After slamming the door shut behind me, I hurried over to the window to get a peek at what the men were up to now. When I saw that they were heading over to their vans, a triumphant smile graced my lips.

Took you long enough.

But it seemed like a few of them were arguing on their way to the street. I scoffed. As long as they leave, I don't really give a shit.

Yesterday they came up to my front door, asking permission to search around the woods near, and apparently on, my property, due to some recent sightings of suspicious movement.

When I asked what exactly they meant by 'suspicious movement', they said that that information was confidential, and left it at that. After being a bit more persistent though, they gave in and told me that a few people spotted what appeared to be a ship and an unusual looking tall figure.

I couldn't hold myself back from laughing at their replies and informing them they were all a bunch of morons if they really believed any of that shit. After telling them that, no, I personally have not seen anything unusual, they left me be. Their boss even promised to not cause me any more disturbances.

Yeah, right.

With a grumble from my stomach, I was snapped back into reality. After all that has happened this morning, I have yet to sit down and have something to eat for breakfast.

I glance back towards the clock in the main entrance to see it read 9:37a.m. Still early enough, I decided to head over to the kitchen and prepare myself a little something to eat. Though, once I was in the kitchen, I realized just how much I would rather take a shower than eat.

I snatched a plump red apple from the small basket in the far corner of the kitchen, ate it right down to the core, and tossed it out. Feeling satisfied with my little snack, I began to make my way back to my bathroom and take a shower.

With the water warming up, I grabbed a pair of shorts, a tank top, and some underwear before hopping into the shower.

After soaking my hair, I massaged in some shampoo, my hair becoming heavy with suds. Feeling all the grim from the morning wash away helped me loosen up a bit. I was about to add in some conditioner when something caught my attention.


I tensed and my eyes widened. What the hell was that? I listened closely, trying to see if there were any more sounds coming from the nearby rooms. When I heard there was nothing, I went back to rinsing myself off, deciding to skip the conditioner.

Thump. . . Thump. . . Thump. . .

Oh, what now?

Cursing under my breath, I turned the water off, wringed my hair of any excess water, and stepped out into the steamy room. I pulled a towel off from the counter and dried myself off as quickly as possible before slipping on a bra and panties.

Thinking I heard another sound, I simply covered myself with the towel and stepped out into the hallway. From here, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I made my way to the kitchen and living room, but everything seemed fine here as well. I even checked the office and spare bedroom, but there wasn't anything to be seen.

I shook my head, knowing very well that I didn't simply imagine those noises.

None the less, I made my way back to the bathroom to put on my shorts and tank top. I searched the floor for my sandals, but when I couldn't find them, I decided that they must have been left somewhere in my bedroom.

I searched the space around my bed, where various shoes usually ended up, but I just couldn't come across them. Taking one look at my closet door, I raised a single brow. Are they in there?

I made my way to the door, reached out to the handle, and paused.

Wait, didn't I leave this open? Oh, fuck no.

I scanned the room for something - anything - to defend myself with. There was hardly anything in my room to begin with, so when my eyes fell upon a cheap little vase, I didn't hesitate to take hold of it and step back to the door. I raised my arm that held the vase, ready for the blow, and reached out to the handle with the other one.

There's ninety-nine chance of shit storm and it's coming your way, mother fucker!

Feeling the adrenaline surge through my veins, I gained all the confidence I needed to take hold of the handle, but that was just about it. I felt tense once more and biting down on my lower lip, a nervous habit I've had for some time now. I began to turn the handle down, my heart swelling in my chest. Okay, I thought, on the count of three. . .

One. . .

Two. . .

I slammed the door open, a battle cry escaping my lips, ready to attack whatever managed to sneak into my house, but found my body unable to move at the sight of the being. In front of me stood a nearly eight foot tall, well, I don't know what. All I knew was that it sure as hell wasn't female.

My mouth was closed tight as I studied the creature.

Although the lighting in the closet was very dim, I could make out each and every muscle carved into his dark blue reptile-like skin. White freckles and shadings covered his palms, torso, and a bit on his legs. Clothing wise he had on a brownish loin cloth and a thick leather belt holding it up in place. There were various tools hanging from the belt, but I really had no idea if they were even that.

And his face- My God, what the hell is this guy? Mandibles adorned with large and small tusk were in place for a mouth, and thick hair hanged from his head like dreadlocks. No nose or ears were visible from what I could tell. And then I rested my gaze upon his eyes. They were light brown, almost golden, with dark strips blended in.

Even though I was very much interested in his eyes, my gaze kept returning to his toned body.

It was when I heard a low rumble emerge from his chest that I realized just how much I was staring. I backed away, thinking it was a sign of aggression, but after giving it a moment's thought, it was far from aggression as it could be.

As I tried to think up of some plan - and I didn't even know what kind of plan I was aiming for because, after all, he's not just some human guy - I took little notice to his advance towards me.

One moment I was standing in my bedroom with the vase, the next I found myself sprinting down the hallway and into the living room empty handed, my breath frantic and a trail of curses following after me. Near the living room, a loud roar erupted from behind, and I stopped dead in my tracks.

Oh, fuck me.

With him coming into view, I dashed to the front door, my feet pounding on the hardwood floors. The closer I got, the more it became clear to me that the door was missing its handle, leaving it useless for my escape.

I turned on my heels and hurried over to the closest window, the creature's steps pounding in my ears. I unlocked it, and pulled, but it too was jammed. I cursed under my breath, realizing this had to be planned out ahead of time and that any other means of escape might be useless.

