Author's Note: I like this game enough to make a fic. Sorry in advance if my OC seems like a Mary-Sue or if people sound out of character. Also, this is my first ever Author's Note, so if I'm doing it wrong, tell me. Please R&R! Flames will be to power my train of thought, or for roasting marshmallows!

Disclaimer: If i owned Fusion Fall, they would still be updating it, at least for holidays. In other words, I don't own it, Cartoon Network does.

Jane sat at her computer, playing her favorite game. Fusion Fall. She was just about to complete the mission she had been working on when a short power surge caused her computer to black out. She frowned at the dark screen, then checked her watch and noticed how late it was. She turned off the lights and headed to bed. The computer screen began to glow an eerie green, electricity jumping around it. Something fell out of the screen. Red eyes pierced the darkness.

A/N: It's short, I know, other chapters will be longer. This is just a prologue. Review!