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Normal Pov

Just another day in the beautiful kingdom known as the fiore the sun was shining and the birds were chirping all until GRAY YOU ATE MY CAKE!

Now we go down to the heartphilia castle where 3 little kids are just making trouble.

Erza-nee, gray-san please don't fight said our little heroine of the story Lucy heartphilia. She has shoulder length golden blond hair that makes the sun jealous, chocolate brown eyes that could warm the coldest heart and finally she is wearing a normal long orange dress with short sleeves.

It wasn't my fault Lucy that idiot ate my cake so now he has to pay with his life! This is Erza scarlet one of the royal knights even at a young age this scarlet haired mage is tough enough to take down 10 knights in one swing of her sword but she is still in training because she is only 8. Erza has long shoulder length scarlet hair witch she usually puts in a braid with beautiful brown eyes. The unusual thing is that she always has her armor on no matter what as well as a sword she also uses re-exiquip armor and weapons that is her magic. Oh and she has an obsession with cake and other pastries any body who messes with her and her cake never lives to tell the tale.

Now finally the striper we all know and love Gray Fullbuster knight in training his specialty is ice make magic. He has short raven black hair and deep dark blue eyes that could perice a mans very soul if he threatens his nakama just like Erza.

OI erza I keep on telling you I didn't eat your cake.

This is were the story begins now lets continue. Said Gray

Lucy's Pov

As I continue to watch erza-nee beat up gray-san to a bloody pulp I start to get bored and decide to walk around the estate.

Normal pov

As the little princess walks away from the knight who was currently killing the ice child she starts to go to the place where she usually goes to think and play when her violent sorta sister and brother acts like this. The magnoloia forest.


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