"Damn it!" I growled and slammed my hands up against the window's glass. When I realized that his footsteps were no longer sounding, I turned to find him standing behind me, watching me with those golden eyes.

I raised an accusing finger at him as I stepped away from the window, saying, "You did this, didn't you?" When he did nothing, I assumed he didn't understand me and continued my escape.

Upon the sight of the back door, I quickly took one last look at the creature, and raced to the back door, my heart pounding and my breath quick.

The moment I looked up at him, he seemed to have caught on, because I didn't make it very far before he followed after. Reaching out to the door, I was confident that I would make it, but a sudden jerk from behind threw my balance off, and I stumbled.

After regaining my balance I noticed the tear in the side of my black tank. It ran from the bottom of the tank to halfway up my side, revealing some of my tanned flesh. I grabbed at the tear, and turned back to face the creature, my back towards the kitchen.

The creature took a single step forward, and I took one back in return.

I shook my head. "Oh, hell no. Don't you even dare think about taking one more step, big guy." I was fuming, but he hardly seemed to care. After he tilted his head to the side I added, "You're the one who locked-blocked all the doors and windows, right? What the fuck is your problem?"

He didn't seem very please with my tone with his sudden tensing, but still remained silent.

"Don't stand there like you don't understand me. Say something!" I was just about to add onto that, but I didn't have the chance. A deep, rumbling voice stopped me.

"Sei-i, I did. It was to ensure that you would be unable to escape, mate." That last word was heavily articulate.

For a moment I found myself at a loss of words. True it was, in some sense, nice to hear him reply, but I hardly expected it at all. So he was intelligent. . . Could I talk my way out of this-

I shook my head, trying to replay what he just last said. There was no way- no fucking way - that he just called me that. But I know what I heard.

My gaze fell to the floor, brows furrowed, before I looked back up to reply. "Sorry to break it to you, big guy, but I'm not interested in a relationship. Especially not with someone I don't even fucking know." I folded my arms over my chest, felling smug.

Wrong answer, I supposed, since he growled out a, "Is that a challenge?" Suddenly he seemed larger to me.

"You know what, lizard? I don't know what the fuck your problem is, but-"

He took another step forward, to close for my personal comfort. I raised my hands up from my chest, and shoved as hard as I could up against his chest. He did budge, but only a little, probably due to surprise. I was quickly rewarded with a menacing growl.

His body tense, he stated, "I suggest you don't try that again, ooman."

"Or what?" I challenged, placing my fist onto my hips, brows furrowed. Part of me regretted that decision the moment I did it, but an even larger part inside me felt fucking fantastic.

With narrowed eyes, he advanced forward again, his stare never fazing. My own eyes widened at this action and I naturally took two steps back to keep the distance, but he closed up the space once more with his own two steps.

"Stop," I warned, my voice falling flat in the end.

I tried to get farther away by taking another step backwards, but my back ran into the edge of the kitchen counter. The sudden contact caused me to jump. During this time he came forward, our bodies almost toughing now.

There was a pause between the two of us, our eyes locked onto one another's.

Hoping he wouldn't notice, I slowly brought my arm up and placed it onto the counter top. If I recalled correctly - and I better fucking be - there was a kitchen knife left out somewhere around here from last night's dinner. When my hand came into contact with something cool and hard, I grasp tightly, my gaze regaining confidence.

The look in his eyes suggested he knew better though.

I began to strike, but he was far quicker, and managed to catch my arm. He squeezed tightly, and a sharp pain surged through my veins, causing my grip on the knife to falter. A thick arm snaked around my waist and pulled me in to his hard body.

I wiggled around, trying to break free. I was able to get an arm free, allowing me to increase my struggles, but he only held on tighter. My forehead was in contact with his chest now. I gritted my teeth as I shot my gaze up to his golden one.

There was a rumbling from within his chest, and time seemed to pass for a while. I studied the sound, and realized that it did not sound like growling. He was purring. Purring! Reality stuck me, and my struggling returned. He seemed to have been caught off guard, for I managed to slip away.

"What the fuck is your problem!" I screeched.

He didn't reply. A clawed hand reached out towards me, but I slapped it away, praying that it stung.

"Don't you dare come near me again!" I began to storm off, feeling flustered.

Footsteps began to follow me as I made my way to the door. I paused and looked behind to find him up close and personal again. Then the purring started up again.

I gave a quick irritated sigh. "And would quite it with the damn purring? I'm so sick of it!"

He seemed to be taken back by my outburst. When he spoke, it was a bit less forceful. "Ki'dte. Calm yourse-"

"Don't tell me to fucking calm down, buddy. I don't have to do shit for you!"

"You do, actually. You are mine and mine alone, whether you like it or not, mate." His eyes became cold and hard. He reached out again, but I stepped out from his reach.

I shook my head, brows furrowed. "There is no way in hell that I'm going to-" I was cut off from a yelp. The being had wrapped an arm around my waist and lifted me up onto his shoulder. I landed with a grunt and, once my vision cleared up, I realized I had a perfect view of his toned ass.

With all the kicking and screaming I gave, all I managed to do was make him trill in amusement. We were out of my house in the back yard, heading down to the forest. Or so I assumed, seeing that all I could get a good view of was his big blue butt.

In the forest now, I growled, "Fuck you."

With a sneer, he replied, "Indeed you will, female." He continued his way deeper in the woods without saying another word, and only stopped when a mechanical sigh sounded from behind me.

His space ship.


Sei-i- Yes/Affirmative

Ki'dte- Enough