Hey! This is kinda sad, and really short, but I'm sick and have nothing to do in bed with a sore throat and a bad headache. This is in CP Coulter's Dalton-verse.

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There are two days a year that the Twins disappear. The boys in Windsor wondered why, but their questions always died on their tongues when the Brightmans returned. Each year, on the 16th of January and the 28th of March, the two leave without a trace for the full day, only to come back the next day, slightly subdued and more attached than ever. Their freshman year, Charlie asked, but the Twins simply stared at him and walked away.

The Windsors wondered, of course, but they never asked. Instead, they went about their daily business, hoping that the twinkle in the Twins' eye would reappear soon. Inevitably, the twins were back to their normal selves soon enough, and life returned to normal. The Twins knew they wondered, but did nothing to explain, knowing that they would forget soon.

The year passed, and the 16th came. Once again, the inhabitants of Windsor house awoke in a quiet house, the Twins nowhere to be found. Everyone exchanged glances as they had the previous years. They all wondered where the duo went, but still knew that they wouldn't find out unless they were told.

Unbeknownst to them, Evan and Ethan Brightman were five hundred miles away. They wore dark green shirts and blue jeans and were kneeling on the grass quietly. Finishing pulling grass off of a shiny stone, Evan sat on the right side of it, and Ethan sat on the left. They each held a piece of chocolate cake. One had mint chocolate chip ice cream, the other had strawberry, and a third cake rested in front of the gravestone, fork waiting to be used on the edge of the plate, cookies and cream ice cream melting slightly. A small candle was stuck in each piece, and Evan lit them without a word. At the same moment, they whispered, "Happy Birthday," and blew out the candle. The third stayed lit.

The light reflected slightly on the engraved stone that read:

Eyan Lucas Brightman

Beloved Son and Brother

January 16th, 1993- March 28th, 2002

The boys' thoughts were filled with memories of a third blonde boy, who loved chocolate cake and cookies n' cream ice cream. Who was their best friend from day one. Who loved green. Who loved pranking. Who hated fighting. Who was in a terrible accident on March 28th, when both Evan and Ethan had been sick. Who had been separated from them so that he wouldn't get sick too. Who didn't see the car coming until it was too late. Who the doctors said died on impact. Who didn't feel any pain. The doctors never said that about the two brokenhearted brothers who were left behind.

After March 28th, Evan and Ethan never left each other's side.