Eyal laid out on the deck of The Flying Lavin watching the sun rise just over the eastern horizon. It had been a month, he thought solemnly, since he had left Annie in the airport after their last adventure in Zurich. The sunrise was beautiful but he needed to see her face. Sailing had become a bore much too quickly. Just as he was getting up deciding what to do about his desire to see Annie and what to do with his day the phone rang. He smiled; she always did have impeccable timing. He took the phone out of his pocket expecting to see Neshama flash across the screen; instead he saw his ex-wife's name appear. What could she want at, what, he checked his watch, 3am her time?

"Yes", Eyal said answering the phone. He could hear his ex-wife's frantic voice on the other end, "Eyal, Avi had been kidnapped". He almost dropped the phone. "What, what happened", he managed to get out, sputtering in Hebrew.

"About 10 minutes ago 5 men showed up and held a gun to my head and Avi's, they took him and said that in order to get him backed unharmed I have to pay them 100 million American dollars in the next 24 hours, as soon as I was sure they were gone I called you. Eyal what am I going to do?"

Eyal's blood was boiling. How dare someone kidnap his son! How dare they? Well he would get him back if it was the last thing he did. He still had some contacts and…but wait, how would he explain the part about his son. No one knew he had a son, not Mossad or any of his other contacts. Eyal had left it this way in order to protect Avi. Only himself and his ex-wife knew about him. But who could he ask for help if he couldn't disclose why he needed it? Then it dawned on him: when Annie had come to Israel he had brought Annie to Avi's soccer practice to show her that he trusted her. Their relationship had changed a lot since then including his betrayal that ultimately led to his quitting of Mossad but he still trusted her completely and since she was the only one who knew…

Eyal smiled to himself. When he had brought Annie to see Avi it had been about friendship and trust, him displaying feelings for her. Now it would be about how much she cared for him. He had said some harsh things to her about how her empathy made her an easy mark. But he was glad he had recounted in Zurich and told her that it was one of her best qualities, and never to lose it because she wouldn't know when she would need it. Because today he was going to need it, his son's life counted on it.

He hadn't realized he was still on the phone. He heard his ex-wife still on the other end of the receiver, now crying hysterically. "Calm down, I'll handle it, he told her". His mind was spinning, thinking about how to handle this when she said something that sounded like, "How are you going to do that he was taken to America?" Eyal immediately tuned back in and started listening again asking all kinds of questions, questions that sent her crying again. All he could get out of her was the name of the bank and the account number to transfer the money into and that she was sure they took Avi to the US. He asked her if she was sure. His wife said that they were all dressed in black but spoke in American accented Hebrew with grammatical problems and fully understood the bits they dropped about talking Avi home with them.

Now Eyal was really fired up. Americans had captured Avi? He was already packing by the time he was eventually able to get off the phone with his ex-wife telling her not to worry that he would handle it.

He was booked on the next flight to Washington DC within the next 10 minutes and to the airport in 15. He handed over his passport for one George Yackos smiling to himself. If only going to the US had been for more pleasant reasons and his need for a fake passport wasn't just to circumvent the CIA. Maybe in another life, he frowned slightly.

As his flight landed on American soil he was thinking about how this next conversation would go…