A/N: My first Jessie fic! Yay! Kind of a teaser.

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Jessie Prescott walked out of the drugstore with sunglasses and a hat pulled low and a plastic bag in hand. In that bag was a toothbrush, a bottle of juice, some batteries, and three pregnancy tests. Three little boxes that will determine her fate, her life. Jessie shuffled down the sidewalk and opened the door to the apartment she lived in. She reached her floor and waved vacantly at Luke and Ravi, two of the kids she was a nanny for. Jessie walked upstairs to her bedroom and sat down on her bed. She cradled her head in her hands. What if I'm pregnant? Morgan and Christina will fire me! Mom and Dad will kill me and Tony will break up with me! I knew I shouldn't have gone to that stupid party… Idiot spiked the drinks… Jessie pondered her future then remembered. She hadn't even taken the tests yet! She walked to her bathroom and pulled the first one out of the box. After that, she used the other two tests. Next, she had the longest wait of her life. It was only three minutes but it felt like forever. Finally, the three minutes were up. Jessie, terrified, looked at the tests.

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