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A beam of sun shines in the girl's face, waking her. She opens her eyes and squints, then she smiles.

Standing over her is the love of her life. "Hey...Riku..." She murmurs. He grins a little. The girl sits up, leaning back on her forearms. She takes in her surroundings:

A spotless, white room. Blinding white bedsheets. Strange, beeping silver machines.

"Riku...where am I?" She asks, very confused.

He shifts his weight, putting his hands in his pockets.

"The hospital." He mumbles.

The girl winces. "Geostigma?" The disease that had plagued her everyday. It had been getting worse, and she was afraid.

Riku nods.

The ravenette covers her face with her hands, devastated.

Her boyfriend sits down beside her, holds her in his arms.

"It'll be ok Xion." He tells her quietly.

She looks up into his face, tears rolling slowly down her face. But instead of seeing his electric teal eyes, she sees sad blue ones.

She is seeing another boy!

He has gravity-defying dirty blonde hair, a fair complexion, perfect except for the hardly-healed gash down his cheek. The black rings of insomnia circle his irises.

Xion gasps. The boy's unfamiliar face morphs into Riku's. He knits his brow, concerned.

"What's wrong?"

She blinks. "I-um...nothing." A small smile. "Heh heh, you cut your hair." She reaches up and ruffles his silvery tresses.

Riku opens his mouth to say something, bur is interrupted by a loud BEEP BEEP BEEP.

Xion looks over and sees her lifeline go flat.

"No, Xion!" Riku yells. The girl is confused. She's still alive, Riku can see that.

Suddenly, Riku evaporates into nothing. Xion screams.


Even though this is the second story in this series, and you should know all this (because who reads the sequel to a book they've never read?) I'll introduce myself anyway.

My name is Roxas Fair. I'm a Nobody. That's the name I thought of for my 'kind', I guess. I'm part SOLDIER, which is a group of genetically-engineered super humans, and part Centra, a race of people born to protect the worlds and all their inhabitants. On top of that, I wield this weapon called the Keyblade.

Cool, right?

Uh. No.

The reason I call myself a Nobody is because there's no one in existence that knows who I am. I had to erase my best friend's memory of me, and by doing so I caused a chain reaction. Now, nobody remembers me.

Get it?

Back to the present.

I'm standing on the ledge at the top of the clock tower. The sun is setting, so everything is gold and red and orange.

I take off my black gloves and look at my left hand. I'm left-handed, so my Keyblade appears in that hand. After countless summons, my palm is scratched-up and scarred. The Keyblade doesn't just 'fit' into my hand, it comes the way it wants. Even if that means the handle ends up carving into my palm.

I hold my hand up, the scars in sharp relief in the crimson light of the sun.

Suddenly, I feel what seems to be a brick wall slam into my back.

I'm falling.

I don't scream, I know better than that. But fear? Yeah, that's there. As I fall, everything starts to fade to white.

I hit the ground, hard.


My eyes fly open. I sit up quickly and look around. Where am I?!


I'm in my bedroom, of course. I sigh loudly and flop back down on my pillow.

"The same dream..." I mumble. It has been a year since I woke up from that coma, a year since I saw that boy, instead of Riku. And every day since then, I have had the dream.

I glance at the clock. It reads 6:27. I groan and get out of bed. How is it possible that on a school day, I want to sleep till noon, but on a Saturday, I'm suddenly an early bird?

As I slump to the kitchen, I hear the tv and the loud clanging of pots and pans.

"Dad?" I yawn, appearing in the door.

My dad stands in front of the oven, cooking...something.

My mom left when I was about nine years old. So it was just me and my dad.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

"Hey, Xi-bunny." Dad says, turning away from the eggs on the stove.

I purse my lips. "Don't call me that..." I whine. Dad chuckles and musses my hair.

"Well...I could call you..." He starts.

I put my hands over my ears. "No...not my full name!"

I close my eyes tight.

"Xionettila Bito!"


I wake up on a wooden surface. Splinters push into my fingers, but I can't move. My eyes are still closed.

Then I hear the strangest sound:

"Dammit Angeal! Didcha have to push my son offa building?!"

Is that my dad...?

"Cloud, you've got a flower in your hair."


"Kairi, do my feet look big?"

But he's...

"Aqua, where're my-?"

"On your head, Reno."


"You're such a pain in the-!"


"Is my baby ok?"

I hear light, tapping footsteps. I make myself open my eyes.

And I see my mother.


Dad and I eat breakfast in unusual silence. I open my mouth to break it but instead of words, I hear a car pull up.

I hop up and look out the window. It's Riku! I step outside. "I'll be right there!"

The window is already rolled down so I hear him laugh and say "Nice pj's!"

I run inside, then to my room, where I throw on some grey shorts and a red shirt that says M&Ms on the back.

I have no time to brush my teeth, so I shove about five sticks of mint gum into my mouth and run out the door.

"Bye dad!" I yell as I bolt past.

"Bye sweetheart." He says.

I zoom out to Riku's dark blue Mercury Cougar, ripping open the passenger side door.

"Is there somewhere you have to be?" He asks.

I smooth my hair down and exhale, finally able to.

"No, I just uh..." I try to say I just felt rushed, but no words come. I'm wrenched backwards into...



I sit up and look around. It seems I'm in that church. The one my mom used to live in. Surrounding me are people I never thought I'd see ever again.



Cloud sits leaning against the end of an old pew. A young woman and young man I recognize as Aqua and Reno stand next to the stage, Reno's arm around Aqua's waist. Sora and Kairi sit together on one of the few pews (I made a rhyme!) not toppled over, their hands clasped between them. Jessie is next to Cloud, staring at him sadly.

Mom is next to me, grass in her hair. I'm lying next to the garden. Dad is across from us, standing beside a very tall, very serious-looking man with long black hair.

I look around, confused. Then I look to my mother for an explanation.

"This is your Promised Land, Roxas." She says.

I stare at her and am about to ask her what that meant, but she went ahead and explained.

"This is sort of what you imagine Heaven to be like. Even if you don't know it."


I again look around at my dead friends and family.

I take a deep breath and say

"Yes Sora, your feet are huge."


I open my eyes and find myself balancing on the tiny ledge on the clock tower.

How I know that, I have no clue.

I look to my right and see the blonde boy. Scarless, a small, blissful smile on his face. His eyes are closed and the wind causes his hair to wave.

I have no will of my own, so when I clutch at his white and red shirt, I do not mean it.

"Is this safe?!" I yell, without any control over the words.

He opens his sorrow-less eyes and looks at me, cocking his head.

"Do you trust me?" He asks in a quiet voice.

I blink and slip my hand into his.

I open my mouth to reply, but then I'm pulled back, to the real world.




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