"So?" Beck asks, smiling at Jade.

"So what?" She replies. They're lying on his bed; her chest is on top if his, her legs are off to the side.

"I think that time was better." He says, wrapping his arm around her bare shoulders, then running his hand down her soft hair until he reaches the end, and twirls a lock around his finger.

"How?" She asks, tapping on his stomach.

"I mean, the first time was great, the whole thing, but if we're purely talking about the sex, I think that time was better."

"Practise makes perfect." She comments.

"Don't you think so?"

"Do you want me to rate you?" She jokes, and he laughs. "I'm not going to, and I have nothing else to compare you to."

"Thank god," he says, and kisses her. "What now?"

"What do you mean?"

"What do you want to do?"

"This." Jade replies, not moving.

"You want to lie in my tiny bed, naked for the rest of the day?" Beck asks, stifling a laugh.

"You don't?" She accuses.

"No, I do. But it's the last week of summer vacation. Don't you want to go swimming or something? Or somewhere with air conditioning? This R.V. is really, really hot." He says. It's before their sophomore year, so they're getting almost excited for school, they're going stir crazy. Actually, Jade's a bit nervous to go back to school. She knows people are going to find out that they were having sex, and bad things are going to happen to her reputation. They're only 15, after all.

"I guess." She mumbles, getting off of him. "What time is it?" Beck sits up, too, getting off of his bed.

"It's noon. Wanna see of Cat, Andre and Robbie wanna go get lunch?" He asks, looking around for some pants.

"Do we have to?" Jade asks.

"Why not? We've been too busy to hang out with them all week." Beck reminds her. They've been too preoccupied with their new favorite activity.

"I hung out with Cat…"

"She called to ask if you wanted to go over to her house, so you yelled 'NO' and hung up. That's not exactly hanging out. I texted Andre yesterday, and Robbie the day before."

"Fine." Jade mumbles and stands up. "Where are my underwear?"

"You mean these?" He smirks, holding up a black, lacy undergarment.

"Shut up." Jade hisses, grabbing them out of his hand. They toss their clothes on, both sneaking hidden glances at the other. "So are you going to call Andre?"

"Sure." Beck says, grabbing his PearPhone.

"Hey, it's Beck!" He says when Andre answers.

"Hey, what's up?" Andre asks.

"Jade and I were wondering if you wanted to go out for lunch with us. We're gonna call Cat and Robbie after, and invite them, too." Beck tells him.

"No need. They're here." That sort of hurts Beck's feelings. That they didn't invite him and Jade to hang out. "We're actually at the lake… Wanna join us?"

"Sure, we'll see you in 20?"

"Yep, see ya then," Andre says.

"Tell Jade I say hi!" Cat shouts from the background. Beck says that he will, and hangs up.

"Here, babe," Beck says, tossing Jade her black bikini. It's at his house because he's got a pool. "We're going to the lake."


Day four of the first week back at school. Cat is going pee before lunch, when she hears three bitchy (not that she'd ever call them that, though) cheerleaders walk in.

"Jade West? She is such a skank." One of them says. Cat peeks through the door of the stall, and she recognizes a blonde girl, Lucy Ferrel, an Asian girl, Kimmy Dean and a (natural) red-head, who at doesn't know. Cat sort of wants to hear what they have to say, so she pulls her feet up onto the toilet seat, and it looks like no one is there. Cat can see them look around to make sure that they're alone. "Did you hear what her and Beck were doing in the janitors closet on Tuesday?" Lucy continues.

"NO! What?" Red (as Cat has nicknamed her) asks. Their voices go down to hushed whispers, probably so no one can hear.

"Wait, in her mouth?" Kimmy asks. "Can't you get pregnant from that?" 'Some girls just aren't that smart' Cat thinks.

"No. Didn't you do that to Ryder Daniels at Marcy Atkinson's party?" The red-head asks.

"That's different. I was drunk." Lucy defends.

"Isn't that worse?" The girl with red hair asks, who Cat figures out is Ellie Goldberg.

"No," Lucy says, as if it's obvious. Cat's pretty sure that makes it worse, because as least Beck and Jade have been dating for a year.

"How did you hear about that?"

"Beck told Andre Harris who told Robbie Shapiro, so obviously that weird puppet knew, and he told Cindy, who told-"

"Which Cindy?"

"Fat Cindy, anyways, when she was telling Margret Fellows I overheard because her locker is next to mine." 'Cindy is not fat, her mom just died! Of course she's going through something.'

"Oh, you know what I heard?" Ellie asks.

"What?" Kimmy asks.

"That Beck is cheating on her."

"No. No way!"

"I swear. Because he did that stupid play with Meredith."

"Nope. Lily Daniels saw Beck-"

"Ryder's little sister?"

"Yeah, anyways, she saw him and Jade in the condom isle of the SuperMart on 5th."

"Ohmygod, that little whor-," The blonde starts, but that's when Cat slams open the stall door. "Oh, hey Cat..."

"I can't believe you said that!" Cat says. "Jade's nice!"

"No, she's a bitch, and I don't think she has any friends."

"I'm her friend!" Cat shouts.

"Yeah, well, you're you." The red-head says as if it's an insult.

"She probably forces you to hang out." Kimmy says, twirling a piece of black hair around her finger. "'Cause, you know, you're easy to hang out with."

"You don't think Jade's a slut?" Lucy asks.

"NO!" Cat says, shocked.

"You're sort of... slow, right?" Ellie asks.

"No." Cat says again. Naive, maybe, not slow. Well, a bit slow.

"Whatever. Jade's a bitch. Let's get out of here." The blonde says, waving for the two girls to follow her. Cat stand in front of the, blocking them from leaving.

"Ok, you need to listen, nose-job-gone-wrong," Cat says, waving her hand in front of Lucy's face. "If any one's a bitch, it'd be you. Jade and I are actual friends, unlike the people who follow you around just because you give them new necklaces and earrings and dresses. You're the biggest slut at Hollywood Arts, and that's sort of sad, considering that you're only a Sophomore. I'm not going to tell Jade what you said, because then I'd be an accessory to murder. You're really mean." She said, and walked out. She felt terrible for doing that, but she was defending Jade, and she's pretty sure that that makes it OK. She'd heard the accessory to murder on a crime show she'd seen with her brother.

"Hey, Jade!" Cat said as she walked past Jade.

"WHAT?" Jade asked, tossing her bag in her locker.

"Are you going to eat lunch with us today?"

"No, I'm going to eat with the cheerleaders." Jade says sarcastically. Unfortunately, Cat doesn't pick up on that.

"NO! They said that you're a..." Cat starts before she bites down on both of her lips. "Dang it!"

"What did they say I was?" Jade asks, turning to face her.

"A nice lady! They really, really like you! They even said that you make a great best frie-"

"Cat!" Jade warns.

"They were just being mean! It's no big deal. I told them that you're nice and to not say things behind your back because-"

"I don't even want to know, OK?" Jade says. The things is, she knew it was coming. People aren't stupid.

"I'm sorry," Cat whispers.

"It's fine."