LOL,my first fic. I don't expect this fic. to turn out any good at all. But this is more like a practice will surely help me out a lot and i'll read 'em all=)


He was born to just please and serve others from the day he was conceived. Nothing more than a adornment and child bearer, nothing more, nothing less. Feeling his life to just put smiles on other faces, never to adorn one on his.

Here is a layout of his life. Or mostly is coming to existing in this world. His father owned a huge amount of land. Acres, NO! enough land to reach one side of the mountains across a vast valley of green to a huge lake, creating a country. But to insure that he kept his land and his family and their future children and so on. He was to please the king, Odin or as others call him Allfather. By giving one of his children to become a future bride to Odin's young son, Thor. Problem was that he only had two sons which were Býleistr and Helblindi. And attempting to bear a female was challenging if he didn't know of an easier way of bring forth one. But to his advantage (at the moment, not knowing what the future held in store for him or his yet to be born "daughter")he knew of a way to concieve a female with out much delay. He went to these witches who gave him a rare deadly potion. The potion was to be used on the mother, giving her a daughter the next time she was to conceive a child.

Everthing was going fine until the day she was to bring forth the the child. The process was rather difficult leaving her weak and on the brink of death. And both of them expecting a healthy infant daughter. Was devastated when the child was revealed to be a small baby boy. Heartbroken the mother couldn't hold onto life any longer, leaving her two boys, yet unnamed child and her husband. Deciding to name the infant, he called him Loki (author note: I'm ah gonna name my kid that=P!). But being a coward he was, he sent one of his sons to send the news to the king and one good out view which was that loki like females was able to bear children as well. Leaving a teenage helblindi to stay and aid his father. Not returning for some time, there was a kings messenger holding a letter. Giving the letter to laufey, he read:

Dear Laufey,

I have heard your predicament from your once living son. Which brings me to another point.. I will still accept your son and take the burden of raising him away from you. Also insuring your land is yours and your future descendents. Give forth the child to the messenger and I wish you the best of luck for your new country,Jötunheimr.

~AllFather odin

Sending his son away with the minion. Turning away viewing his new permanent land with a grin on his selfish face. Not even to say a goodbye to his newborn son, leaving loki's fate now in the hands of odin. Probably never to see him again. For he had no use in a weak, petite child who would only bring him trouble which he already did. Costing the life of his eldest son.

And so begins the life of loki, future bride to young prince thor. As he is also called, young trickster for his notorious pranks and mayhem he caused. A mistake with a greater purpose to his life.