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In number four Privet Drive there lived the Dursleys, a family who were proud to say that they were normal, perfectly so, in fact. They were a family that one would never expect to be involved or connected to anything strange or out of the ordinary.

Mr. Dursley was the director of a drill firm by the name of Grunnings. He was a big, beefy man who hardly had what could be called a neck, though he did have an enormous mustache. His wife, Mrs. Dursley, was thin, blonde, and had what seemed to be twice the normal amount of neck. This may or may not have been from her craning her neck to see over the neighbors' fences; she liked to spy. Dudley was Mr. and Mrs. Dursley's beloved, horrendous child who took after his father's looks and could do no wrong in his parents' eyes.

There were two other children living in number four Privet Drive. They were almost never acknowledged by the occupants of the house though.

The first child was a boy by the name of Harry James Potter. He was the son of Mrs. Dursley's sister. Unfortunately harry was left on the Dursleys' door step with his twin sister after their parents death. It was hard to believe that Harry was in anyway related to the Dursleys for he had extremely messy, black hair, circular glasses, and was slight and skinny; which he was thankful for when he was running from his cousin Dudley.

The second child looked a lot like Harry with her green eyes and her black hair, but she didn't need classes and seemed to be more tiny than skinny, like a messy haired china doll. She also had multiple bruises from falling, which she did a lot of. Her name was Samantha Lily Potter.

And this is the long, extensive slightly hilarious story of how she helped her twin defeat an evil dude with no nose. Of course this story will also have tears, blood, determination, many, many pranks, love, spells, potions, friends, and a kneazle named Phillip. So enjoy.


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