Author Note: Ta-Da! Poll winner! I am having so much fun writing this! I have never seen a fic where any character goes into the past except for this one Teen Titan fic, if I remembered the name then I would say it, but I remember that it was only two chapters long and on cliffhanger, but it was where the Titans got stuck in the past during War World II and they were all in different parts of the war and it was kind of funny since Mad Mod was in it….Anyway, I've seen AU's, sure, AU where the thing takes place in the past and it's…not as much fun… I have a thing with time travel; it's why I love Doctor Who, and any time traveling novels like the Time Traveler's Wife. Here's the story! I apologize for messed up history, I'm only fourteen and thanks to Mr. Gibson (my history teacher who's very funny) I have Revolution on the brain!

Originally, I didn't plan it on being a Liberty Kids and Danny Phantom crossover, but I needed a base, something to go from because I actually wanted the events to be accurate….a bit anyway….I know George Washington and Benjamin Franklin weren't 'buddy buddy.'


Title: Demon?

Summary: Clockwork has a mission for Danny. He must go back in time, during the Revolutionary War, because Vlad is up to something. Danny must conceal his ghost half, but of course there are a few mishaps. It also helps that ran into James and Sarah, along with a fellow named Moses, to help him, not to mention being undercover as a reporter and working with Benjamin Franklin.
Time Travel fic.

Genre: Suspense/Adventure/Mystery

Rated: T for safety

Disclaimer: I do not own nor claim Danny Phantom. I do not own nor claim Liberty Kids.

Notes: Slight AU since Danny's older and, this is my style and what I do get over it, Danny is a tad more powerful (he's sixteen after all, but not that powerful….), and King Of The Ghost Zone (he defeated Pariah Dark, duh!), and no Phantom Planet because I refuse to acknowledge it…. I have this story under crossovers and under Danny Phantom. DON'T NEED TO SEE LIBERTY KIDS TO UNDERSTAND!



You know what? Life is good. Well, as good as life can be when you're a half ghost and have a crush on your best friend. Currently, we were all playing DOOM since it was a short time when there were no major ghost attacks besides the annoying visits of the Box Ghost.

I looked over to my two best friends, Sam and Tucker. We were sixteen now, and let me say it was the best time of my life. I got taller, I was more built (Thank all ghostly for ghost fighting), and my hair was slightly longer. I still wore my blue jeans, sneakers, and my signature shirt but it was slightly different. It was gray and dark gray (the light gray took the place of white and the dark gray, almost black, took the place of red). I wasn't the only one who changed though.

Sam and Tucker have changed a bit. Sam got a bit taller (I was still taller), got more curvy (I'm a guy, yes I noticed! Not bad curvy, good curvy that makes her more hot….Did I seriously just think that?), and she let her hair grow out slightly making it a bit past her shoulders since she lets it down now. She now wore black skinny jeans in place of her skirt and leggings. Tucker was the same mostly, but he got a bit more muscled and taller too (taller than me…bastard…). He wore black cameo pants instead of his normal pants, but he still wore the glasses, beret, and still was obsessed with PDAs.

"Aw man!" Tucker and I cried at the same time as we were beaten by Sam….again….

"HA! Take that!"

Sam leaned back into the chair triumphal as her screen said 'winner' but mine and Tuck's said 'GAME OVER.' I sighed and ran a hand through my hair.

"That proves that girls can play video games just as well as boys! Say, you guys want some pizza?"

Sam sat up as Tucker licked his lips, "A triple meaty supreme special…"

Sam glared, "I refuse to eat that garbage. I say we get a vegetarian supreme!"
Yeah…not that much has changed. Suddenly, time seemed to stop and I felt myself in time again as I saw a familiar medal around my neck. Clockwork…


I smiled, and transformed into my ghost half. That may the one thing that's changed the most, my ghostly form. I didn't wear that jumpsuit anymore, after all I was a sixteen year old who was chaffing (I still keep it in a special made memory box where I keep all the memories and things from my ghost adventures-it was Sam's idea). I now wore a more…dark…look, curtsy of Sam teaming up with Dora, even Ember said that she supported new threads (after calling me a dipstick of course). I had black pants that wore a more comfy and bit medieval (Dora did help with these clothes after all since not just anything likes to actually stay on my ghost form), a white tunic-like shirt that had my symbol in black in small lettering over my heart, and sturdy black combat boots that were steel-toed. My favorite thing about the new look would have to be the cloak. It was pitch black and very spooky that had a hood that hid my face (besides my green glowing eyes), and the end of the cloak went past my feet and seemed to fade. It was very spooky when I had the hood up, so spooky that I freaked out a lot of people when Phantom made his new appearance. That's another thing that changed, I don't go by Danny Phantom. It's just Phantom. I wanted to keep the Danny, after all it's my name but Sam says that the problem. It is my name. Danny Fenton's name and it would cause too much attention. Ah well, win some, lose some.

