Crossover between House of Anubis and Power Rangers Samurai. Many things should become clearer as this story goes on and on and on. So what'll happen next?