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In what seems to be a gloomy reception room with strange and unusual looking people, not the strange and unusual most people tend to think but as in dead. A reception room full of deceased humans. There is only one word that can describe these deceased people, ghosts. A reception room full of ghosts and ghosts only. This reception room is more of a waiting room, a waiting room for ghosts in need of help.

On a side table with a bunch of books on it has one particular book that stands out from the rest, The Handbook for the Recently Deceased. Next to this side table sits two ghosts on a couch where one is a Magician's Assistant who has been sliced in half by the waist. Her legs were on one side of the couch, crossed, while her waist up on the other side reading. In between both halves of her sits a ghoul with his left ankle propped upon his right knee. He wears a dark red tuxedo that is torn, ripped, and covered in dirt here and there. He also wears an off white almost yellow looking dress shirt with a dark red almost brown bow tie. His shoes and socks are both white. On his left hand's index finger he wears a gold, maybe silver, ring with a red jewel in the middle of it and on his left wrist he wears two to maybe even four watches. His messy shoulder length hair is blond with more of a light green color to it and more green as it gets to the hairline. Green moth or perhaps mold outlines the sides of his face up onto his ears and neck with a little bit on the left side of his mouth. He is also getting a little bit of a five o'clock shadow going on. The color of his skin is so pale due to the fact of him being dead meaning there is no blood flow. On the other hand, there are dark purple perhaps black really defined circles around his eyes while his eyes are a dark blue-gray color. His teeth are stained yellow and green, gross looking from the lack of brushing. This ghoul is none other than the ghost with the most, Beetlejuice.

Beetlejuice, being the pervert he is, cannot help but notice the nice pair of legs sitting next to him. He places his left hand on the Magician's Assistant's thigh and slowly rubs his hand down to her knee while he takes his other hand to attempt to lift her skirt up just enough to get a good look of what lies under. To his surprise, before he could even look, he gets whacked with a book by the Magician's Assistant's other half.

"Hey," Beetlejuice shouts as he jumps off the couch to head to the other one, "Sorry. Didn't see you sitting there," he lies as he takes a sit in the open spot.

To the left of Beetlejuice is Harry the Hunter also known as I.M. Smallhead because of his extremely small head. To the right if Beetlejuice is a Witch Doctor. As Beetlejuice gets comfortable sitting in between Harry and the Witch Doctor by propping his right ankle on his left knee, he turns to Harry, "Women," he snickers as Harry stares at him, "I don't know what her problem is. Normally, chicks-," Beetlejuice notices Harry turning away, uninterested.

With a deep breath, Beetlejuice pulls out a slip of paper with a number printed on it that tells him when the receptionist will serve him and looks at it. The paper reads "9,998,383,750,000". He glances at the Now Serving Turn-O-Matic that has just dinged from "02" to "03". Beetlejuice sighs heavily, not wanting to wait so long. He turns his eyes to look at the witch doctor's slip of paper, "4".

With a look of interest, Beetlejuice turns his body to the Witch Doctor, "Pardon me. Did you do that," Beetlejuice gestures to Harry the Hunter as he now has the Witch Doctor's attention. "That's very nice work. Let me ask you something, how do you get them down so sm-," hoping to distract the witch doctor, Beetlejuice turns his attention as if he sees someone well known, "Hey, there goes Elvis. Yo, king," he waves and as soon as the Witch Doctor looks where Beetlejuice is waving Beetlejuice switches their numbers.

Proud of what he has just done, Beetlejuice goes back to being comfortable in his spot by placing his left ankle on his right knee. "Well, looks like I'm next," glancing at the two beside him, "Good thing too. I gotta do a photo shoot for GQ in about an hour and a half." He checks the time on his watches and looks at Harry while the Witch Doctor looks at his new number, "They've been after me for months. Doing some kind of underwear deal, I don't know wha-," the Witch Doctor goes in a little bag and gets a pinch of magical dust and sprinkles it over Beetlejuice's head causing it to shrink. "Oh, hey, what are you doing? Hey, stop it. Hey, you're messing up my hair. Come on! Whoa! Whoa! Stop it! Whoa," Beetlejuice's voice is getting more and more high pitched as his head continues to shrink until it finally stops, "Hey, this might be a good look for me."