I looked to Clockwork with a smile. He's sort of my friend now, but he's also my 'guardian' after that Pariah incident. Ha, I never thought that at the time, that since I defeated the Ghost King, I would become the new Ghost King. It's kind of cool though, after all, I got the rule book (funny story about that when Walker caught me with it). Of course, Clockwork told me that I was also one of the most powerful ghosts out there (which scared me a bit), besides Dan, himself, and Vlad. However, he informed me that if I went rogue, he most likely wouldn't be able to stop and neither would Vlad. He also said that I was more powerful than Dan (when he first told me this, I passed out). I never use my full power though, never. I couldn't risk hurting anyone, not ever.

I did notice that I did have power though. I had my old powers, but they were a bit more powerful and I had full control (including ice). I now controlled duplication up to ten (beating Vlad's five), teleportation (I got this power when I was fourteen, but I didn't really notice it nor control it to its potential until now), and a more powerful ghostly wail. I also had minor weather powers because of Vortex; he awaked my own weather powers.

"So, what do ya need, stopwatch?"

I saw Clockwork's face twitch into a smile, I know he would never admit it, but he likes me (not like that! Like apprentice, master…that doesn't sound any better)…

"Daniel, I have a mission for you?"

"What else is new?"
"Inform your friends that you shall be away for…about a week, perhaps two…Vlad is up to old plans. I will see you in exactly two minutes, and forty-five seconds…forty-four, forty-three…"

I held up my hand, "I get it…"

He smiled slightly and disappeared into his normal clock-like portal as he unfroze time.
"MEAT! Uh…Danny, why are you in ghost form?"

I rubbed the back of my neck, a habit that I am trying to stop, "Clockwork came."


"He has a mission for me."

Sam rolled her eyes and crossed her arms, "What else is new?"

I laughed, "That's what I said!"

Sam blushed and Tucker grumbled, "Lovebirds."

We glared at him, "We're not lovebirds!"
"Anyway," Sam said, "What was it?"

"I don't know, but I'll be gone for a week, he said…maybe two."

"What's so important," Tucker asked confused, "That you need to be gone that long?"


Their eyes lit with understanding, and the next thing I knew, I was in Clockwork's Tower. Clockwork changed from a baby to a younger man as he turned to look at me,

"Daniel, Vladimir is up to his old plans. He got a hold of the Infi-Map from Frostbite again. He landed in the 1700s during the Revolutionary War. You are to go after him. The Infi-Map has been retrieved, as Vladimir is stuck there. I fear he may try and take over America…"

"…Before it becomes America…that's actually a good plan…"

Clockwork mildly glared at me and I rubbed the back of my neck. Clockwork sighed and changed from a young guy into an older dude with a long white beard.
"Exactly. It is a good plan. They refer to us ghosts, as demons in a literal sense, from fear alone they may surrender. He might succeed…unless you stop him…"

"Got it!"

I flew out there and heard Clockwork's voice, "Five….four…three…two…"
Wait…how do I get there anyway? Opps. I went back to Clockwork as he said,

"…one…are you prepared now?"

I nodded sheepishly. Clockwork smirked,

"You need to arrive there in your human form as to avoid suspicion, also to blend in, Dora and a ghost named Aaron Burr helped supply the clothing."
I nodded and transformed into my human half. I grabbed the pile of clothes the stopwatch handed me and went to change.

I came out and Clockwork nodded approvingly. I wore simple trousers that reminded me of the ones I wear in my ghost half, but they were a dark brown. I had some old fashioned dark brown boots, and a white old fashioned shirt with an old fashioned, brown vest. I also wore a brown, old fashion hat to hide my dark, thick, ebony locks. After all, it was during the Revolutionary War and they might mistake me for French dude. Ha! Take that Lancer! I do know some history…..some…even if it might not be accurate….poop…never mind….

Clockwork smiled, "Good luck."

I saw Clockwork raise his staff, and the last thing I felt was a sharp pain in my head.

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