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DiZ pulls the trigger.

The glowing bullet shoots out of the steel barrel and zooms towards Roxas at a terrible speed.

He doesn't stand a chance.

Fear shoots through his heart a split second before the bullet pierces it. He gasps, falling back. His head strikes the concrete floor and cracks, making death come quicker, but that second before the darkness is the most painful time of his life.


Roxas opens his eyes and looks around. He's in his Promised Land.

Thick mist surrounds his mother's flower garden, making it impossible to see anything outside of it.

A dark-haired lady in white robes glides out of the mist. She stops in front of Roxas and regards him coldly.

With her proud eyes and regal expression, Roxas has to resist the urge to bow to her and say, "Your Majesty."

"Roxas Storm Fair?" She asks, and Roxas cringes. No one has used his middle name since he broke the sink faucet when he was five. The name "Storm" was kind of a joke from Cloud. He was Roxas's godfather, so Zack let him pick the baby's middle name.

Cloud had a sick sense of humor.

"Am I dead?" Roxas murmurs.

The black-haired lady nods. "Yes." And with no explination

The lady reaches out and touches Roxas's forehead. She closes her eyes and Roxas stands there, staring up cross-eyed at her fingertip.

He doesn't know how long they stay like that, but after...a long time, she opens her eyes and moves her finger.

The lady nods. "Yes. You are a proven hero."

She turns to the right and Roxas follows suit. White double doors materialize out of the fog and open. Past their threshold is a wide, pale blue staircase framed by lemon clouds leads up into rosy mist.

The lady puts her hand on Roxas's back and begins to slowly lead him to the doorway.

"W-where does that go?" Roxas stutters, pointing at the stairs.

"Anywhere you want." The woman says. "A beautiful modern city...a ranch where the stars are bright as the moon...A warm beach where it never rains..."

That snaps Roxas back to the reality he has just left. "Beach...Xion!" He rips away from the lady and gasps, "I have to go back!"

She crosses her arms over her chest and the silk sleeves flow to the floor like shimmering water. "You cannot. You are dead. Now go."

And that's when Roxas tries to run.

He makes it about two feet before he slams into an invisible wall. Strong, unseen arms grab his wrist and pull him back.

"No! No, let me go! I have to save her!" He screams as the invisible men drag him through the pearly doors.

The last thing he sees before they slam is the woman, watching him icily.


Roxas wakes up on a beautiful, white sandy beach. A coconut tree shades him from the egg-yolk sun. Crystal water the color of Xion's eyes flows over his sneakers.



He jumps up and looks around, a fever-like heat burning behind his eyes. "Xion!" He screams at the cloudless sky.

"I'm sorry! I'm so so sorry!"

He falls to the ground and covers his face with his hands.


His head jerks up. "X-Xion?"

Roxas, please...don't blame yourself.

Her voice swirls around him like a gentle wind.

"But...it's my fault. I couldn't save you."

No...it was my choice. Roxas...

Just let go.

He can't believe what he's hearing. Let go?

Don't worry...I'll be with you soon.

That sentence fills him with both happiness and anguish.


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