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Chapter Two

"Emmett," Edward snapped from his office signaling his younger brother to join him.

"Yes, Boss," Emmett said seriously, so unlike the man he was at home.

"I thought I requested Isabella Swan's file to be on my desk last night?" Edward asked, his mood foul. He might have been more tolerant if he hadn't awakened today to what seemed like a shit-storm in motion. He briefly wondered why problems couldn't occur in single intervals, instead of what seemed like a massive one thing he was looking forward to today was nowhere to be found, and it was already well into the afternoon.

"I told Jasper myself," Emmett said shaking his head confused, blinking for a moment at Edward before nodding and muttering an "Oh," making his brother's lips twitch in amusement. "I'll go fetch Jasper."

Edward took a moment to breathe and relax as he overlooked his city–Seattle, from his well-appointed office.

"Jenks is headed here now," Jasper said, his childhood southern accent had been worn down from years of living in Seattle, yet it was still faintly present. "There wasn't much to go on, so I had him follow her for the past thirty hours." He finished taking Emmett's lead and sat in one of Edward's soft business chairs.

"Very good," Edward muttered sourly.

"Is that all?" Emmett asked.

"No. Grant from Seattle PD stopped by this morning," Edward said pausing, as he opened the file containing photos of four different beautiful women who'd been beaten. He shoved the evidence across his desk angrily towards Jasper. "Apparently, in the past two weeks, four patrons of Aqua have been followed home and left raped and violently beaten. This doesn't happen; not in my city, and goddamnit, not on my turf, especially not at my fucking night club. I want this stopped, finished, ended NOW."

Jasper nodded sharply shooting a worried glance at Emmett whose jaw was clenched; his eyes flashing coldly. "Understood," Emmett barked cracking his knuckles. Edward knew this would hit Emmett hard, this was too close and too personal to him. "Priority one," Emmett said, clearly stating that finding the sick, twisted fuck hurting these young women—who were just going out to have a good time at a club—was now his primary goal for the near future.

Edward eyed him critically before agreeing with a, "Very well." Edward turned his attention back to Jasper.

"Jasper, we're in need of a new manager for Aqua. Tristan is being demoted down to bar back for not bringing this issue to us from the get-go." There was a brief pause in the room while Edward poured himself a glass of scotch.

"Chia would like for us to be the go-between with their interactions with the Irish."

"What's in it for us?" Jasper drawled.

"Gold," Edward answered. "Mostly, it will better our relationship with the Chinese, but we'll have to spend a few days in London."

"Sounds fine," Jasper and Emmett said with a shrugs.

"Uley and I met last night. Apparently, there is a new crew of young thugs trying to push drugs into the west high schools and middle schools. I've ordered his boys to shut it down. I gave him two weeks to put it out or we are stepping in," Edward said coolly. "Also, Jasper, you can happily tell my sister that I'm keeping the Cullen Scholarship, but it's the girls' responsibility."

"Thank you," Jasper said, flashing Edward a relieved smile knowing his wife would be excited.

"O'Riley is behind a month; I want his payment by the end of the week. We also need to get Hatfield to be elected. I do not want the tight ass, bible basher anywhere close to being elected. Lastly, have you both decided if you are going to go in with me on the Emerald Palace?" Edward asked setting his empty glass down.

"What the hell... you've been right so far about propelling the family into more legit businesses. The bars, night clubs, real estate, porn have all been profitable so far," Emmett said wiggling his eyebrow at the last word.

"I've had your back since the moment you proposed the opening of 'Ryan's to Carlisle. I stood strong never losing faith through that shit-storm. I've been with you since you told me your dream of opening a casino when we were just teens," Jasper said mentioning the first bar Edward had opened on his twenty-first birthday.

"All right then," Edward said, pleased while opening his computer and silently dismissing them. "Send Jenks in," he ordered, not looking up as Jasper made his way toward the door.

"Mr. Cullen," Jason Jenks said, shifting nervously on his feet standing between the two comfortable chairs unwilling to take a chair until directed.

"The file," Edward snapped.

"Right here, sir," Jenks said, hastily handing over the ordinary yellow file filled with photos, bank documents, a copy of a tax return and birth certificate, a full background check on her family, a class roster, and cell phone records.

"You broke into her house?" Edward snarled, eyes flashing as he glanced through the pictures.

"No-no-no, sir, Jasper did." Jenks stuttered terrified. Edward was instantly pleased that Jasper had insisted on doing that himself as he tracked the girl around Seattle. He sat back relieved; there was something about this girl, this woman that pulled him in, consumed him, he needed to know more.

