House of Rangers

Chapter 40: House of Heroes

A/N: Last time, the rangers had their final battle. In the end, everything turned out how it should, and everything was all right. Then again, the rangers did have their identities exposed, but they're learning to deal with it. There's nothing they can do about that. So now that it's time for them to say goodbye, what'll happen? What's gonna happen when Nina reappears at Anubis House?

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This is set at the season finale of both shows, so yeah.

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The previous night had been filled with the rangers celebrating their victory. On their way back to the Shiba house, they had ended up speaking to reporters, but saying very little as far as certain things went. Unfortunately for them, there was no hiding now, and the world knew exactly who the samurai rangers were. The city had returned to normal, but there were still a lot of people who were celebrating the rangers' victory as well. As Mike had predicted, they also ended up on the news, their identities and all.

It was now morning, and Jayden, Lauren, and Nina stood in the hallway to the common room. The rangers were all getting ready to go their own way, having sworn the previous night to visit and stay in touch no matter where they might be. As Nina planned, she was going to return to England to finish up school, and Lauren was going with her to live in England and get to know her sister better.

"We couldn't have done it without you, sis," Jayden smiled as he hugged Lauren. "I wish you guys could stay."

"Jayden, we're a family again," Lauren stated, wrapping an arm around both her younger siblings. "You're gonna see us plenty."

"Here," Ji grabbed the girls' bags. "Let me help you with those."

"Don't you want to say goodbye to the others?" Jayden wondered.

Nina nodded. "I already did. Besides, we have to catch an eight hour flight and a four hour train ride. We can't miss either."

"I'm not very good at goodbyes," Lauren admitted. "Besides, we'll be back for Christmas, and you'll be coming up for Nina's graduation in June, and then we'll be sure to visit."

"Don't worry," Jayden understood. "I'll handle it." Nina gave her brother one last hug as Lauren kissed his cheek, and the two girls left.

Lauren and Nina had an early flight to England. On the way, Nina had told Lauren all about her life at Anubis House, the people in it, and what she knew now of it. Laruen seemed intrigued by the whole thing, and understood what the younger girl meant in some of her letters. The blonde had also helped her sister come up with a way to surprise her housemates that she was back.

Over at Anubis House, however, things had been a little chaotic. The Sibuna members had just defeated yet another enemy and solved another mystery. They had spent most of the day cleaning up the school, since it had been left a mess. Robert Frobisher-Smythe was how he should be, on the side of good and old. Eddie and KT managed to stop his evil rampage before it was too late, and now, everything was good again.

When they got back to the house, Trudy greeted them all at the door. "No one is allowed upstairs," she stated right away.

"Why?" Patricia frowned. "Is something wrong?"

"We're getting some new furniture installed and it would be done quicker if none of you went up there," Trudy replied. "Now, go clean up the best you can, and then come to the kitchen for some snacks. I'm sure you've all had a busy day. Come on, I even made my famous Ooey Gooey Chocolate Mess cake." She left them alone, heading back into the kitchen.

"Is it me, or does she seem happier than usual?" Alfie wondered. "She's hiding something."

"For once, it's not just you," Jerome stated. They all went to do as Trudy asked. When they returned, some of them went to grab food to eat while others gathered around the TV to watch something.

Fabian turned on the TV, and the first thing shown was a picture of the power rangers on a news show with the headline "Power Ranger Identities Revealed!" flashing across the bottom of the screen. "Hey, guys, come here," he called, and everybody else in the house gathered around to watch as Fabian turned the volume up.

"In more world news," the reporter went on. "Yet another team of Power Rangers has had their identities accidentally revealed during the final battle. Citizens quickly discovered the identity of the Samurai rangers right after they destroyed their enemy for good and saved the world once again."

"Why are we watching this?" Joy wondered.

"Shh!" Patricia, Eddie, and Fabian shushed, the nerd turning the volume up.

"Red ranger, Jayden Shiba," the reporter gave the identities. "His sister and orange ranger, Nina Martin…"

The other names became lost on everyone as Nina's picture was shown on the screen next to one of the orange ranger. Everyone who didn't know had wide eyes, while Willow and KT were confused.

"Wait," Mara began. "Is that why Nina left?"