Now Serving Turn-O-Matic dings for "04". Beetlejuice stands up and goes through the door, heading to Juno's office, proud that he gets to keep the stolen number since all the Witch Doctor could do was shrink his head. Walking through the hall, he pulls out his comb and does his best to make sure his hair was still messy, not used to his head being so small.

As he gets to Juno's door, he puts his comb away. "What the hell are you doing," Juno yells at Beetlejuice, "Get in here!" Beetlejuice walks into Juno's office and takes a seat, propping his right ankle on his left knee. Juno takes a puff of her cigarette, letting the smoke escape from her slit throat, "What have you done to your head? Fix it," she yells before Beetlejuice could even answer, knowing she does not care.

With the roll of his eyes, Beetlejuice grabs the top of his head by his hair and pulls causing his head to grow until he stops pulling, his head now being the normal size it used to be, "Ah, babe, you didn't like it? I thought it would be a good look for me. Boy is that Witch Doctor going to be disappointed to hear this," Beetlejuice spoke sarcastically.

"He is the one that is supposed to be seeing me right now if you hadn't of stolen his number," Juno fixes the paperwork on her desk and takes a puff of her cigarette, "You have done some damage now. What am I going to do with you? That sandworm should have taken care of you but you just had to escape. Now the Deetz family and three others know that there is existence of life after death."

"Whoa! That part was not my fault," Beetlejuice interrupted, "The Maitlands exposed that without my help. I was the one that had to clean up their mess and all I wanted was a little reward after my work was done. They were the ones that called me. I thought we had a deal."

"I'll give you that, but there is still that mess of trying to marry the Deetz girl and almost killing the Deans. Sending them through the ceiling, are you kidding," Juno flicks the ashes off her cigarette, "Luckily I've fixed up a solution. Since I or anyone else cannot band you from the world of the living, we decided to fix the portals. The only way you can even see into the world of the living is through anything with a reflection and to get out – you already know that answer."

Beetlejuice jumps up from his seat in protest, "But there are no mirrors on this side!"

"Precisely," Juno puffed her cigarette and the smoke escaping her slit throat surrounds Beetlejuice.

"Hey," Beetlejuice shouts as he waves the smoke away from him. When the smoke finally clears, Beetlejuice finds himself in the middle of his home, "I hate it when she does that."

Meanwhile in the home of the Deetz family.

Lydia has just finished celebrating with the Maitlands of her getting an A on her math test and went to her room to do some homework and study with Adam's help. Barbara was trying to finish putting up wallpaper around the house to make it the way it used to be before the Deetz family ever moved it. Delia set her new sculpture of Beetlejuice's snake head out to dry so she could glaze it later and went to wash up so she could make some dinner. Charles was getting up from the floor since he fell over in his chair from getting scared from seeing Delia's sculpture and back to reading his book The Living and the Dead Numerous Lifestyles and Peaceful Co-Existence.

Both the Maitlands and the Deetz family thought that life would be getting better now that Beetlejuice is gone. They didn't miss him at all. Their troubles have finally ended. Charles is more relaxed than he has been in a long time. Delia was beginning to understand her step-daughter a little more. Lydia finally has some friends and her parents didn't care that they were ghosts and didn't even mind sharing the house. Adam and Barbara got to continue their vacation they had lost because of their death. It took some time for Charles and Delia to get used to living with ghosts but Lydia enjoyed it.

Adam and Barbara now allow Charles and Delia into the attic instead of just Lydia anytime they want as long as Delia does not change a thing. Barbara is finally able to clean properly because Lydia is willing to get Barbara and Adam anything they may need since they cannot leave the house without being sent to Saturn where the sandworms are. The 125 years Adam and Barbara has to serve in the house, to them, will no longer be torture as they had thought before, that is if Charles doesn't have his family move anytime throughout their lifetime. Adam and Barbara just hoped the next families to live there will be fine to live with as well.

There were questions that still lingered through Lydia's mind: Will Beetlejuice ever return? Is he truly gone? Where did the sandworm take him? Is her family finally safe from him? The only thing she even knew about Beetlejuice was his name and saying it three times lets him out but for him to truly be out he has to be married. The ring that Beetlejuice was going to place on her finger still lies with Beetlejuice. He never got the chance to put it on her before the sandworm took him away. The red wedding dress Lydia wore disappeared when she finally took it off. She sometimes wondered where it vanished too. Surprisingly she didn't have any nightmares about what had happened. It was as if it never did happen except for the sculpture Delia had made to remind everyone.