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Previously in It's Showtime: Beetlejuice was in the reception waiting his turn for his appointment with Juno when he stole the Witch Doctor's waiting number causing his head to shrink. Beetlejuice was told that he was restricted into the world of the living with only limited portals, anything with a reflection. Meanwhile in the Deetz home everything seems to be back to normal except for the fact that the Maitlands are living with the Deetz but other than that everything is swell. Is Beetlejuice stuck in the Neitherworld? Will he find a way out? Is everything really back to normal for the Deetz family and the Maitlands? What will happen next? Read and found out. Please enjoy!

Beetlejuice is sitting in a room only lit by candles and a lantern on the table next to him. On this table are his old flyers, empty beer cans and bottles, and an ash tray full of used cigarettes. Beetlejuice has changed out of his tuxedo into his satin patterned bathrobe, relaxing in his chair while reading The Afterlife newspaper and mumbling under his breath, complaining on what he had just been told by Juno. He wished for Juno to have minded her own business.

Beetlejuice now wonders what he is supposed to do with his afterlife. He replays what Juno had told him in his mind over and over again until, "I got it," Beetlejuice snaps his fingers as he jumps out of his chair, throwing the newspaper to the side with an idea in mind. "I'm not totally stuck here after all," he snickers, picking up the empty beer bottle from the table with a chuckle, "Oh Beetle, old buddy, old pal, how do you do it," he chuckles once more and grins, looking at the empty bottle at what would be his reflection, if he had one. Ghosts don't have a reflection.

Instead he stared at the bottle, not just at it but almost into it, in fact it was almost like the bottle was showing him something, it was acting like a witch's glass and showing him into the Deetz's home. Beetlejuice chuckles and looks away from the bottle for a moment as if he was looking at someone, "Loopholes, gotta love 'em," he turns his attention back to the bottle that was now floating in front of him with a small laugh, grinning.

Lydia just got out of the shower and changed into her pajamas with her hair up in her towel to dry. She sits in front of her mirror and takes her towel off her head, grabbing her hairbrush. She is about to brush her hair when looking into her mirror but gets a feeling that something wasn't right about her reflection. Lydia decides to push the feeling off and begins to brush her hair when her reflection's hair was turning white with each brush.

Lydia jumps but doesn't seem to be bothered by it, "Adam, please don't do that."

There is no reply.

"Barbara, is that you doing this," Lydia starts getting a little concerned and continues to brush.

Still no reply.

Lydia screams, drops her brush, and runs out of her room into the bathroom and looks in the mirror to see that she has no white hair anywhere.

Back in her room, in her mirror, her reflection changes into Beetlejuice who is laughing hysterically, "Oh how I've missed pranking someone."

Beetlejuice was laughing so hard that he didn't notice Lydia had returned to her room until, "You!" Beetlejuice jumps and looks over to Lydia who is standing in the doorway, "What are you doing here? I thought that sandworm got rid of you."

"Technically babes, I'm not 'here' per se. You know what I mean? As for that sandworm, nothing can get rid of the ghost with the most," he spoke proudly.

Lydia rolls her eyes, "I want to talk to Barbara-"

"You don't need ta-talk-ta Barbara," Beetlejuice interrupts.

"Why not," she asks.

"Why should you," he replies.

"They should know that you're here after all that you did to us," Lydia turns away.

"Hey," Beetlejuice shouts as he is getting a little angry, "You were the ones who called on me! I was just doing my job! What was I supposed to do?"

That made Lydia quiet. She knew that he was right. Lydia hangs her head, thinking about everything that had happened with Beetlejuice since she moved into that house. All he did was what was asked of him. He didn't kill anyone; he only tried to scare everyone like the Maitlands had called him for. He saved the Maitlands as well like she had asked him too and in return, all he wanted was to be out. The only way he could get out was for him to be married and she had agreed to it. Beetlejuice really didn't do anything but keep his end of the bargains.

