Fablehven: The Curse of the Fabled Swords

By: Thought Thinker (Linsey)

Disclaimer: Fablehaven and any of its' original characters are the pure genius of Brandon Mull, only new characters that are laced into the story are my creations.


Chapter 1

Skin melted away to reveal a scaly black surface, his hands forming into claws as dark as the ocean's depths. Another roar leaked through his teeth as his whole body burst into that of a menacing, winged creature. As he prepared to take flight, a sharp sting in his skull sent his body crashing to the bitter ground. From the floor, the field looked incredibly smaller, but at the same time sharper. Emotions flashed through his mind before he could even know what he was feeling; anger, fright, strength, confusion, helplessness. It was always a constant string of negativity.

Meanwhile, toward the center of the field, a small flurry of ice and dirt ran circles through the air. Almost immediately the flurry became a full blown storm, surrounding the entire field and blocking out any inkling of sunlight. His skin detected the abrupt change in weather and he dared to squint his large eyes. In the heart of the storm lied a mush of snowflakes that appeared to be shaped as a jagged person.

"Come," a familiar voice drifted through his mind. Once again the unseen force desperately dragged his great body to the misshapen ice figure. His black eyes stared, fixated on the known person. She reached a frosty hand out to him.

"Biretra." He whispered, his voice coming out in the language of dragons.

Biretra nodded her head and smiled with what little she had of lips, "Ah Gavin, it's lovely to see you. Still as charming as the last I saw you."

A cold, numbing sensation enshrouded Gavin's monstrous new form and he lay silent, awaiting an explanation. With astounding grace, the snowy figure glided across the decaying grass. Gingerly, she bent down and placed an artic touch on Gavin's nose, "Are you well?"

All that Gavin could muster was a meek nod. His mentality was dark, nothing but sinister shadow snaking through his conscious. He felt an internal brawl between his heroic moral and a new-found corruption. He conveyed to Biretra a painful expression.

A sympathetic look crept onto her hard frozen face, "I am so very sorry, this was not supposed to happen so early. You should have had one more year at the very least…but Celebrant mysteriously fell ill and passed. He is with me, here in the Next World. You see, dragons do not die, they simply move on to another world. Any who, now that Celebrant is gone the dragons need another ruler! Gavin, they need you. This should explain why you've prematurely morphed into a dragon…but this isn't right. I do not sense a true dragon in you, I sense pure darkness…"

She paused for a moment, pondering. Then, it hit her, "Oh no…Gavin, darling please, please tell me that you have an essence!"

Her eyes went wide, but the rest of her remained in control, "Gavin I need you to come with me." Biretra demanded in an extremely frightened tone. Gavin, still on the ground, broke eye contact with Biretra and pondered. He needed to stay; he couldn't just leave everyone and everything behind. Shaking his head no, Gavin felt the icy numb subside and he rose onto all fours.

"My, Gavin you are a fine, fine dragon…scales so black they appear blue and those eyes, bottomless." Biretra muttered to herself, "You are not speaking as much as you usually do…are you sure you're alright?"

Gavin was completely well, in fact his physical body felt stellar. In all truthfulness, he simply didn't want to speak. The voice that erupted from him was not his own, this was not who he was. The shadows within him fed profusely off Gavin's negativity, he could feel it swirl and multiply within him. The darkness brought with it vast discomfort and the same dull aching as it continued to grow. Whilst abruptly rearing up, an ear shattering roar sent Biretra retreating backwards.

She was first stunned, then angry, "Gavin! Stop this, I am quite aware of the awful side-effects, but you need to settle and listen to me!"

Grunting in irritation, he used what will he had and momentarily pushed everything to the back of his mind, focusing solely on Biretra.

"Thank you," she huffed, "Now in order to transition into a human once again you must do as I say."

She scrutinized Gavin, and it appeared he was concentrating, "I need you to close your eyes and picture your human form. Once you do that, continue to imagine yourself human, but imagine yourself moving. It could be something simple, just move."

He pictured his tanned skin, tall frame, wildly black hair and dull sandy eyes. Then he depicted himself in the yard playing football with Seth and Kendra laughing at them from the porch as he threw a perfect spiral into Seth's chest. Hastily, a bizarre swirling engulfed his entire body. Though Gavin could clearly feel the wind, every part of Biretra was motionless. Her hair, her arctic dress, everything was at rest. A momentary sensation of being inside out troubled him, but the next thing he knew he was standing as a human once again; his form being flesh and blood. Realizing his freedom, Gavin prepared himself to make a break for it, but Biretra fiercely placed a wintry death grip on either side of his face. Her frozen eyes penetrated his as she requested, "Come back in one week and inform me of your overall being. Until then live normally as if nothing has happened and under no circumstances become angry, especially when in close proximity to others. Understand?"

Her tone was frightful and as chilled as her physical state.

"Yes," his first word in the human language. With that word came a sweep of relief and also Biretra falling to the dead earth as a slushy heap. Sunlight began to seep into the yellow field once again and Gavin knew she was gone. A second wave of comfort washed over him as he turned back in the direction of the house.

The moment his feet were two steps into the yard he was attacked by none other than Kendra, but of course he enjoyed every second.

"Oh my goodness! Gavin, where have you been? It's been hours since anyone has seen you and there was this horrible sound in the forest and it was like something was dying and, and, and…" Kendra trailed, out of breath. Kendra was in a slight panic/ happiness mode, he had seen it from her more than once. She was panicked because she was worried about him and something could have happened to him, she still didn't know. She was happy to see him and know that he was alive and not being mauled in some gruesome creatures lair. Gavin knew that knew Kendra far better than anyone else. He knew her ticks, he knew her habits, he read her body language like a book, he knew when she was lying and vice versa, when she was telling the truth. In fact he knew her better than Bracken ever could.

Her hands were on his shoulders and he held her forearm, attempting to keep her from combusting. She looked like a frantic, breathtaking mess in her jacket and deep blue jeans, her hair pulled up into a high ponytail. The cold made her pale cheeks flush bright with color; her lips turn a pale shade of pink and her eyes swell uniquely blue.

He smiled and comforted, "Don't worry, calm down, I was just…" he tried to quickly come up with a lame but believable excuse, "oh, I was taking a walk and I got lost. Yeah, horribly lost! I was afraid I wouldn't make it back! I'm here though and everything is fine. I'm fine, in fact, I'm great." He knew Kendra didn't buy what he was saying for two reasons; the first reason was the disbelieving look on her beautiful face, the second was because he didn't even believe himself.

It surprised him when she muttered, "Alright I guess, why don't you come inside. You look like you've been in the cold for way too long, you've got frostbite all over your cheeks."

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