First off, I want to start by apologizing for basically abandoning this story! I really am sorry! Especially for receiving so many reviews concerning when I would update for my stories... well this story anyway.

Junior year has just gotten so hard and it's taking up so much of my time. I do have the next chapter done though! I just don't have someone to revise my chapters. I don't want to completely abandon the story but at the same time, right now I don't have much time to work on it. Friday's and Saturday's are the only days I could... but even then it's not enough time. I'd wait till the summer but I have college classes and I'll be working as well and maybe even internships.

The only way I could continue is if someone would like to step up and be dedicated to writing the chapters. Of course i'd also be involved by sharing ideas, revising, and such. I am completely stuck after the chapter that I have which is chapter 5. If anyone is interested please let me know by PM or review. I will probably upload chapter 5 and after that it'll be a while until chapter 6 is uploaded.

Thank you everyone for all your support!