"Yo! Babes," Beetlejuice calls with his hands up against the mirror as if he had been calling her for a while, snapping Lydia out of her thoughts

"May be it is best that the Maitlands don't know you're back," she speaks quietly as if still in thought.

"Wait, what? It is," Beetlejuice now surprised, pushing up against the mirror.

"At least not yet. It may be too soon for them, same for my parents, after all, you were just keeping your part of the two deals," Lydia sits in front of the mirror.

"Now you're talking babes! So, you're going to let me out," Beetlejuice asks, grinning.

"I don't know. At least not tonight, I have school tomorrow," she explains.

"Sure, sure, but you will soon right," Beetlejuice nods.

"I don't know if it'll be a good idea," Lydia looks toward a clock hanging on her wall for the time.

"But, babes," Beetlejuice protests, "I'm so bored here, being all alone with nothing to do that I may die, again."

Lydia couldn't help give a small giggle, "I'll think about it. I need to go to bed, it's getting late. Good night Beetlejuice."

"You said it once! Come on babes. Let me hear the "B" word two more times," Beetlejuice begged.

As if on cue, someone knocked on the door, "Lydia, it's me and Adam. May we come in," it was Barbara.

Lydia looks at her door, "Ah, yeah, hang on." She turns to her mirror to only find that Beetlejuice is gone. She questions if the whole thing was in her head but decides to push it aside. She opens her door to let Adam and Barbara in.

"We just came by to say that we are off to bed," Barbara spoke gently.

"And that we heard voices coming from here. Are you alright," Adam asked, standing close to Barbara with his hands on her shoulders.

"Oh, I'm fine. I was talking to myself. Doing extra studying for school before bed," Lydia lied.

"Alright, I just wanted to be sure. Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite," Adam slowly left.

"Good night, Lydia," Barbara followed Adam, closing the door behind her.

"Night," Lydia shouts behind her ghost friends and looks around her room for any sign of Beetlejuice to only find nothing. She turns off her bedroom light and goes to bed, thinking about what had just happened with her mirror. Was Beetlejuice really there or was it all in her mind? Lydia decides that it's best to not think about it and drifts off to a dreamless sleep.

Beetlejuice was leaning back in his chair, smoking. He couldn't wait for Lydia to be home from school tomorrow, he might be freed. What would he do in the mean time? Beetlejuice doesn't have much of patients. What would he do about the Maitlands and Lydia's parents if and when he is freed? He knew that the Maitlands could not know that he had returned because then they would find a way to get rid of him, again. If he did anything to Lydia's parents, they would go to the Maitlands about it. Beetlejuice decided to remain hidden from them as long as possible. What if Juno found out he was about to possibly be freed? Would she tell the Maitlands? Beetlejuice growled to himself while taking a puff of his cigarette. "Juno better mind her own damn business," he thought to himself.

Beetlejuice got up from his chair, putting out his cigarette in the ash tray next to him. He got a glance at something on the floor. It was a beetle. Quickly, Beetlejuice snatched it and started to eat it. Once it was all devoured, he let out a loud belch and rubbed his stomach, "Now that hit the spot."

Beetlejuice walked into a dark room and with a yawn and a stretch his bathrobe changed into beetle patterned pajamas. Beetlejuice started to grow lazy of walking and started floating to what appeared to be a coffin that was made a lot like a bed. He slowly lays down into the coffin, curling up in the blankets to make himself comfortable and quickly falls asleep.

In Juno's office was Juno by herself, smoking with the smoke escaping her slit throat while filling out paper work. She knew Beetlejuice had figured out what he thought was a loophole to see and go into the world of the living. She knew he and Lydia had talked and that Lydia was considering on setting Beetlejuice free. Little did anyone know that this is what Juno had intended in the first place. She wasn't going to let the Maitlands know that Beetlejuice was back. She isn't even going to tell them if and when Beetlejuice will be free. This was all a part of Juno's plan.

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