"I don't feel like reading this right now. Tell me your assessment," Edward commanded leaning back in his chair, his eyes drifting over a beautiful photo of her curled up on her sofa—a sofa that seemed to be from the 70s.

"Her father was the police chief in Forks, Washington for fifteen years until his death four years back. Her mother is married to a young baseball player. It appears they have been estranged for some time. She lives in an apartment," Jenks snorted as he said the last word before continuing.

"In reality, the apartment is nothing more than a small room that is little more than a hovel; her lease states she's lived there for almost four years. It's in a shady part of town. She seems to be hard working; she has two jobs, one as a night stocker at a local corner market, and the other as a dishwasher at small diner called Rosie's. She appears to be intelligent, she's holding up a 3.9 grade point average, and her apartment has built-in bookshelves crammed full of second-hand books. She's had the same phone plan for years, travels by bus, and has no social life that I can dig up," he rambled flicking through his notepad.

"More," Edward demanded.

"She shops regularly at Safeway spending no more than fifty bucks a week; her biggest splurges this year have been her tablet reader and online books," Jenks said.

"She eats at Al's Pizzeria regularly as well as Subway."

"Personality?" Edward snapped impatiently.

"She appears to be generally very kind and calm. There doesn't seem to be any negative motives at all, sir. Honestly, she seems like a very good girl," Jenks risked saying, obviously scared for the girl's life.

"Relax, Jenks," Edward spat, before picking up the file. "You can pick up your pay at the front desk. I'll call down and have it ready for you," Edward said, picking up his phone and speaking quickly into it before clicking it back down, immersing himself in the file in front of him. The pictures of her stirred emotions in him he didn't quite trust, emotions that made him want to make fast, irrational decisions, emotions that had him already drawing up a contract. She was going to be his—his wife, mother to his child. He mentally added in a rush, correcting his dark thoughts. He was going to pull her out of her fleapit of an apartment and into riches.

"Antonio, the car," Edward snapped into his cell phone, alerting his driver and head security guard of his plans as he swiftly moved to shut down his office for the night.

"Jasper, alert Alice to pick up EJ," Edward ordered sticking his face into his best friend's office. "Tell my mother that I'll be missing dinner."

"Sure thing, Boss," Jasper said surprised at Edward's early departure. He watched his best friend, his brother-in-law walk away talking into his cell phone.

Edward stepped out of the Dean's office. It was nice to be in so many pockets, pockets that if you call them and demand their attention, they give you the time, no matter how it fucks with their day or night.

"Mr. Cullen, I don't know what inspired your sudden interest in our little university, but on behalf of all of us here at SU, we're grateful and excited about your donation," the Dean said courteously shaking Edward's hand outside the university, while Edward scanned the crowd for Bella knowing she should be exiting the double doors across the street in building C.

"Excuse me, Mr. Devon, but I see a friend; I must go," Edward said motioning toward Bella, who had stopped walking and was gawking in the middle of the sidewalk, at the handsome man she had met at the park days before.

"Hello, Bella," Edward said strolling up to her, his most dazzling smile blazing. "You're looking stunning today," he flirted casually testing the waters.

"Edward, what are you doing here?" Bella asked barely refraining from stuttering as she spoke to him, while his gaze ran up and down her body taking in her mismatched converse, university sweatshirt and so-tight-they-should-be-illegal jeans.

"I was finishing up my business meeting with the Dean," Edward said motioning to the older man across the street, who was watching the scene before him with a slightly puzzled expression. "You're my excuse, for getting away from the old windbag," he said grinning when she chuckled softly. "Quickly now, hug me before he gets suspicious," he encouraged, pleasantly surprised when she actually stepped forward and hugged him. He stilled, breathing in her scent, she smelled faintly like vanilla and fresh cut grass. He smirked softly, she had been lounging outside again today. The mental image left him aroused and alert. She pulled back pleased; he smelled…the only words she could come up with were expensive and manly.

"Would you mind walking with me?" he whispered.

"Sure," she agreed easily. She wanted to spend more time with the man she had spent the weekend thinking and dreaming about.

"So, were you born and raised in Seattle, or are you just here for University?" Edward asked, handing Bella one of the warm coffees he'd purchased for them.

"I'm originally from Forks, Washington, a small town a few hours from here," Bella said before turning the question around on Edward. "You?"

