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There is no possible way that happy could come anywhere near describing the feeling of elation Jenny Humphrey was experiencing. Everyone finally knew that Dan, her big brother was not just lonely boy but the Gossip Girl. It was safe, finally, for her to return to the Upper East Side!

Blair had called her almost immediately. "Jenny? Jenny! Did you hear? It's out! The secret is out! You can come home!" She sounded almost as excited as Jenny felt but under all that there was still fear. "I know Blair, I know. I want to come home so badly but..." Jenny's voice trailed off. "What Jenny? What is stop you from coming home to your family?" Blair said, a hint of irritation creeping into her voice. Jenny was ruining the moment! "It's just that, well, what if it isn't a good idea? What if after all that has happened he hates me? What if he hates her?" By this point Blair could tell Jenny was searching for reasons to stay away, to stay safely away hidden in London. "He won't Jenny! So get your bags packed and be at Heathrow tomorrow at noon, ready to board the Bass jet. You will come home and everything will be perfect! It is about time that Little J actually got her chance to be queen."

So Jenny did as Blair instructed, her confidence, as always, had been infectious. This of course was the reason she had climbed aboard the Bass jet and was now exiting Chuck's limo outside the Empire. "Welcome home Miss Humphrey" Arthur, Chuck's driver, said with a smile as he opened the door. "Thank you" Jenny responded nervously. She took a deep breath, pushed her shoulders back and as she began to raise her head high and walk forward she was hit by something a kin to a charging bull. "JENNY! You're back!" Her attacker squealed. "Hey Serena, it's good to see you" Jenny said with a smile, "I didn't realize you would be here as well." "Yeah well everyone has just been so excited! Chuck, Blair, my mom, Dan and your dad. Especially your dad!" Serena's smile was glowing, "they are all upstairs but I just couldn't wait. It was supposed to be a surprise of course, otherwise I'm sure Chuck would have tried to convince you to meet everyone at the Palace."

Jenny had calmed substantially, Serena's mile a minute chatter making her laugh. So she hooked her arm through her step sisters and then turned back towards the limo. "Aren't you coming sweat pea? I thought you wanted to meet the family?" Jenny asked the limos interior. A giggle was her response and then a tiny little girl with perfect royal blue eyes and sandy blond waves bounced out of the limo.

"Oh Jenny, she is beautiful! Absolutely stunning and only 3! She will be so gorgeous once she reaches Constance!" exclaimed Serena.

"Yes, I am sure she will. Although I'm not sure Constance is exactly the place for the daughter of Little J," Jenny giggled. "Come closer Caleigh, come meet you Aunt Serena." Now it was Caleigh's turn to beam.

"Hello Aunt Serena, mama says you are like the sun. She says that you shine bright always!" Caleigh said.

Serena looked on in shock. Jenny had said in her emails to everyone that Caleigh was much more advanced than your average three-year old but still, "she is more amazing than you let on!"

"Thank you, now how about the three of us head on up before someone notices us and tells the wrong person." Jenny has worry creeping back into her eyes.

"Oh come on, who could they tell? Gossip girl? Dan sure took care of that!"Serena said in response, beaming one of her signature smiles. "Gossip Girl may be dead Serena but that doesn't mean someone won't tell him!" Jenny shot back, her former nervousness slowly creeping back.

Serena simply rolled her eyes, tossed her hair back, scooped up Caleigh, hooked her arm through Jenny's and marched into the Empire.