"This is actually real?" Alfie demanded.

"Nina's a power ranger?" Joy added.

"Yes, yes, and yes," Eddie answered. "That is why Nina left out of the blue, and that's why she didn't exactly stay in touch with us. And yes, this is real."

A while later and it was suddenly night time. The girls still weren't allowed upstairs, but they had managed to change into more comfortable clothes and whatnot. Alfie was trying to make amends with Willow. Mara and Joy were talking to one another at one end of the table. Jerome sat by himself on the couch. The rest of Sibuna was at their usual end of the table.

"Eddie told me about how you guys really looked out for each other," Patricia spoke. "Whilst I was away."

"Yeah," KT nodded. "We made a good team."

"Well, thank you for looking after him," Patricia thanked. She then turned to Fabian. "Can you get a hold of her?"

"No," Fabian shook ahead. "Nina's not answering."

Eddie rolled his eyes. "I don't expect her to. The team is probably being bombarded with reporters and such."

"Your attention please," Victor called as he walked into the room. "I must inform you that Founder's Day celebrations have been cancelled. However, Mr. Sweet and I…have decided to go ahead and have the party anyway."

That earned cheers from everyone as they all moved to get ready.

Everyone was at the party, and all the couples were as happy as they could be. Joy and Jerome had patched things up in their odd relationship, and Alfie had managed to patch things up with Willow. Patricia still felt a little jealous over Eddie, despite the two currently dating again. The only ones in the house currently single were Mara and KT, since Fabian and Nina were trying the long distance thing and everyone knew it.

Fireworks were currently going off, and Fabian was still trying to get a hold of Nina. He stood kind of near the back of the crowd, hoping to not have a lot of noise.

Nina, who had been in England for the afternoon and was already set to move back into Anubis house, spotted Fabian and quietly moved over to him, thankful everyone else's attention was on the fireworks. She saw Fabian on the phone and heard hers ringing, assuming he was calling her. She walked up behind him, smiling. "I'm not gonna answer it."

Fabian, surprised at hearing the voice, turned around. He was blocking her from everyone else's view. "Nina!" He threw his arms around her, pulling her into a hug. Nina chuckled as they broke it. "When did you get back?"

"Earlier today," she smiled. "I couldn't stand being away from here for another minute, so my sister and I got the earliest flight out, and here I am."

"So you're the reason why Trudy's been happier than usual today," Fabian realized. "And why she didn't let anyone go upstairs."

"I wanted my return to be a surprise," she shrugged.

"Well, just so you know, everyone knows about you being a ranger," Fabian warned her. "It was on the world news. They're going to have a lot of questions."

Nina smiled. "I'll deal with those later." With that, she and Fabian kissed.

Mara had just finished threatening Jerome about hurting Joy. Eddie and Patricia were now a good couple again. KT was talking to Mara while the couples were doing their own thing. Well, she was until KT noticed Fabian with someone she didn't recognize. "Hey, who's that with Fabian?" Alfie, Willow, and Mara, who were near her, all turned and saw the same thing.

Alfie immediately recognized the girl. "Holy amazeballs! It's the American!" he shouted, bolting over to where Fabian and Nina were. The two, having heard his shout, broke their kiss just in time for Alfie to crush Nina in a huge hug. The other Anubis House members also heard it and turned, surprised. When they saw Nina hugging Alfie, they all ran over to her.

"Nina!" Mara greeted, surprised. "You're back!"

"And here to stay," Nina chuckled as she and Mara hugged. Nina took turns giving everyone a hug.

"Is it true?" Jerome asked. "Did you really leave to go fight mutant freaks?"

"Yes," Nina rolled her eyes. "I did. And I can prove it." She dug out her samurizer and flipped it open before drawing a symbol in the air, telling the others that they might want to step back. "We use these to morph, and the symbols can create anything we want them to." She cast the symbol, and confetti started to rain down on them from out of nowhere.

Fabian realized something. "Oh, Nina, this is KT and Willow. They live in Anubis House now."

"Nice to meet you," Nina shook KT and Willow's hands. She had heard about them, but never actually met them. "So… what's this giant celebration for?"

"Founder's Day party," Fabian answered.

They all turned their attention back to the fireworks.

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