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Chapter 4

Today was Thor's twentieth birthday and Loki has no clue what to give him. Odin had given him earlier in the day a hammer called Mjöllnir. He said it had mystical powers and was specially designed for Thor. But Loki did not have time to think about Thor's new play toy. Frigga had gotten him a new helmet. His friends, the warrior three and Sif got him useful things as well. DAMN! Even Tony had gotten Thor new armor (Though it was Loki's idea at first, Tony couldn't help but steal it away, what a douche he can be) with that in mind, Loki decided to visit the self-proclaimed genius.

Heading to his huge manor, Loki saw Tony with a strange girl he has never seen before. Walking up to him Loki asked "Hello tony, who is this lovely maiden who have held captive." Tony shot him a glare and the young woman just giggled. "Hello Lori, shouldn't you be pestering the birthday boy? And by the way, this my girlfriend Pepper Potts because I can get a girl unlike you "Sighed Tony. "Whatever Stark but I am in need of your assistance" Loki replied. Both walk away with Tony sending Pepper away leaving her with a pout on her face. "What do you need? WAIT! Let me guess, it's about Thor's gift?" Loki just rolled his eyes at Tony's observation. "Yes, and I don't any crap to give Thor! I am terrible at giving gifts" Yelled Loki. "Quite the fuck up Lori and I'll help you and your boy problems" Tony said. After several minutes of thinking but in Tony's case, he just got pepper and made out with her until Loki split them apart. "DAMN! OK LOKI, I"LL HELP YOU!" Screamed Tony , leaving a smirk on Loki's face. Tony just mumbled threats to him until his face suddenly lit up. "I have got it! Loki, all you have to give him is yourself!" Tony suggested already knowing the two are to wed when Loki is older. "Wh-wha-what do you mean give him me?" Loki stammered out with a blush touching his cheeks "Exactly what you think. Come on! Thor probably has never slept with someone and he must be one horny bastard by now! Even I am and I have did pepper yesterday!" Loki gave him a horrified look and said "Eeewww! Tony I didn't need that much detail but do you think that is a good idea?" Tony sighed and said" Don't be a wimpy virgin! Just look good and seduce him or something. It's not hard, just dress up…..or not dress at all!" Loki still blushing thanked him and went back to the caste for dinner and to dress extra fine for Thor.

Looking through his huge closet, Loki came across a nice pair of black satin pants and a dark green slim fitting dress shirt. He went in front of his mirror to evaluate his look. Feeling satisfied, he finished up with combing his raven hair back. Loki then left, walking down the hallway to the dining room. On the way he saw Thor and quickly went up to him.

"Why hello Loki, haven't seen you since this morning. Don't tell me you had forgotten my gift?" Greeted Thor.

"Why heavens no, Thor! I would never forget your gift, it just so happens that I have it on me but you'll have to obtain it after dinner in YOUR room." Loki hinted then rushed to the doors of the dining room. Leaving Thor a little confused and curious but he just shook his head and went into the room as well. The dinner party went rather quickly with everybody giving their blessings to the young prince. Loki had snuck out a minute earlier to reach Thor's room before the birthday boy did. He sat on Thor's bed then took out from his pocket a black bow tie and tied it around his neck. Soon after the dinner, Thor entered his room only to find Loki lying seductively on his bed.

"Oh Hi Thor! I have your gift!" Loki said with a cute grin on his face.

"Really Loki? uummm,Where is it?" Questioned Thor.

"Oh silly goose, here is your gift and may I say it is a rather fine gift indeed." Loki said in a matter-of-factly tone while gesturing to himself.

Thor just stood there with a slight blush then ever so slowly went up to sit beside Loki. "And what do I do with this gift I may ask?"

Loki responded with saying "Anything you want with it my dear Thor." earning him a grin from Thor.

"Why thank you Loki, you're so considerate" Thor said in a sweet voice. He then lifted his hand and left it on the small of Loki's back while the other slowly reached for his bow tie. " I think I'll enjoy this gift" Whispered Thor before placing his lips upon Loki's.