"Born and bred, two generations back or so. I did spend a few years in an uptight boarding school in Washington, D.C., when I was a teenager. I graduated quickly so my parents slapped my ass into university. I moved home when I was nineteen, closing in on twenty," Edward said opening up slightly to the brown-eyed beauty before him.

"Sounds a little lonely," Bella said warmly.

"It wasn't, I assure you. My parents paid for Jasper's tuition as well. I wouldn't have agreed to go without him," he said sternly.

"That's good," she murmured softly.

Bella couldn't breathe as Edward looked her over with such intensity, she waited quietly for him to speak again; she could tell something was brewing in his mind.

"I haven't been able to get you off my mind, Isabella Swan. I'm not a man that allows himself to be distracted. So, if you wouldn't mind accompanying me on a date this evening, I'd enjoy getting to know you."

Bella blushed scarlet, never one to believe that a man of Edward Cullen's status would be interested in her. Yet this time, this time she feared she was going to believe him and jump in, headfirst, eyes closed, and fingers crossed.

"Sure," she said trying not to second guess herself.

"Anything you don't eat?" Edward asked, used to women having some bizarre eating habits or preferences.

"Mushrooms," she said wrinkling her nose at the thought of the nasty fungus.

"Favorites?" he asked, raising an eyebrow amused at her distaste for mushrooms.

"Philly cheese steak with sweet potato fries," she answered causing Edward to stop walking and look at her. "What?" she asked before shaking her head and muttering, "some women do like to eat, pretty boy," she teased playfully.

"Cheese steaks it is then," Edward said motioning for Antonio to open the car door.

"How's EJ doing?" Bella asked as they pulled into the hole-in-the-wall diner that Bella had insisted served the best sandwiches.

"He's doing well, trying to run off another nanny, but otherwise good," Edward said, not used to women asking after his child, and or so sincerely asking about him. He debated mentally with himself if he should pull out the documents with the agreements right then. With years of practice he ignored the insistent voice demanding him to do it.

"So what do you do, Mr. Cullen?" Bella asked sipping her water.

"I own and have inherited a variety of businesses with my brothers," Edward said. "A couple bars, a nightclub, things along that nature," he explained simply watering down the truth.

"Edward Cullen… Cullen…" Bella said her eyes widening slightly. "The Seattle Cullens? The library is named after your family," she squeaked. She blushed as she realized who truly sat across from her, smirking, his green eyes bright with enjoyment.

"The one and only," he stated simply.

"What do you want with me then?" she demanded softly. "I'm a nobody—a no one—I don't understand."

"Oh no, Isabella Swan, you're going to be someone," Edward said slowly, his voice slipping from pleasant to cross at her self-doubt. His emotions swirling, intense as he snapped open his briefcase. "I'm a powerful and wealthy man, you do agree with that statement?"

Bella nodded hesitantly, her heart pounding in her chest. It was like she could feel her entire world, her life was about to change.

"I will admit I get what I want and I'm not used to hearing no. What I am about to offer you is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I will not make this same offer twice or to anyone else ever. Do you understand?" Edward asked seriously, his green eyes watching Bella's carefully.

"Yes," Bella said strongly.

"These documents right here are offering you the chance to be my wife," Edward said placing them in front of her.

"Don't freak out, listen to me," he demanded softly a mixture between exasperation and gentleness. "Are you listening?" he asked, giving her a minute to wrap her mind around his previous words, when she nodded slightly, eyes wide, he continued. "It states your monthly allowance which is extravagantly fair, responsibilities, obligations and such," he said tapping the papers. "You can sign it or not on May 7th, a month from now. You have a month to decide, if you're willing to contemplate it."

"Responsibilities and obligations would be? Because I'm nobody's whore," Bella snapped gently, assuming the worst. It was the way she said whore, the way her eyes saddened, but angered that made Edward note this ran deeper than a sudden worst assumption.

"Caring for my son, bedtime stories, karate classes, and homework help. Only sign this if you believe you can love EJ like your own. Occasionally, I might ask you attend an event with me. In no way would you be a whore," Edward explained as calmly as possible. "I would like a yes or no right now, if you're willing to give this offer a chance." He added the last part as an afterthought.

Bella stared at him stunned. "I don't know," she whispered, as her mind conjured up images of the little boy, who she had felt so protective of at the park. Hadn't she earlier that day decided to jump head first without much thought, believing a guy like Edward would want her. "I'll do it, at least I'll think about it," Bella said undoubtedly.

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