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Bad Luck

Danny didn't understand how it had happened. He barely remembered it happening at all. Selective memory, they said. His mind was trying to erase things that were too distressing. He didn't agree. What he still remembered was the most painful seconds of his life. He only wished he could forget that.

It had all happened so fast. He remembered standing and looking around him during an operation. He remembered a familiar voice calling- no, yelling out his name, and then something collided with him while a loud bang sounded and he was falling to the ground.

What happened next was embedded into his memory in every agonising detail. There was blood on him but nothing hurt that badly to be bleeding like that. He looked over and saw Nicholas lying on the ground beside him and panting. And then he saw it. He saw where the blood was coming from. Oh God… The wound was enormous. It was like a giant bleeding hole in Nicholas' chest. He looked over at Nicholas' face and instantly knew he would never be able to forget the way those blue eyes were desperately searching for his own, rolling in their sockets while their owner was gasping for breath.

Around them people were shouting, running, someone was getting arrested while someone just stared. Danny didn't care. All he cared about was his best friend he was cradling in his arms. His best friend who had just caught a bullet while saving him. Funny, Danny thought. I did it first and now he had to do the same. Funny. And yet not funny at all. Nicholas narrowed his eyes, and Danny understood he couldn't see him anymore so he leaned closer. It was only now that he realised he was crying, as his tears were falling and landing on his friend's face and neck without him noticing.

Danny kept leaning forward until their foreheads touched. It was then that Nicholas' eyes stopped rolling, locking on his own for a few moments before getting glazed. Danny heard sirens getting close but the ambulance only came in time to pronounce death.

Danny didn't really understand why it all had happened. He had done the same thing a few years ago and lived. Why wasn't Nicholas that lucky? He deserved living more than anyone did. Why had he died? Danny just didn't understand…