Fablehaven: The Curse of the Fabled Swords

Disclaimer: Fablehaven and any of its' original characters are the pure genius of Brandon Mull, only new characters that are laced into the story are my creations.

Chapter 6

Robin shifted around, not wanting his back to ever be to this strange woman. Her rich brown hair glinted off the sunlight as she circled him like a predator.

"Why are you here Elf Prince?" She questioned curiously.

He was taken aback at her knowledge, how did she know he was a prince? As he made another turn, Robin saw that he was surrounded by undead beauties. Bones, rotted holes and wild hair made up these strange creatures and he found there was no way to escape them. They pushed in until he felt a dozen or so hands securing his tall frame and the lanky woman in front of him had her long fingernail stabbing under his chin. Suddenly Robin recognized the species before him.

"Did you not hear me? I asked why you're here, Robin." she cooed in her menacing accent.

Robin's eyes widened and as the threat set in he was able to muster a few words, " I...I was um, just taking a...a um...walk! I was taking a walk?"

Her sultry laugh filled the air, "You Elves are so adorable when you're flustered. So I must ask what is an Elf doing in Fablehaven?"

"What is a Belleza de los Muertos doing here?" He retorted, a moment of courage arising.

A look of respect flashed across her deathly pale face and she lowered her sharp finger, "My apologies, Elf Prince."

The others immediately released Robin, a cascade of whispers flowing at the mention of their name. Robin brushed himself off and stared the undead lady straight in her barely existent eyes.

"My name is Azenet," she muttered with a bow, "and this is Milana." An equally attractive Belleza stood beside Azenet, her once golden hair, now dirty and stringy, combined with her highly marked face stood out against the crimson rose in her hair. Robin was introduced to all the girls; Ovelia, Lia, Estella, Letecia, Cecelia and Fernanda.

"What made you all come here?" Robin asked politely.

Letecia laughed darkly, "When you find your preserve in ruins because of some nasty dragon man, it seems you have no choice but to relocate."

Milana shook her head, her ragged hair flowing around her shoulders, "Letecia," she spoke sharply, "we were not herded out like sheep."

"It's been rough, thank goodness Stan let us come here." Preventing a fight, Azenet cut in in a melancholy voice, "You see we lived in Miramar, Mexico on the Meniasta Reserve, but as Letecia mentioned, we were attacked by a dark creature. He appeared as a scaly dragon man but his mannerisms were that of a demon. He left our home in ruins...taking some accursed blade with him." a tear leaked out of her eye socket, which she was quick to smear away.

Robin hated to see sadness so deep as that of these creatures, he knew the pain of losing a home. One day you wake up and it's just gone, or, more specifically, one day you're dragged out of a lake and it's 200 years later. At that very moment, though, something bigger was storming his mind.

"I'm dreadfully sorry," he apologized as a warm wind blew through the make-shift desert, "I hope you grow fond of your new home. Not to be rude but I must be leaving you ladies now. I hope to return soon."

The ladies sighed in disappointment and Milana clung to his arm. "Be back soon," she murmured in his ear.

His cheeks burned bright with embarrassment at all the attention as he turned and sprinted into the forest. He had to get home soon, for his revelation could mean life or death for the Sorensons.


Leaning back in the creaky wicker chair, Kendra brushed her pale hair out of her face and sighed, a light cloud flowing into the air. She could feel the tip of her freezing nose and frosty cheeks brighten with color. Crystals of snow fluttered through the air and alighted upon the ground, the entire yard cloaked in a layer of white. The trees were ornamented with clusters of snow and the flowers were buried deep against the earth, not a fairy in sight. Seth would have been having a ball in the fluffy white wonder and Kendra would have definitely been pelted by a snowball by now. The yard lacked screams and laughs, it was missing the jovial presence of her brother.

Kendra bowed her head in sadness, "Seth where have you gone?" Her words a whisper against the bitter silence.

Along with Seth, Robin had disappeared as well, leaving Abcd an utter mess. Each and every freezing night Abcd slept with Kendra to ward off the loneliness that came with the absence of Robin. Of course Kendra never minded, Abcd was a dear friend who was in need of company. Yet each and everyday she asked herself, where is Robin? He had been gone for weeks without a word.

A harsh rustle and crackle disturbed the silence and Kendra rose instantly from her seat. The frantic noise grew louder and ever closer until, almost as if on cue, Robin burst through the edge of the forest into the yard. Dirt and dust clung to his clothes and littered his long brown hair, his skin a blue tinted tan. His bare feet were dirty and his shallow breaths told Kendra that he had been running for quite some time in the cold.

She ran toward him, "Robin!", her voice a blend of concern and relief. His tall frame collapsed into the glistening snow with a thud before she could reach him. Kendra gasped in horror, falling to her knees and using all of her strength to turn him over.

"Abcd! Come quick!" She cried frantically, "It's Robin!"

Her efforts finally prevailed, his back met the cold white snow. Robin's face was wet with the melted frost which glimmered off of his blue lips and nose.

Kendra's mitten adorned hands rose to cover her own pink nose and cold lips, suppressing a cry. Robin looked like death had struck him in the heart.

Confused yet? No worries, everything will make sense in chapter 7!

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